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Edit Videos with Windows Movie Maker

Create slideshows and make simple video edits easily with Windows Movie Maker! Also create a blooper reel video with me!
Luke Yoshida
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Cut and edit video clips
Add background music and sound effects
Add text captions over images and videos
Create a high quality MP4 video file

Windows Movie Maker is a free video editing program for Windows computers. It’s a popular option because of how easy it is to use! It may not be the best free video editor, but it’s great for people who have older computers that may not be able to handle the more powerful editors.

The best part of this course is that I’ll give you all of the sample files (unedited video file, background music, sound effect, and text file) and actually edit a video with you! It’s a lot of fun and it’s a very practical way to learn the program.

I edit my videos so that there’s no fumbling through menus and no “ums” or wasted space. Why watch a 20 minute video when I could teach you the same thing in 5? Watch the “Free Preview” to see what I mean!

Program Menus and Important Basics

Course Promotional Video

Watch the promo video again to get an overview of the course.

Layout Overview and Inserting Images or Videos

Learn how to properly download and install Movie Maker so that we don't download things that aren't Movie Maker related. Then, we'll go over the important parts of the program like how to add your images and videos. We'll also talk about a couple of important keyboard shortcuts to speed up your editing!

Edit Video Clips Using The Split and Trim Tools

Get rid of mistakes, awkward pauses, and boring sections of your video using the Split and Trim tools!

Add Filters, Visual Effects, and Transitions

Give your video clip a cool filter to give it a completely new look! We'll also go over how to add transitions to make your video flow smoothly!

Audio and Voiceover Basics

Learn how to add both a music track and a voiceover/sound effect track to your video!

Adding Text Effects (Like Scrolling Credits) and Export Settings

Create cool text effects like a scrolling end credits effect! Then, learn how to create your video as a HD MP4 file!

Create Your Own Blooper Reel

Create A Blooper Reel - Introduction

See what the final video looks like in Windows Movie Maker! Download the sample files and get ready to create your own blooper reel video!

Remove Mistakes and Boring Parts from the Video

Cut out mistakes, separate clips, and remove boring parts with the Split and Trim tools! We'll go over exactly how to do it!

Add Background Music and Blooper Beep Sound Effect

Add another layer of excitement to your video with background music and sound effects! Instantly give your video that "blooper reel" feeling!

Add Text Captions To Each Video Clip

Add text captions so that the viewer can engage with your video! It's unnecessarily complicated to do in Movie Maker, but I'll show you how I do it!

Create Your MP4 Video File

With everything set, let's create the video file! We'll recreate the same 720p profile from section 1 to create our 720p MP4 video file!

Bonus Video Resources

Extract and Create ZIP Files with WinRar

First time extracting a zip file? Learn how to do it with the free program WinRar!

Convert Video and Audio Files with Any Video Converter

Can't import a video or audio file into Windows Movie Maker? Learn how to convert it to a format that works in Movie Maker with the free program called Any Video Converter!

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4.4 out of 5
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