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Facebook Retargeting Pro (PPC Advertising)

Step-by-step guide on how to use PPC Facebook advertising technology to retarget anyone who visits your website.
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–Updated July 2015–

If you’re already familiar with PPC advertising on Facebook, then you will leave this course knowing how to setup Facebook Retargeting (Website Custom Audiences) on your own website and how to automate advertising campaigns that bring your best target audience back to your webpage to take specific actions.

Facebook Retargeting allows you to target visitors to your website in very specific ways.

  • You have an online store and people navigate away without purchasing– you can target them with an ad reminding them about the specific product they were looking at.
  • You write a blogpost that brings people to your website, but they leave without signing up for your email list– you can target them with an ad offering them a free gift if they come back to your site and opt-in.
  • You’re a politician and elections are coming up– you can target everyone who’s visited your website with an ad on election day telling your supporters to go vote.
  • You’re a realtor and there’s a property you want to sell– you can target people who look at it on your website with an ad inviting them to an open house.
  • You’re launching your online product or class and people have opted-in for a free preview class you’ve created, but they haven’t listened to it yet– you can target specifically the people who haven’t yet listened with an additional offer.

This technology is the most effective and lowest cost advertising you can make use of on Facebook and has been accessible to larger companies with huge budgets until only recently. Now it’s available to even the smallest of businesses and individuals, but only in a DIY format. I’ve built this course to teach you everything you need in under an hour to get started with your first campaign.

I’ve included industry-specific examples, and will add any others that participants suggest. Currently these ones are available:

  • Facebook Retargeting for blogs
  • Facebook Retargeting for events
  • Facebook Retargeting for online product launches
  • Facebook Retargeting for web designers & graphic designers
  • Facebook Retargeting for musicians & bands
  • Facebook Retargeting for politicians & elections
  • Facebook Retargeting for real estate agents & realtors
  • More to come…



Hi. I'm Alex, and I'm going to teach you why Facebook Retargeting is the most targeted way to boost sales, engage with your exact audience, and increase attendance to your events... or whatever else it is you're trying to do.

I've been using Facebook Advertising and Retargeting now for 2 years, and have made a big impact on program sales for the company I've worked for. Starting from nothing, I've been reading everything I can find on strategies, and have tested then regularly with real customers to show real results. My latest campaign had a 792% ROI.

Now, I'm at the point where there aren't trainings teaching what it is I've learned, so I've decided it's time to share my knowledge.

In taking this course, I assume that you're familiar with Facebook advertising, and that you have a website.

If you're not yet familiar with Facebook advertising, I recommend checking out Getting Started with Facebook Advertising from General Assembly– it's free and it's here on Udemy.

What is retargeting?

Retargeting is the practice of using cookies to continue engagement with your website visitors after they've left your website. Through Facebook, you're able to display advertisements in the news feed and right sidebar of people who've left your website (specific pages), making for very targeted audiences.

Getting started

Retargeting options explained

IMPORTANT: Make sure that if your site loads mobile versions of your website with a specific URL that you also setup your retargeting rules to include those versions of the webpages.

Where to find it in Facebook
Generating & implementing your retargeting pixel

Here's Facebook's guide on Website Custom Audiences. It's really useful for understanding the setup process and the options.

When you want to verify that Facebook is receiving data from your pixel, you can use the Facebook Pixel Helper, which is a sweet little Chrome extension that tells you if a pixel is detected on a given website.


Retargeting website visitors

Did someone visit your sales page and then navigate away? Maybe you're hosting an event (online or offline) and they puttered around but didn't commit. You can show them ads, trying to bring them back to reconsider or remind them.

Re-engaging past visitors

If someone comes to your site, but hasn't in a while, then it might be time to reach out to them so they know you still exist. Maybe you release a monthly blog post, and people need a little nudge to know it's out. This could be the strategy for you.

Retargeting people who didn't opt-in to your email list

Think about your customer funnel in terms of webpages. If you're having someone signup for your mailing list, then maybe you're directing them to a landing page where they enter their info, and then to a thankyou page after registration. In this case, you're able to take advantage of the "this page, not that page" retargeting, and only target people who've visited your opt-in page, but NOT your thankyou page. This will ensure you're not wasting time marketing to people who've already joined your mailing list.

Retargeting people who didn't purchase your product

Industry-specific examples

Retargeting for online product launches
Retargeting for blogs
Retargeting for events
Retargeting for graphic designers & web designers
Retargeting for musicians
Retargeting for real estate agents or realtors
Retargeting for politicians & elections
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