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Facebook SEO: Understanding Facebook Algorithms & Newsfeed

SEO for Facebook, Facebook Ads, Facebook Pixel Ads and Boosting Posts, Facebook Analytics & Insights, Facebook Content
Laurel Papworth
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CREATE: a Facebook Page and Understand the Importance of Correct Creation
ENGAGE: Develop a Conversation Diary and Programming Schedule
ADS: Create and Manage Ads on Facebook
PIXEL: Master Facebook Pixels with Facebook Ads for your website(s) 2017
INSIGHTS: Write Measurement Reports on Facebook Measurement & Analytics
SEO: Understand and Leverage FBO (Facebook Optimization) for more Newsfeed engagement

Learn from Laurel Papworth: Hi there, I’ve looked after the Facebook Pages for reality TV shows like Masterchef and Idol through to Not for Profits and Gov like United Nations (UNHCR) and Local Government. Named by Forbes Magazine as a global Top 50 Social Media Influencer, I have been teaching social media at the University of Sydney for the last 10 years. This is a thorough, framework for online community engagement and Facebook Page Admin management for the serious social media profeessional. I look forward to answering your questions! 

FOR PROFESSIONAL FACEBOOK PAGE ADMIN or MANAGERS This course is for those that want more likes and engagement on their Facebook Page, who feel there is more to discover or who want to set up their Facebook properly as the first 30 days are crucial. Also those who want to use analytics to increase engagement (comments and shares) of their status updates. Do you need to understand Facebook Optimisation (FBO) such as Last Actor 50 and how to leverage it? We also cover Facebook Advertising and 3rd party platforms, adding Instagram and YouTube to your Facebook Page and so on.

  • Create your Facebook Page (tips of what to avoid)
  • Understand and leverage Facebook Optimisation (get in the Newsfeed!)
  • Get more Likes and Engagement (shares and comments)
  • Use Facebook Analytics and write a report.
  • Create Facebook Ads and Understand the marketing intelligence
  • Learn about Facebook Pixels connecting to your website and Facebook Pixel Ads

TIME POOR? You don’t need to do this course if you are happy flitting around the ‘net, watching random videos, and reading blogs etc. But short on time? Then that’s what this course is about.

LOW PRICE I priced it low currently – you can pay more for my real life classes if you like 😛 – to make it accessible to everyone, in every country, in every job and for every reason. The price will go up a little in December 2015 once I’ve added more videos lectures and an updated workbook to the course. Of course if you join now, you’ll get all that later on too 😉 but I will keep this course at a reasonable price. Still, it’s cheaper right now.

MENTORING If you think you could be doing better with your Facebook Page, have any questions, need some help, come right on in. The Q&A forum has some good questions from students in it – please add your’s – and I’m adding videos based on their priorities (adding Instagram for Business seems to be popular!). Please join in and don’t forget to post your Facebook Page in the Discussion area for feedback.


If you download the Udemy app on iPhone or Android, don’t forget to select High Def HD in the settings and play in full screen (double tap) to see the demonstrations clearly.

I’ve managed the strategy, campaigns and Facebook Pages and forums and blogs of TV shows such as JUNIOR MASTERCHEF, IDOL and BIG BROTHER. I specifically adapted these quick courses to bring social media managers like you up to speed efficiently and cost effectively. Look out for my other courses!

SHORT COURSE: This is a mini-course that is part of a much larger Social Media Campaign course – you will find some videos duplicated from the Campaign course on my corporate account. Some students just want a quick and easy course on one aspect of campaigns – that is the purpose of this course. So if you are just looking for measurement and analytics tools and strategies as part of social media campaigns, this is the course for you!

Key Information on Udemy and this Course (first lecture in last section).

Let's Get Going!

A Warm Welcome to the Facebook Foundation Course!

Thank you so much for joining me - lets learn a little about each other and go through the curriculum!

