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Facebook for Small Business

Go from a personal Facebook user to a Facebook marketing expert. Learn how to use Facebook to grow your small business.
Bill Rice
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Understand Facebook as a business marketing tool
Use Facebook marketing to attract new customers
Create and manage Facebook pages for your business
Develop successful Facebook marketing campaigns
Avoiding common marketing mistakes
Market your business with free and paid Facebook strategies
Grow a loyal customer Facebook community
Learn to create compelling and engaging content
Prove new expertise with Facebook marketing certificate

Facebook marketing course for business–small , medium, and large–interested in building brand awareness, improving reputation and credibility, generating sales leads, and growing a loyal base of customers. Join us!

As a business owner, I know that you’re constantly focused on reaching more people, targeting better customers, and helping all of these people understand the benefits of buying your products and services–Facebook marketing can be your secret weapon. In this Facebook marketing course I will quickly educate you on how to use Facebook to reach the right people, turn them into customers, and then get them to actually market to all their Facebook friends. It isn’t some fancy marketing scheme or magic; it’s just leveraging the inherent social and viral nature of Facebook.

Facebook marketing can be confusing, even to the most seasoned Facebook user. There are so many options and Facebook is constantly changing things. That’s why a Facebook marketing course like this one, taught by a seasoned and practicing Facebook marketing professional, can be so valuable.

We will bring together and continually update all of the Facebook best practices in this course. A course that you have lifetime access to and we will continually support and expand. This course will get your started with the most basic of Facebook marketing skills and then grow with your business into more advanced and comprehensive Facebook strategy.

During this course I will help you to quickly and simply:

  • Setup a Facebook Fan Page for your business
  • Create and publishing interesting and compelling content
  • Attract the right kinds of Facebook Fans, people that want to buy and share
  • Develop these Facebook Likes into an army of loyal fans growing your business
  • Engage these customers over and over for sustained revenue growth

This course goes beyond academic theory and encourages you to work through real examples and immediately apply them to your own Facebook marketing plan and business Fan Page.

Our Facebook marketing course can be completed in a couple of days, resulting in a fully functional, highly effective Facebook marketing platform for your business.

Are you ready to grow your small business with Facebook marketing?

This course will give you access to a multitude of successful Facebook marketing ideas and strategies. You will be building brand awareness, gaining loyal customers, and generating sales leads and revenue in know time.

Welcome to Facebook for Small Business

Welcome to Facebook Marketing for Small Business.

I look forward to being your instructor and helping you be successful with your small business marketing program and Facebook marketing specifically.

Download my instructor information sheet for direct contact information.

Why Use Facebook?

Course Introduction

Introduction and overview for Facebook Marketing course.

is Facebook Marketing Important?

Learn why Facebook Marketing is so important to your small business strategy.

Creating Your Fan Page

How to create a Facebook Fan Page

Learn how to create your first Facebook Fan Page -- step-by-step.

The anatomy of a Facebook Fan Page

Learn the essential elements and anatomy of your new Facebook Fan Page and how to use each of those to your marketing advantage.

Cover Photo Inspiration

In this lecture we review several does and don'ts of cover photos.

Using software to enhance your Facebook Fan Page

Learn about third-party software and strategies that you can use to help your Facebook Fan Page grow without spending your whole day tending to it.

Section 2 Wrap Up

Review of Section 2 and the basics of developing a Facebook Fan Page for your small business.

Developing Compelling Content

Start with an editorial calendar

Learn to develop a disciplined process for managing, publishing, and optimizing content for maximum exposure.

Creating effective image posts

Learn to use Facebook image posts to maximize your reach and engagement for your small business.

Creating effective video posts

Videos are a powerful and untapped tactic for small businesses on Facebook. Learn how to create and use video effectively.

Section 3 Wrap Up

Review of Section 3 - Learning how to create compelling content.

Fundamentals of Audience Development

Introduction to Audience Development

How to build the audiences and loyal fans your business needs to be successful.

How audiences find you on Facebook

Learn how to get people on Facebook to find you.

How audiences use Facebook

Learn how people use Facebook and how you can leverage that behavior to improve your marketing strategies.

How to get in in front of customers on Facebook

Specific strategies for getting in front of customers on Facebook.

Section 4 Wrap Up

Wrapping up Section 4 with a review of core audience development strategies and tactics.

Engaging Customers

The fundamentals of engagement strategy

Getting engagement from your Facebook Fans is critical to turning them into customers. Sadly most folks are really good at getting engagement on their personal Facebook profiles, but once they start trying to run a Facebook Fan Page for their business they forget that they are talking to the same people. Yes, people.

This really is the secret of Facebook engagement—we’re talking to people.

In this presentation, I will give you my keys to Facebook engagement and help to get your mind thinking about how to get the same level of engagement for your business’ Fan Page that you probably get in your personal Facebook newsfeed. I’ll then take that framework and match it up against a review of many examples of successfully engaging Facebook posts.

At the end of this Facebook Marketing presentation you will have a good understanding of the basics of Facebook engagement and lots of ideas and examples to build your own Facebook engagement campaigns.

If I can be of any help or you have a question, contact me at BillRice.com or Join my marketing newsletter.

Ideas for creating engaging Facebook posts

Many Facebook Fan Pages become ghost towns in short order. This happens for one of two reasons and both tend to be somewhat intertwined: you run out of creative content ideas and your audience never really engages.

Helping you avoid that death spiral is the goal of this Facebook Marketing - Ideas for Engaging post ideas presentation. Inside I will give you lots of ideas and examples of how to draw in new audience and get those existing Facebook Fans engaged.

Try a few of these strategies and creative tactics and soon your Facebook Fan Page will come alive and with buzzing activity—fans liking, commenting, and sharing. All of that activity will encourage others to get involved and will spark your creative juices to service your new fan base more diligently.

Grab a pen and paper and flip through this slide presentation with the intent of filling your notebook with specific content ideas and campaign strategies. Work through the ideas in an active way. Think about each example and how you can apply the technique to your own business. The gems are here. Polish them and get the reward.

If I can be of any help or you have a question, contact me at BillRice.com or Join my marketing newsletter.

Effectively engaging with your mobile device

Get and stay engaged by using your mobile device. See how I do it.

Section 5 Wrap Up

Wrapping up and reviewing the essentials of engagement.

Course Wrap Up

Thanks for Joining Me

Thanks for joining me in this course! I enjoyed being your instructor.

If there is something you are not completely satisfied with please contact me immediately (download my attached information sheet for direct contact information) and I will do my very best to help resolve any issues or help you to success.

If you enjoyed the course please leave a favorable rating.

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