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Entrepreneurship 2.0 – The Elite Online Business Blueprint

Learn Our Proven 5 Steps Strategy That Will Transform You or Your Passion Into A Successful Long Term Online Business!
Sorin Constantin
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Learn how to build an online business around your passions and interests.
Learn the simple 5 step process to going from ZERO to HERO in the online arena.
Gain Traffic Strategies that will help you build a community with ongoing momentum.
Discover the #1 YouTube SEO Ranking Strategy for more views, exposure, traffic and sales!
Learn how to buy a domain and set up your professional website using WordPress in just minutes.
Learn how to analyze a winning niche and find out what people are looking for.
Learn how to create a content strategy and publish the best content out there!
Learn how to build a list and community using e-mail services and integrate them in your blog.
Learn how to build amazing landing pages from scratch using OptimizePress.
Learn how to use today's leading Social Media platforms for both Free and Paid Traffic.
Implement Monetization Strategies you can begin to apply and use to build multiple income streams.
Master the Elite Online Business Blueprint!

Join us on a journey to online long term success!

* Updated on 14 November 2015 *

***Over 1350 Happy Students with more than 28 Reviews and 5 Star Ratings***

Have you seen or heard about all these experts in different niches that are making millions of dollars per year just by using their blogs?

We’re sure you have and you may even think it’s damn hard or complicated or even…too good to be true.

Well here’s the real deal…it’s true but it didn’t happen overnight! So how is this true?

Because if you have an expertise in a niche where people want to learn from you on a local scale, what do you think would happen on a global scale? You multiply your income stream 50+ times!!!

That is what the internet offers you – access to a global scale much faster and much easier than any other medium. We like to call the internet “The Big Game Changer in Economy” because it allows anyone who is good at something to scale his or her knowledge, while sharing power and results!

But how did they start?

Well you see, this is what we will discuss in this course. There is a point from which you have to take action and start this journey, and you need a PROVEN plan to follow through in order to get results.

In this course you will learn a 5 Step Simple Strategy to get you started properly, to transform you into a thriving online business!

The principle is simple, it all begins with the notion of…”When you have at least 1% more knowledge in a given niche than most people who are interested in that very same niche or industry, then there will be people willing to pay you to teach them what you know!” This method is superb in accelerating customer acquisition and business projects that are already under way, or even for startup businesses.

Not only will we cover the details of the 5 steps to this “Elite Online Business Blueprint”, but we will also practice it with you, where you can watch over our shoulder using real life examples and results in some of our online business and marketing strategies. Together, Sorin and Aaron will walk you through this entire process, step-by-step.

It’s really that simple. Now you just have to find a way to put your knowledge out there for the world to see and build yourself as an expert. These are exactly the strategies you will learn in this course!

So what you will learn in this course:

  1. How to build long term online presence and business around your passions & interests!
  2. How to transform yourself into the business itself and by doing so, position yourself as an expert and opening unlimited opportunities for long term success!
  3. How to analyze the niche you want to go into and see if it’s a good fit.
  4. How to build your greatest assets in the online arena: your personal blog, e-mail list and community!
  5. How to brand yourself as an online authority using WordPress to get your professional website/blog up and running in just minutes.
  6. What e-mail services to use and how to integrate them with your blog!
  7. How to use AWeber to start building a solid mailing list.
  8. How to integrate OptimizePress with WordPress and start creating opt-in forms and sales funnels with just a few clicks.
  9. How to create stunning landing pages using OptimizePress.
  10. More than 6 different traffic generation strategies that will help you build your community through laser targeted traffic!
  11. How to use free and paid social media tactics to get loyal visitors and fans.
  12. How to use video marketing at its fullest power and rank on YouTube searches!
  13. How to build a good content strategy and the principles of doing so.
  14. How to become a content curator, find the best content on the web and upgrade it!
  15. How to monetize everything you build by using 3 different strategies and methods.
  16. Master the Elite Online Business Blueprint!

…and much, much more!

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  • Lifetime Access to all other updates!
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  • FULL Support through the discussion area of the course!
  • 30 Day Money Back GUARANTEE if you feel this course didn’t help you at all and you can’t apply anything…that is how dedicated we are to your success!

Time To Take ACTION!

So, what are you waiting for? Click the “take this course” button, top right, now…every day and hour you delay is costing you BIG Money. Enroll now and let’s start rocking this business!

To Your Massive Online Success,

Sorin and Aaron


About this course (watch this!)

Learn more about the course, instructors and what you will get from here!

Step 1 - Positioning Yourself As An Expert In The Right Niche!

The Principles For Choosing The Right Niche

Market Research can save you lots of money and time! It's important to know from the beginning if you can access a niche for your business or not, and whether there is a market that wants to buy products in that niche. It's all about the demand. Discover how you can find out if the niche is right!