What is FBO? SEO for Facebook Optimisation

What is FBO? SEO for Facebook Optimisation

Before we create our Facebook Page for Business in the next lecture, we need to understand Facebook's newsfeed algorithm sometimes called "FBO" and how it can stop the majority (over 90%) of the "Likes" on your Page seeing your status updates. Once we understand THAT, the rest of the lectures show you how to work around FBO to get more Likes, engagement and call to actions.

  • Understand FBO (Facebook Optimisation) and Edgerank
  • See how the "Social Graph" (your network) impacts what you see
  • Understand how customers are treated as target audiences by Facebook and what that means for your Page

Any questions? Please ask me in Discussion Area.


STUDENT QUESTION: 3 Keywords for Facebook Search and Recommendations

Just a quick note about new Lecture 7 in Section 1: In the ABOUT section of the Facebook Page there is a TOPICS section - you have to choose 3 keywords for your Facebook Page. These 3 Keyword TOPICS are anchored into the FBO (Facebook Optimisation) of your Page and affect: 

  1. Social Graph Search (the SEO or search engine optimisation of people searching on Facebook) so if people are searching "baking" "cooking" and "food" and they are your 3 keywords, your Page should come up in Facebook search. The RIGHT keywords will mean it will come top of Facebook Search. 
  2. also the PEOPLE ALSO LIKE box on the Facebook Page (Facebook recommending your Page on other Pages).. 

Choose them wisely. The wrong words will mean you don't rank well on Facebook search for those keywords (Facebook will check your Page for that keyword. ). 

Thanks to Toby for the question in the Discussion area. Happy to answer any questions with text/pictures and/or Video in the Discussion area. 

Cheerio :) Laurel xxxxx 

#Facebook #FBO #About #Topics

FBO Facebook Target Audience - Targetted Communications on Facebook

CASE STUDIES: let's analyse some Facebook Business Pages. Can you tell if Facebook knows who the Page is for? Let's see the penalty/reward in the Engagement vs Likes area!

  • Analyse some Pages - is it clear who the Page is for? Will the Page confuse Facebook.
  • Evaluate 3x Business Page Status Updates - who will Facebook give each one to?
  • What makes Facebook REMOVE your content from your customers newsfeed even though they "liked" the Page?
  • Understand why a Facebook Page cannot be all things to all people.

Discussion: If you have a Page and enough Likes on it, and enough updates and want us to review it, please link to your Facebook Page in the Discussion area. You can ask more questions there too! (right hand side)


How Many Facebook Pages Do You Need? Not A Silly Question!

If Facebook targets content from Pages to specific Tribes/Market Segments, how many target segments does YOUR organisation/business/Course/Event have?

  • how many pages do you need?
  • An example of a brand with 3 pages - customer service/techie, jobs/employment and marketing/coupons/Competitions.
  • Facebook Inc (the company) has over 80 market segment Facebook Business Pages themselves!

Discussion: Do you know your customer tribes?


How do I set up my Facebook PAGE properly?

Correctly setup your Facebook Page

Creating a Facebook Business Page takes seconds but there are things you should consider from before you even go live!

  • Create a Page from scratch (you can have many Pages, even test pages!)
  • Facebook targetting and what it means for Engagement on your Page
  • What decisions to make about the Social Graph, tribes and keyword interests that impact engagement

Discussion: how did that work for you? Do you already have a Page but are wondering if you've done it right? Let me know!

What Are the Facebook Page Settings?: Menus, Options and So on

With a New Page, it's a good idea to see what's "under the hood" so to speak. We go through the different options and setup on the Page.

  • Understanding the Facebook Business Page
  • Liking your own Page
  • Menus and layout of a Facebook Business Page

DISCUSSION Let me know if you want more lectures on Facebook menus/dashboard, but these first 10 or so lectures are to get you up and running with a properly set up Page for your Campaign.


Case Studies: Facebook Page Milestone Timeline for Social Media Marketing

Learn how to tell the history of your industry, your brand or your location through a milestone timeline

  • Look at case studies of companies using historical timelines to tell the company history back to 1800's
  • Look at case studies of organisations telling stories back in time for the area or the industry (not just company)
  • Learn how to build out your timeline and why you would want to...

