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Entrepreneurship and Business Life Coach Certification

Entrepreneurship Coach Certification: Coach Entrepreneurs to Quantum Leap Their Business with Real-World MBA Training
Joeel & Natalie Rivera
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Help your clients find clarity about their business ideas and goals
Help your clients know exactly what steps to take next
Help your clients launch a start-up quickly or quantum leap their existing business
Help your clients navigate road blocks, get unstuck, and strategize solutions
Help your clients stop wasting time and laser focus on income producing results
Coach your clients to identify their target market of ideal clients
Coach your clients to write epic marketing copy and sell their product or service
Coach your clients to increase their revenue
Coach your clients to set actionable short and long term goals and REACH THEM
Coach your client to master their mindset, stay motivated, and follow through

Students who complete this course will receive an official life coach CERTIFICATION from Transformation Academy. This course is also accredited by a internationally recognized the Continuing Professional Development Standards Agency (Provider No: 50134), and 20 CPD or CEU credits are available upon request. Details for how to request the official certification and optional 20 CPD/CEU credits will be provided at the end of the course.


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Are you ready to learn and teach proven entrepreneurship skills?

Do you want to coach your clients towards entrepreneurship so that they can make money doing what they love, start a business, get more clients, or take their business to the next level?  

Become a Certified Entrepreneurship and Business Coach!  

Self-employment though Entrepreneurship is the ultimate form of self-empowerment, and by coaching clients to create a thriving business, you are handing them the key to their freedom to determine their destiny and fulfill their life’s purpose.    

This program is designed to for life coaches who want to work with those that want to improve their entrepreneurship skills such as indiepreneurs or solopreneurs, such as contractors, independent practitioners, life coaches, or small business owners with only a handful of employees. These can be business start-ups or those that are new to entrepreneurship or existing businesses who want to implement a new idea, make changes, get more clients, or expand their business.  

In this entrepreneurship and business life coach training and certification course, you will learn a proven step-by-step process for helping your clients:  

·        Find clarity about the business and lifestyle they truly want to create and what they need in order to get there  

·        Turn their fantastic entrepreneurship and business idea into a concrete plan of action so they can stop spinning their wheels and KNOW what action to take next  

·        Get unstuck by identifying current or possible roadblocks, whether they’re skills, resources, or mindsets, and strategize solutions for overcoming them  

·        Quit wasting time and laser focus on INCOME PRODUCING RESULTS  

The best part is you’ll be using a PROVEN entrepreneurship system because we are giving you the exact process that we have used over and over again to start our own businesses, each in only 6 weeks, and that we have implemented with our business and entrepreneurship coaching clients for almost a decade! You’ll receive a complete entrepreneurship blueprint that includes all of the life coaching activities and tools you need to create your own entrepreneurship coaching program using our 6-week “quantum leap your business” model or custom designing your own entrepreneurship and business coaching process based on your unique passions and experience and your client’s needs.  

You’ll learn powerful entrepreneurship coaching processes and tools for helping your clients in 6 key areas of their business:  

·        Discover their tribe of ideal clients and conduct market research in their niche  

·        Write epic marketing copy and know exactly how to sell their product or service  

·        Setting an ideal price based on the true value of what they offer  

·        Increasing their revenue by creating new revenue streams  

·        Establishing actionable short and long term goals and the action plans to get them there  

·        Cultivating sustainable motivation that will keep them moving toward their goals

·        Plus, a bonus section that will teach you how to help your clients master their mindset—which
is often the biggest thing that holds people back—including their beliefs about money, excuses, procrastination, doubt, and failure.

So if you are ready to transform lives by giving the gift of entrepreneurship and helping others fulfill their purpose than enroll now. We look forward to seeing you in the course!     

Guarantee: We know you will love this course. However, we offer a no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee if the course does not meet your needs for any reason.  

So who are we?

We are joeel and Natalie rivera. We own a digital media publishing company and an online course and training company called Transformation Academy. We’re serial entrepreneurs who have started businesses including a photography company, an import business, a holistic virtual office center, an adolescent coaching center for at risk youth, a book publishing company, a magazine, a life coach training institute, as well as running conferences, festivals and creating online courses. All of our programs are based on our decade of experience as coaches, speakers, and in social services, as well as my experience as a psychology instructor, my Master’s in Counseling and Education and my research on happiness for my dissertation for my PH.D. in Psychology.





Being an Entrepreneurship Coach!

Welcome and Introduction

Welcome to the course, we look forward to helping you quantum leap your business. 

What Does an Entrepreneurship Coach Do

In this lecture we will go over what  an businesses and entrepreneurship coach do and how they help their clients. 

Our Journey of Quantum Leaping

In this lecture we will share our journey into entrepreneurship and how we learned to quantum leap our business. 

