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Facebook Marketing: A Step-by-Step to Your First 1000 Fans!

Facebook Marketing 2015: The Leading Facebook Strategies Proven to Attract 1000 Relevant & Genuine Facebook Likes!
Benjamin Wilson
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Get a Meaningful understanding of What Facebook is and does
Understand the Purpose of your Facebook page
Learn the most empowering mindsets to embody
Learn the 5 critical elements of every fan page
Optimize your Page name to convert more fans
Optimize your Pictures to convert more fans
Optimize your Desriptions to convert more fans
Optimize your Apps and Tabs to convert more fans
How to utilise existing content to maximise Likes
Learn the purpose of your Facebook content
Discover how NOT to get Facebook likes
Learn the most effective strategies to attracting relevant and genuine Facebook Fans
Understand the Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm
And Consequentially post content to take advantage of the Newsfeed algorithm
How to discover your Facebook voice?
How to excel with customer service
How to use your Facebook like momentum to accelerate you to your goals
Advanced Facebook Like strategies
How to interpret and respond to Facebook insights
How to be in control and leverage your Facebook Fans


Do you want over 1000 Genuine and Targeted Facebook Likes for your Facebook Page?

Do you want to reach these potential customers in the quickest time possible?

Want to learn the simple strategies and techniques that pages with 100 000+ likes know?

Best of all… Do you want to do this for FREE? Without spending a dollar of your money on ineffective and overpriced Facebook ads?!

Then join our comprehensive course and community of Facebook page owners gaining hundreds of likes every single day using the knowledge and simple strategies contained in this course!

I used to spend hours every day trying to find content that a handful of fans would find interesting, only to see my posts get ZERO INTERACTION and disappointedly watch my “29 likes” remain stationary for weeks!

I was putting in hours of my time and effort just to see other pages gaining hundreds of Likes every day regardless that their content was poor!I was disappointed and confused…

Instead of throwing money at my problems and spending $1000 on Facebook ads just to get 32 unengaged fans. I thought “There must be a better way.”

Through countless hours of research, interviews and experimentation I learned how to literally: Attract Thousands of Facebook likes EVERY DAY


Does spending 15 minutes of your time a day to attract 1000 new customers to your Small Business Facebook page sound appealing to you? I wanted to share the secrets, and simple strategies that I learned in order to save you the countless amount of hours, effort and mistakes that I repetitively made. So I have compiled them in a comprehensive step-by-step guide so that you can see the same results with your Small Business Facebook Page!

“Knowledge is power only if a man knows what facts not to bother with”– Robert Lynd


  • An exact blueprint to optimize your Facebook account to maximise your likes and engagement.
  • A full-proof system of how to automatically increase your Facebook reach and Influence.
  • Proven strategies for promoting your Facebook page to 1000’s OF RELEVANT AND REAL PEOPLE everyday in your desired niche!

The Video course is presented in easy to learn modules that first explain the theory behind these techniques, and then show LIVE demonstrations of them on my Facebook Pages. I have also included PDF versions of the slides these techniques super easy for easy future reference.

If you have, or are planning on creating a Small Business Facebook Page I guarantee you that the knowledge and strategies in this class will be the quickest and most effective way to achieving to your first 1000 relative, genuine, and targeted fans!

I will also personally respond to all questions and queries (and even provide my personal email address!) so that you can implement these simple strategies in a fool-proof way.

I know the power of having a massive audience on one of the world’s most important social media platforms and I can’t wait to help you get there!

See you on the inside 🙂

– Benji

Facebook Course Introduction and Overview

WELCOME! It's hard to believe just how SIMPLE getting your FIRST 1000 FANS is!
A Birds Eye Overview of Our Facebook Fan Journey
An Introduction of Facebook and Facebook Pages [Beginners / Intermediate]
  • An introduction to Module 1 and an content overview of the entire module.
  • A brief outline of what Facebook pages are and how they work
  • Why have a Facebook page and what is it's purpose? (It is important to know your purpose in order to always keep your actions in line with your goals
  • Why use Facebook as a social media platform?
  • The 3 most important mindsets to have in order to achieve your Facebook goals most efficiently.
  • An overview of our game plan!

    Establish an Optimized Facebook Page

    Module 2: Introduction and Contents

    An introduction to Module 2 and an content overview of the entire module.

    5 Critical Elements of your Facebook Page

    An overview of the 5 critical elements of your Facebook Fan page

    Create your Facebook Page

    A walkthrough and understanding on how to create your Facebook page skeleton to optimize as we progress through the module.