Discussion: Do you know of a Page with a cool timeline? Share it in the discussion area. :)


2017: Facebook Business Page Interest Lists workaround

Did you like Interest Lists for Business Pages on Facebook? Well here is the workaround for 2017! 

Change your Cover Photo!

Best Practice: How Do I Change Facebook Cover Photos?

Case studies of what works and doesn't work with Cover photos.

  • Cover photos have a lot of FBO "love"
  • Most Companies forget to add a Description and Call to Action that shows up in the newsfeed of their customers
  • Rotating images weekly or monthly will help a lot with engagement.

Discussion: how often do YOU change your cover photo? What sort of images do you use? Do you repeat the photos? Not sure... ask in Discussion on the Right Hand Side! :)


How to Design a Facebook Business Page Cover Photo with free CANVA

A great tool to create a cover photo.

If you DO use it to create a Facebook Cover photo, please add to the Discussion forum so I can see your artwork and your branding? :)


Manage CONTENT on your Page

More Shares/Comments: Creating Conversation Diary/Social Media Content Calendar

Posting certain types of social media updates up at certain times of the day, days of the week and times of the year (not just Christmas!) will get you more likes, shares, and general engagement.

  • Conversation Diary and hashtags for popular events and vox pop moments (see Twitter area for more on Hashtags).
  • Example: Throwback Thursday #TBT in more depth on Facebook.
  • Basics of obtaining more engagement through rituals and rites of passage.
  • Learning the Days of the week, music/tv/film/ current events, rituals and rites of Passage on Facebook.

Discussion: not all "special events" are relevant to all groups. Sometimes certain events happen like a disaster, a celebrity event or political news that gets your "community" going. Got any examples? I love new examples! :) Please let me know in the Discussion area.


Case Study: 4 Different Types of Status Update for Different Facebook Engagement

We look at examples of Pages that have the four different types of updates and the difference in engagement that brings

  • Statement and push broadcast updates - impact and lack of interaction.
  • Question and social search for replies
  • Discussion and tagging other pages, plus hashtags again
  • Distribution and measuring URL shorteners

DISCUSSION: Do you have a conversation diary and are you putting in the different types of updates?


NEW: Facebook Groups for Business

STUDENT Q: Difference Between Facebook GROUPS vs Facebook PAGES

A great question from Kelli in the Q&A Discussion Forum: PART 1: what is the difference between a Group and a Page and PART 2: How to migrate "likes" from a Page to become members of your Group. This is Part 1.

STUDENT Q: How to Get Page Facebook Page LIKES to Become MEMBERS of a GROUP

A great question from Kelli in the Q&A Discussion Forum: PART 1: what is the difference between a Group and a Page and PART 2: How to migrate "likes" from a Page to become members of your Group. This is Part 2.

Adding Business Apps to Facebook Page

How Do I Add Instagram to a Facebook Business Page Timeline?

Connect your Instagram to your Facebook BUSINESS PAGE (not personal profile) and have your Instagram photos & images show up directly in the Page timeline! This video walks you through the setup.


NEW How to Add Mailchimp to Facebook Pages

How to Add Mailchimp to your Facebook Page so your customers don't have to leave Facebook to sign up! 

Facebook ADVERTISEMENTS ADS and Boosted Posts

Facebook Ads: Advertising & Marketing Paid Promotions and Marketing Intelligence

Exploring the Facebook Ads area

  • Understanding Facebook's evaluation of an M.A.U (monthly active user),
  • Using the Ad platform for marketing intelligence about your customer (how many live in major cities, are 24 yr old and like Lady Gag and volleyball whilst pregnant!?) Using Facebook as a Focus Group.
  • How to Create an Ad on Facebook - different types of Ads
  • Understanding Payment, images and text desktop vs sidebar vs mobile ads

    Discussion: Even if you don't Buy attention on Facebook how can you use the Ad platform to Earn attention? if you did buy ads, how did they work out for you? Good, bad, waste of money, like winning the lottery?