How to Complete This Program

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Learn more about the program, how it works, and how to make the most of the journey you are about to embark upon.

Q&A, Support and Workbook Exercises

Find out how to get the answers to any questions you may have as well as utilize the extensive workbook material and exercises contained in this course.

Structuring Your Entrepreneurship Coaching Program

In this lecture we will go over how  you can structure your coaching program. 

Identifying the Starting Point-

Before you move forward you need to identify your clients needs and what their starting point is so you can best meet their needs.  


Step 1 Creation and Clarity (Making Business Ideas Concrete)

Introduction: CREATION
A great idea that isn't made into actionable steps is just a great idea! That's why we're going to help you flesh out your idea by using the Wheel of Creation, which is our KEY tool for creation!
COACH: Coaching Your Client to Clarity

In this lecture we will go over how to coach your clients to clarity. If your clients is not clear on what they are trying to create then they wont know what action steps to take to create success in their business. 

COACH: The Importance of Brainstorming

In this lecture we will look at the importance of brainstorming with your clients and teaching brainstorming skills to your clients. 

The Art of Brainstorming
Use the attached worksheet to practice the art of brainstorming. Yes, there is an art! This lecture will get you ready for a highly productive brainstorming process that you can use to clarify your ideas, now and throughout the rest of this class.
COACH: Empower Your Client with Research Skills

Research is one of the most undervalued skills that your clients will need to be successful. In this lecture we will go over empowering your clients to be able to research confidently and with a purpose. 

The Art of Research
Researching can be fun! It's like mining for gold. In this lecture we teach you tools for making your research easy and extremely powerful. Why recreate the wheel? You don't have to. Learn from success! A worksheet is provided to assist you in organizing the information you find.
COACH: Inspiring Your Clients to Act

In this lecture we will go over inspiring your clients to take the actions needed to transform their business. 

The Art of Action

Taking massive and following through are the number one thing that will set you apart.

COACH: Accountability, Goal Setting, and Action Plans

In this lecture we will go over how to set accountability, goals, actions plans to help your clients succeed. 

Part 2 CONNECTION: Identify Your Tribe and Niche

COACH: Helping Your Client Find and Target Their Tribe

Finding your tribe is what will help your business grow and thrive. Most people want to serve everyone but you should be serving those that actually want and need your services since they are the ones that will actually buy it. Therefore, in this lecture we will assist you in helping your clients find their tribe. 

What is a tribe?

Learn what a tribe is and why it could be the most important aspect of your marketing success.

Who is Your Tribe?

Who are your ideal clients within your niche? Who NEEDS you? Who speaks your language?

Market Research: Defining Your Tribe

Dig deeper into the demographics and mind of your clients to determine what your niche really is and who your ideal clients are. Doing this will help you target your marketing properly, grow your business, and make it more enjoyable in the process because you're working with the people you really love to work with!.

Testing Your Niche

So who is your ideal customer? Who needs you most? Who would stand behind your point of view? Answer these questions and more to help you determine who your core tribe or target market is.

Finding Your Tribe IN PERSON

Where and how would you connect to your tribe in your local market?

Finding Your Tribe ONLINE

Where and how would you connect to your tribe online?

Joint Ventures and Referral Partners

Find out how to leverage the power of other people's customers through joint ventures and referral partnerships.

Contacting Referral Partners

Use these tips and strategies to reach out to potential referral partners.

Action Steps to Connect to Your Tribe

What action steps can you take what you've learned to identify, find and connect to your tribe? What's next? Are you committed?

Step 3 Communicating Their Message through Marketing Copy

COACH: Helping Your Client Master Their Message

In this lecture and section  we will give you the tools to help your clients master their message.  

Telling Your Story

Humans are story tellers and you need to tell a compelling story about your product or service if you want to connect to your tribe. This lecture discusses the importance of telling your story, as well as tells you a little more about OUR story. A worksheet is included.

Establishing Credibility
No matter who you are and what your background YOU HAVE CREDIBILITY! This lecture (and worksheet) will give you a formula for expressing you credibility to your audience.
What Value Do You Offer?

What we do has a tremendous value to the life of those who use our product and/or service. The problem is that sometimes we do not see the TRUE value and, more importantly, we don't know how to express it effectively. In this video we will help you see your true value and show you how to express it in a way that others will see it as well. 

Copywriting and Key Words

In this section we will help you determine what are the key words that your target market uses. By knowing the key words it makes it easier to market to them and more importantly it lets them know that you understand them and that you speak their language.

Write Epic Marketing and Sales Copy

Take all of the information you've gathered and put it all together to write out your marketing copy, including descriptions, bulleted lists, and your bio.

Writing Website Copy Part 1

Writing copy for a website is more involved than basic marketing copy. It is also more important because a poorly written website will not lead to sales. In this video we get into targeting your tribe, making a good first impression, using active voice, showing your personality, being concise, focusing on outcomes, and basic structural tips.