Practical Example Of Niche Research

A live example of niche research on a specific topic in order for you to learn how to apply the niche research principles. It's a surprise, you will like it!

How to sell without selling - The Authority Pyramid

Learn the basics steps of mastering selling with ease and maximizing your results.

Step 2 - Creating Your Personal Branding Flagship, Your Blog / Website!

The Principles Of Creating A Blog Or Website

Learn the basics that you need to know in order to start building your blog fast and easily!

Successful Blog Examples With Powerful Personal Branding And Expert Positioning

Here you can expect to see some powerful blogs that you can emulate if you want to run a successful business online.

How To Create Your Blog

Learn the process of creating a blog fast and easily from scratch.

How To Use DomainCheapsters To Get Incredibly Cheap Domains

DomainCheapsters it's one of the largest websites in the world for purchasing domains. It's easy to use and has tons of features that will definitly help you choose an affordable domain name for your business.

Using Nameservers

In order to connect your domains to your hosting space, you need to know how to work with the Nameservers, which you will learn to do in under 2 minutes!

How To Assign Your Domain Name

This is a crucial step to properly setting up your business. Although it's fairly simple to assign a domain name after you know the procedure, skipping this vital step can greatly harm your success. You won't want to miss a second of this video!

Integrating Email With Your Hosting Account

In order to maintain a professional image, it's imperative you create a professional email account and we encourage you to stay away from those Gmail or Yahoo addresses. In this lecture, Aaron will show you how to create a professional email account using Hostmonster, and how to forward it to your primary email address.

What E-Mail Service Should I Use?

Good question? There are a lot of awesome e-mail services out there but we have about 3 major ones that we prefer to use for our business. Check them out in the lecture!

How To Integrate The E-Mail Service To Your Blog For List Building

Watch this simple step by step process to creating web forms and uploading them on your website so you can collect e-mail addresses to build your list. It's pretty much the same for all e-mail services out there.

How To Install OptimizePress Theme With WordPress

This is the 1st way you can install OptimizePress - directly from your WordPress dashboard.

Optimizepress is one of the biggest drag and drop builder plugin for WordPress. You can actually build professional sales funnels, membership sites, webinar sites, opt-in forms or landing pages in just minutes with this one. Aaron is an expert in this so pay very close attention to this lecture!

How To Install OptimizePress Theme With HostMonster

The 2nd way you can install OP2.0 is through your Hosting Account...simple and straightforward (there are additional options to install OP such as Filezilla).

Optimizepress is one of the biggest drag and drop builder plugin for WordPress. You can actually build professional sales funnels, membership sites, webinar sites, opt-in forms or landing pages in just minutes with this one. Aaron is an expert in this so pay very close attention to this lecture!

How To Create Exciting Landing Pages With OptimizePress Themes

Aaron will teach you how to create incredible looking landing pages within minutes, that convert with Optimzepress. PS: You can do this in under 5 minutes!

How To Set Up AWeber Email Marketing & Autoresponder Software

You already know that AWeber is one of our favorite e-mail services. In this lecture you will learn exactly how to set it up so you can run effective emails on autopilot!

BONUS - Email Marketing TOP Principles + Tips & Hacks PDF
Blog List Building Best Practices

Find out how to optimize your blog for list building and increased optin rates!

Step 3 - The Content Strategy

The "Top" Content Principles

Learn what types of content distribution channels you can use to deliver your content and discover how you can create the best content imaginable.

Content Curation

Learn to incorporate the best content to your chosen market in order to position your business for success.

Creating Compelling Images In Minutes With Canva

If you've ever wanted to create and upload compelling and powerful images to your blog/website, Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube account, LinkedIn account, etc., here's exactly how. This 15 minute video tutorial is all about how to use canva.com, which is a free website that many of the leading online marketers are using today. If you want to have an edge over your competitors, you'll want to use canva.

Step 4 - Traffic Generation

The Traffic Generation Methods

This step can literally make or break your business. It's definitely something you want to master!

Social Media Introduction

One of the biggest sources of online traffic right now is Social Media. Learn how you can use the social media channels to your advantage to drive insane amounts of traffic to your blog/website.

Get Facebook To Work To Your Advantage

Facebook has become one of the primary places where people spend most of their time online. What does that mean for you? Huge potential for traffic and buyers for your business. Learn how to set up your Facebook FanPage.

High Quality Targeting On A Budget - Facebook Ads!

Currently, the hottest paid traffic source is Facebook Advertising. It has tons of features for targeting, it offers massive exposure and can get you prices as low as 1 CENT PER CLICK!

The Untapped Social Media Source Of Traffic - LinkedIn!