    NEW Set up Facebook Page BUSINESS Manager for multiple Facebook Ad accounts

    How to create a Business Manager Account on Facebook Pages

    ADVANCED: Facebook Pixel Retargeting

    VIDEO WALKTHRU: Facebook Pixel Retargeting

    Facebook Pixel Retargeting: I played a "practical joke" on my friends. They came and visited my website and gave me feedback the day before. So I set up a Facebook Pixel retargeting Ad that said "thank you and I love you" to them - on VALENTINES DAY! Yay! This video walks you through how I did that - connecting the pixel to my website, choosing the custom audience and the ad then sending the ad out only to htose that visited my website.

    PRELIM What is Facebook Pixel Retargeting or Facebook Remarketing?

    this Facebook Pixel Retargeting Ads course is not just how to create on Facebook Ad Manager and add the pixel to your website but also how to create a Facebook Pixel Retargeting Website Conversion Ad to target those people who visited your website.

    PRELIM Exercise: Creating Your Facebook - Website Marketing Funnel

    The Journey: Facebook Pixel Retargeting Ads and other promotions manage your fans, customers and interested parties through their journey of your website. The would-be customer looks a product and then the Facebook Pixel Retargeting Ads brings them back to purchase. The interested student downloads your ebook then the Facebook Pixel Retargeting Ads brings them back for a paid-for course or service. People add things to shopping carts then get distracted all the time. Facebook Pixel Retargeting Ads can bring them back.

    But first we have to do some work! 

    PRELIM Types of WebPages to Facebook ReTargeting or Remarketing Pixel
    ACTIVITY: Your Facebook Remarketing Pixel Funnel?
    Step 1 (and 2) Grab the Pixel ID and Code

    You need your Facebook Pixel ID 2017 and the code. How to find them and use them. 

    ACTIVITY: Write down your Facebook Remarketing Pixel Code 2017

    Your Pixel ID (for plugins on websites) or the code (for HTML input on websites) is vital to connect Facebook to your Facebook Page. 

    Copying the Facebook Pixel RETARGETING Code from Facebook Ad Manager

    Preparing to add the Pixel code for Facebook to your website. 2017 

    OPTION 1: Add to Facebook Retargeting Ad Widget or Plugin (APP) site e.g. Wordpr

    Adding Facebook Retargeting Remarketing Pixel to a Wordpress site

    OPTION 2: Adding Facebook Remarketing Pixel to website HEAD tags

    In case you need to add them to /head tags, instead of website plugins

    MAPPING Installing Event Code for Facebook Retargeting Ads

    Working with the Facebook Pixel for remarketing/retargeting ads

    OPTION: Events with an Inline Button Facebook Retargeting Pixel

    Do you have any inline buttons that you want to track (rather than the page people are sent to?). Perhaps they click to see the price or they click to see a code but stay on the SAME page? Make a note of them.

    OPTION: Add Facebook Pixel Helper for Chrome (extension)

    How to add the Facebook pixel helper for Chrome by Google. Remarketing and Retargeting Pixels for Facebook. 

    Check the Facebook Retargeting Pixel is active on multiple webpages and domains

    Check the Facebook Retargeting Pixel is active on multiple webpages and domains

    Create a Custom Audience for your Facebook Retargeting Pixel

    Create a Custom Audience for your Facebook Retargeting Pixel - mapping the audience and the Pixel event. 

    Custom Audience: Visited but Didn't Purchase

    Did people visit your website, put things in a shopping cart in your ecommerce store but forget to purchase/checkout? :P Try a Facebook Pixel remarketing Ad! 

    Creating the Facebook Pixel Ad!

    Attach an ad to the Facebook Pixel event. 

    Using a Colleagues Pixel ID.

    Need to share ads/pixels etc? For Facebook Pixel ID. 

    Bonus Lectures

    Key Information on Udemy and this Course
    Facebook Quiz
    RESOURCES: Workbook from Class

    Workbook from Uni of Sydney Facebook/Twitter one day class and corporate/small business workshops.

    Click VIEW RESOURCES then DOWNLOAD this lecture. It's a PDF.

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