Writing Website Copy Part 2

In this video we get into SEO (search engine optimization) and Calls to Action.

Your Elevator Pitch

In this section we are going to give you the steps to help you create a compelling elevator speech that will create interest for what you do or what you have to give to others.

Writing Your Manifesto

So what do you stand for? Your Manifesto can give you clarity in your message and help others develop an understanding of what you and your business actually stand for. A manifesto is one of the best ways to help your clients and potential clients get to know you.

Action Steps: Get Your Message Out There (Marketing Tips)

So now you have your message, now what? In this section we will go over how to get your message out to the people that want to hear it. We give you some practical tools and strategies to market with your message.

Part 4 CAPITALIZATION: Make Money with Your Mission

Playing the Money Game (Helping Your Clients Identify Their Financial Needs)

In this section will have some fun playing the money game. We will help you understand what you need to get from Financial Security to Financial Freedom. We will also help you come up with different strategies to get from point A to point B.

Determining What to Charge

One of the hardest questions many entrepreneurs have is determining how much to charge. In this section we will teach you how to come up with a number you feel confident with.

Create Your Pricing Sheet or Package

Another big challenge that entrepreneurs face is in creating their price sheet and packages. In this section we will give you insight and an example so you can create your own. 

What Else Can You Offer? (Solving Problems)

Now we will explore what other problems you can help solve for your clients to be able to expand your offering and your business.

Creating Different Revenue Streams

One of the most important things you can do for your business is to create different revenue streams. This way you are not dependent on just one way of creating money so if one area slows down you always have a different source of income coming in. In this section we will give you insights on how to come up with different revue streams.

Automation and Collaboration

Like we’ve discussed, creating multiple streams of revenue helps you stop being dependent on trading your time in order to earn dollars. However, automation and collaboration are two additional ways to expand your business and even make money while you sleep. In this section we will go into the basics of how to automate and collaborate.

Step 5 Commitment and Goal Setting

COACH: Staying Committed and Following Through

In the lecture we will go over helping your clients stay committed and following through. 

• Overcoming the Change Cycle

Our resistance to change often gets us stuck, but there is a key to breaking the “change cycle”. By understanding the reasons we often sabotage or resist change, we can make powerful decisions to face our fears, and with the help of a dose of self honesty, we can feel confident making the changes that will transform our lives.


Joeel explains the importance of committing and investing in your goals and presents ways to help you commit completely, like visualization.

COACH: Bridge to Your Dreams and Smart Goals (Coach)

In this video we will share tips and go over the "Bridge to Your Dreams and Smart Goals" of the client video.

The Bridge to Your Dreams

Learn how to build the bridge that will get you to your ultimate dream.


Discover how to create goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-Framed (S.M.A.R.T.) to achieve success and reach your dreams.

COACH: Goal Setting and Tada List

In this video we will share tips and go over the "Goal Setting and Tada List" of the client video.

Long-Term Goal Setting

Brainstorming all possible ideas for long-term goals within the next year and narrowing it down to 1 to 3 main goals.

Creating a Vision

Creating a powerful vision in your mind of how achieving your goals will look and feel, in order to  boost motivation.

Monthly Milestone

Take the long-term goals and brainstorm what will need to be accomplished in order to reach them, and then chart them into 12 sub-goals or milestones over the course of a year.

The 60 and 30 Day Plan

Focusing on the next 2 milestones, brainstorm ALL needed actions, tasks and accomplishments, prioritizing them by how long they will take and what needs to be done before next steps can be taken. Organize them into 60 and 30 day categories.

Monthly Check-ins

A process for checking in on your progress each month, including questions that will help you evaluate your progress, assess needed changes, and plan for the following month. Designed to be used every month.

The Weekly "Ta-Da" List

Turning short-term goals into actionable steps and tasks that can be planned one week at a time using a "ta-da" list to track progress and plan for the following week.

Daily Planning

How to stay focused on priorities each day and re-assess the weekly plan based on progress.

Roadblocks and Setbacks

Road blocks and set backs are inevitable when working toward long-term goals. Anticipate possible obstacles and plan ahead for how to handle them.

Productivity and the Not-to-Do List

Distractions and wasted time can be avoided by anticipating them in advance and setting yourself boundaries regarding what activities to avoid at all cost.

COACH: Accountability, Massive Action and Assessment

In this video we will share tips and go over the "Accountability" and "Massive Action and Assessing Results" videos, as they relate to coaching.


Joeel explains the importance of having accountability partners and creating accountability systems to help you reach your goals.

Massive Action and Assessing Results

Discover how to take massive action towards your goal and assess your results, plus avoid the indecision that can act as an obstacle to reaching goals.