    Choosing your Facebook Page Name

    How to optimize your Facebook Page name for your business and it's purpose

    Optimize your Facebook Profile and Header Pictures

    How to optimize the graphics on your Facebook pages

    Optimize your Facebook Page Description

    How to optimize your Facebook Page Description for your business, search results and effectively describing your page

    Creating Facebook Apps and Tabs

    What are Facebook Apps and Tabs, and what are they commonly used for?

    Facebook Page Settings and Preferences

    What are you Facebook settings and preferences and how they can be used to suit your needs.

    Facebook Milestones and Existing Content

    How to optimize your Facebook Page Milestones and existing content for interaction and increased likes when your page is new.

    Claiming a Facebook Vanity URL

    The benefits of claiming a Facebook Vanity URL.

    Case study - Live optimizing of a Facebook page

    Lets update our pages together! I am going from my "Page skeleton" to a fully optimized and appealing fan page and showing you exactly how to do it in this video.

    Finding and Posting Engaging Facebook Content

    Module 3: Introduction and Contents

    An introduction to Module 3 and an content overview of the entire module.

    The Purpose of your Facebook Content

    What is the purpose of each specific piece of content that you post? Is it to Engage on Guide?

    Different types of Facebook Content

    What are the different types of Facebook content

    The Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm

    Understanding how Facebook decides what appears on individuals news feeds and why.

    Hacking the Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm

    How to optimize your Facebook updates to take advantage of the Facebook News feed algoritms

    Top 3 Facebook Engagement Strategies

    The top 3 Facebook strategies to getting more interaction of your status updates and edges.

    Create a Facebook Content Calendar

    How to schedule content to miminize your time spent posting, while maintaining variety and quality content.

    Find the Best Facebook Content

    Where and how to find the best Facebook content

    Highlight and Pin Facebook Content

    How to highlight and Pin posted content on your page.

    Get your First Facebook Likes

    Module 4: Introduction and Contents

    An introduction to Module 4 and an content overview of the entire module.

    The Value of a Facebook Like

    The true value of a Facebook Like.

    How NOT to get Facebook Likes

    Strategies that I recommend you avoid using to get Facebook likes and why.

    Leverage Existing Facebook Friends

    How to get support and begin getting like from people who know and trust you

    Leverage Existing Customers

    How to leverage likes from people who have already expressed interest in your business or company.

    The 3 Most Overlooked Facebook Like Strategies

    The 3 most overlooked and underestimated strategies to getting likes that you have probably already heard of

    Offer Value

    How to ensure you have a fully optimized page that will guarantee you get more likes. Do this by offering value.

    Connect in Relevant Facebook Groups

    How to leverage relevant Facebook group communities to attract their fans to liking your page

    Relevant Facebook Community Power Strategy

    How to steal your competitors fans

    Your Facebook Voice

    Discovering and choosing your Facebook voice

    Excelling with Facebook Customer Service

    How to take advantage of Facebook as a public platform to demonstrate great customer service.

    Case Study - Live demonstration of getting likes

    Using my live page to demonstrate some of the theory in this module! Getting 155 likes in 24 hours.

    Grow your Facebook Likes

    Module 5: Introduction and Contents

    Introduction and contents overview of module 5 - growing your Facebook likes

    Facebook Page Cross Promotion

    How to cross promote your page using other fan pages!

    Facebook Parallel Interest Page

    Unique strategy to attracting more likers into your total Fanbase

    Review and Adapt to Facebook Insights

    Module 6: Introduction and Contents

    An introduction to Module 6 and an content overview of the entire module.

    An Outline of Facebook Insights

    A live walkthrough of each category of Facebook insights

    Interpreting your Facebook Insights

    What is the most useful and actionable data in your Facebook insights?

    Creating Facebook Insights Action Steps

    What questions to consistently ask yourself to keep you on track

    Slides and Resources

    MOD 1: Outline of Facebook Pages, Your Page Purpose and Empowering Mindsets

    Learn and understand Facebook Pages

    MOD 2: Create and Fully Optimize your Facebook Page

    Creating your page and making sure it is optimized aesthetically and functionally

    MOD 3: How to find and post the best facebook content for engagement

    How to find and post the BEST Facebook content to increase your engagement!

    MOD 4: Getting your First Facebook Likes and Building Momentum

    Strategies to getting your first Facebook likes and build you fan base towards our goals!

    MOD 5: Grow your Likes and Use your Facebook Momentum

    Grow your likes and use facebook momentum to achieve your Facebook goals in the fastest way possible.

    MOD 6: Using Facebook insights to be more efficient in achieving your goals

    How to use your Facebook insights to ensure you are posting fully optimized content.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

    How do I use my Facebook Cover/Header CTA?

    A demonstration of how to take advantage of Facebooks latest Call To Action feature in the Cover image of your page.

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