LinkedIn is a platform for professionals and those who are serious about business and what it is they do. That means they are ready to invest in anything that can really bring value to their professional life. So don't leave this one out, otherwise, you may be leaving a lot of money on the table!

Short Messages Go Straight To The Heart - The Love For Twitter!

Twitter can be a very good source of traffic for your website and business, and all for free. So learn how to leverage this wonderful platform right away.

A Photo Can Mean More Than A Thousand Words...Or Visitors!

Due to its useful hashtag feature, Instagram can be a huge source of free traffic and leads for you. There are people getting up to 20 leads per day for their business, strictly from using Instagram.

How To Use LinkedIn Ads

Still an untapped source of traffic yet incredibly advantageous! Running LinkedIn ads can produce high quality traffic, however, the disadvantage is the predominately higher cost than those of other paid advertising services. Sorin will go through how to set up a profitable ad campaign with LinkedIn.

140 Paid Characters Can Get You Huge Traffic And Sales!

Yes, that is correct, you can advertise on Twitter too. Learn how to easy start with Twitter Ads in this lecture.

Dominate The Search Engines With PPC Advertising & Google Adwords

It's well-known that Google is the largest search engine in the world and by putting some money on the table, you can get in front of thousands of potential buyers for your services or products. The cool thing is that you only pay for performance, which mean clicks!

Cheap Traffic In Top Tier Countries!

Bing Ads can be a very good source of traffic because you can get very cheap pay per click ads in top tier countries like the USA or Canada. So this can be very useful!

SEO Basics

Learn some basic principles of SEO (search engine optimization) in order for you to be set up for mid and long term free traffic from the search engines!

Keyword Research For SEO

Learn from Aaron's experience as he takes you into the world of keyword research. Watch over his shoulder to see how he chooses certain keywords to work to his advantage.

E-mail Marketing & Solo Ads

Traffic that converts! Plain and simple, e-mail marketing is still the most profitable way of getting fast and highly converting traffic online!

Video Marketing - Off Page SEO

Aaron's expertise in YouTube ranking is mandatory if you really want to hit it big with your YouTube content. In this lecture you will learn how to setup your videos for success right from the start!

Video Marketing On Youtube

Learn how to use video marketing at its fullest power on YouTube! This is a unique chance for you to see a LIVE demonstration how Aaron ranks his videos instantaneously! This communication/marketing channel can build your business from scratch to reach 6 figures!

Banner Ads Traffic

Banner Ads done the right way can bring you massive top exposure and lots of brand awareness!

BONUS Traffic PDF - 80+ Paid Traffic Socurces to get unlimited visitors!

Get maximum traffic for your business to increase sales and your customer base!

Step 5 - Monetization

Final Conclusion

Use this course and create a master-plan to follow in order to be sure you are always on the right track!

Monetization Methods

You have different opportunities to monetize your content and expertise. See the main ones and choose the one that fits you the most.

Platforms For Monetization

See a practical example of a few affiliate marketing platforms that you can use to find good products or services that you can promote to your community!

The Natural Sales Funnel Flow

Learn how the natural sales funnel flow works and how to increase the value per client.

How to use Webinars in your business

Webinars can be a very powerful tool for your online business and can help you in multiple ways. Learn the basics of using them effectivly.

Webinars that Sell your Business!

Learn the "Success Blueprint" to create Webinars that help you sell your product, service or offer!

Study Cases

Study Case 1 - Penny Stock Trading Blog

Have a look at a successful money making online business in the penny stock trading niche.

Study Case 2 - Online Marketing and Income Building Blog

You will love this blog. It's one of my favourite and you can learn a lot from how it's structured.

Bonus Lecture: Free Facebook Marketing Strategy: How To Get Traffic For Free

Free Facebook Marketing Traffic
How to use Snapp.io to create stunning images

Learn how to use one of the best cloud based platforms to create stunning images for your ads and social media posts.

Facebook Remarketing
Facebook Remarketing - Where to create your audience?

Ok, remarketing it's awesome, but how do you actually create that audience for remarketing in Facebook? This is what You will find out in this lecture!

How to get Ads inspiration from your competitors best performing Ads!

Use this amazing online free tool to get inspiration fro your competitor's best performing Facebook Ads!

How to create and enhance your Social Media Images!
Piktochart or "How to create Awesome Infographics for FREE"

Infographics can be a strong content marketing tool that can bring your brand an business a ton of exposure. Learn how to create them for FREE with a fast and efficient tool!

DO this before you finish the course!

DO this before you finish the course!

Take 2 or 3 minutes and watch this lecture just before you finish this course. it will help a lot future students, the community and us. Thank you.

BONUS - The BIG surprise for YOU!

A final call to action and BIG Surprise for YOU!

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