Coach: Small Changes Big Results

In this video we will share tips and go over the "Small Changes, Big Results" of the client video.

Small Changes, Big Results

Discover how implementing small changes in your life and daily routine can lead to big results, and help you reach your goals. Plus learn the 15 minute rule!

Step 6 CULTIVATION: Stay Motivated and Inspired

COACH: Helping Your Clients Stay Motivated
COACH: Big Enough Reason Why

In this video we will share tips and go over the "Big Enough Reason Why" of the client video.

Having a Big Enough Reason

In this lesson on self-exploration, Joeel from Ignite Life explains how to discover why you've chosen your goals by digging deeper and using self-reflection.

COACH: Identifying Keys to Motivation

In this video we will share tips and go over the "Keys to Motivation" of the client video.

Keys to Motivation

Learn the keys to staying motivated!

Motivation: Business

Now we will help you explore the following question: WHY you want to have your own business? We will also explore the difference between a Hobbyist Owner and a Business owner help you decide what you currently are and which one you would like to be. 

Motivation: Money

In this section we will explore and help you get clarity on this question:  Why do you want to make more money? Without having a clear answer it will be challenging to create the reality that you want in your life.

Motivation: Lifestyle

What lifestyle do you want?

Now, ask yourself, what kind of life do you want to create? Most people create a business with the illusion that they create the lifestyle they want around their business. However, this never happens because the business becomes all-consuming and will continue to require the same structure, making it challenging to force the business to fit your lifestyle. In this section we will help you create a style that will pull you towards success.

COACH: Identifying What Demotivates Your Clients

In this video we will share tips and go over the "What Demotivates You" of the client video.

Avoid Demotivation

Explore and identify what demotivates you in life, such as avoidance mechanisms, then learn how to navigate these obstacles so you can achieve your goals.

COACH: Stimulating Motivation

In this video we will share tips and go over the "Pain and Pleasure" of the client video.

Stimulating Motivation

Learn about the common motivational triggers for people, such as music, exercise, books, and more, and review how they can inspire you to work on your goals.

COACH: Pain and Pleasure

In this video we will share tips and go over the "Pain and Pleasure" of the client video.

Pain and Pleasure

Learn how to use pain and pleasure as a driving force to your success.

COACH: Celebrate and Bucket List

In this video we will share tips and go over the "Celebrate" and "Bucket List" of the client video.

The Importance of Celebrating

Celebrating milestones on the way to your long-term goals helps you stay motivated! Discover how to create a reward system to keep you fired up and inspired.

Writing Your Bucket List

Discover how a bucket list can help motivate you to accomplish your goals and hit milestones, plus learn how it can be a fun way to inspire new goals!

BONUS STEP: Creating a Success Mindset

Helping Your Clients Master Their Money Mindset

Your clients money mindset can  be one of their biggest obstacles to helping them create the life that they desire. In the lecture we will go over Helping Your Clients Master Their Money Mindset!

Money Block 1: Poverty Consciousness

Some people have a negative association with money, which holds them back from actually creating it. Most people, however, don’t even realize they have resistance to money because it is so “normal” in our society. However, poverty consciousness and our perception of money can be a major block to you creating the life that you want. In this section we will help you release poverty consciousnesses. 

Money Block 2: Money Guilt

Money guilt is a feeling passed between humans, often adult to child. Phrases like “eat everything on your plate because there are starving children in the world” is a good example of how this mind virus is transferred. How do you feel when you grow up knowing you HAVE while others DON’T? Guilty. And so what does this cause? Guild over having MONEY. And how are you supposed to create money if it makes you feel guilty? In this section we will help you release the guilt associated with money.

Money Block 3: Fear of Money

If you are one of those people who finds they have negative feelings about wealthy people—they are selfish, crooks, evil or lucky—then you have a fear of money. Why? Because you fear that if you GET too much money it will turn you BAD. Money changes you, after all. Isn’t that what “they” say? You may not even fear money consciously it may be deep rooted from your upbringing. However, reality is that you do not have to fear money and we are going to help you find a way to release that fear.

How Would Your Life Change?

How would your life change if you became a millionaire?

Double Your Money Activity

This is a powerful exercise that helps expand your perspective of money and help you get in alignment with a money consciousness that is based on expansion.

COACH: Excuses and Procrastination

In this video we will share tips and go over the "No to But and Procrastination" of the client video.

Say No to "Buts" (Excuses)

Discover the excuses that hold people back from pursuing their goals, like not having enough time or feeling too overwhelmed, and learn how to eliminate them!

Overcoming Procrastination

Natalie explains why avoidance of pain is the cause of procrastination, and shows you how to flip your thought process to stop procrastinating.

Empowering Your Beliefs

Natalie explains how your belief system might be preventing you from achieving your goals and shares the importance of empowering beliefs.

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