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The road to fatherhood splits into two
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We will continue growing the 10 pregnancy skills fathers developed through this 3rd Phase of pregnancy

While this third Fathers-to-be Pregnancy Academy course from 24-36 weeks continues your journey through the 5 phases, we’re going to start you on the path toward preparing for The Birth. You do NOT need to have taken the first two courses if you’re pregnant between 24-36. 

This course spends more Time discussing your newly growing role as birth-coach and how you prepare your baby’s mother’s pregnant/birthing body. 

Men developed the 10 pregnancy skills and equally participated in developing both birth and birth-coaching skills THEN developing the necessary skills to prepare a pregnant body for the birth of a very big object … your baby.


We do go over all the 10 skills but in a different order than in the previous courses. However, the stress of this course is how you use these skills to start The Birth preparation. 

Birthing Better families chose 24 weeks to start birth preparation because the Mind of any pregnant woman begins to turn toward The Birth. Pregnancy is more than half way completed. The birth hormones become active for all pregnant women whether your baby’s mother will labor and have a vaginal birth, have an unplanned Cesarean or a planned non-laboring Cesarean. 

We focus on you and how you are important in this practical skills-focused birth preparation. 


  1. You’ll be able to walk these two paths: growing the 10 pregnancy skills and starting birth preparation.
  2. If you’ve taken either of the previous courses, you are maturing and feeling much more confident at this point because you’ve grown skills and no longer feel left behind. 
  3. If this is your first Fathers-to-be Pregnancy Academy course then you’ll be jumping into walking two paths … growing your 10 pregnancy skills and feeling comfortable participating in specific, hands-on body preparation for the coming birth.
  4. You’re 10 steps ahead of other fathers-to-be who do not know there are 10 skills to grow during pregnancy. You’ll look in the mirror and feel confident about yourself. 



We're continuing with Phase 3 of pregnancy 24-36 weeks and how the 10 skills dads developed can be applied. The path splits during this phase. Pregnancy continues on one path. Preparing for The Birth is now part of your mind and your baby's mother's awareness.

What have you learned? What do you want to learn?

10 Skills

10 Skills

Exploring the 10 skills men developed and how they morph during these 12 weeks of pregnancy toward your self, your baby and baby's mother. 

You are on your Hero's Journey.


Clarity Introduction

One of the foundation skills. Clarity leads you to 'choice'. Choice is what you make at every moment. Use clarity rather than react.

Clarity to Self

Pregnancy requires men to grow as it requires the baby's mother because the baby is growing. Whether your first or 10th pregnancy, you are now growing more consciously then you've ever done in your Life.

Clarity to Baby's Mother

She wants you to be clear. She'll be grateful that you have clarity when she might feel befuddled.

Clarity to Baby

Clarity to your baby is about being clear that now is the Time to focus on preparing your partner's body to birth this ever growing baby.

Defining Clarity


Humour Introduction

We'll continue to discuss different aspects of humour and being lighthearted

Humour to Self

You may have been through a challenging 24 weeks of pregnancy. The reason men developed these skills were to keep up with the rapid changes in pregnancy. You can look back now and see how challenging these 24 weeks have been.

Humour to Baby's Mother

Your pregnant partner really wants you to have a sense of humour, to help her. On the other hand she doesn't want you to have humour if she's feeling poorly. We'll investigate this. 


Delight Introduction

We'll continue to explain why delight is such an important skill for you to develop.

Delight to Self

You'll learn how to permit yourself delight even when your pregnant partner isn't feeling it as well. 

Delight to Baby
Count moments of delight


Awareness Introduction

Finding out how awareness alters during this phase of pregnancy.

Awareness to Self

We'll explore how self-awareness continues to grow through this phase of pregnancy

Awareness to Baby

Learn how awareness of your baby grows from 24 to 36 weeks of pregnancy

Attention to Details

Attention to Details Introduction

You're shifting your focus during this phase of pregnancy to preparing your baby's pregnant mother for the coming birth.

Attention to Details Baby's Mother

The focus in this lecture is how to pay attention to the the details of preparing the pregnant body for birth.

Attention to Details to Self

You'll learn how to grow your attention to details of the soon-to-be reality of giving birth. 

Second Set of Arms

Second Set of Arms Introduction

You'll learn why this skill continues to take the back burner in this phase of pregnancy ... but still needs to grow. If you have kids, you have these arms. As first time fathers-to-be, you're still growing these.

Babies and arms

Second Set of Eyes

Second Set of Eyes Introduction

We'll explore how first time fathers-to-be can learn from fathers how they use their second set of eyes and ears.

See What Needs To Be Done And Do It

See What Needs To Be Done And Do It

Learn how to develop this skill further so it's not the basis of relationship problems.


Kindness Introduction

Learn why and how this skill continues to grow and mature in you.


Patience Introduction

We'll have you pay attention to how patience has changed from conception to this phase of pregnancy.

100% Pregnant Women Give Birth


Please read this Birthing Better eBook on how childbirth brings together our uniqueness and commonality.

Pregnant/Birthing Body Overview

Body Structure Overview

Please go through the attached Birthing Better eBook Body Structure Overview


Good communication is important

Your communication skills are going to vastly improve! 

Two Lists

Two Birthing Behaviours

How to help a woman when she gives birth? A bit of a bewilder? Not anymore.

Build Your Team

Teamwork in birth

This is where all your skills come home to roost. All the work pays off. You know your job, role and the appropriate skills.


Sustainable Breathing

Good breathing patterns are always the foundational skills to help a woman cope and manage herself throughout the activity of giving birth



Wrapping up Phase 3 of pregnancy and leading you toward Phase 4 36 weeks to The Birth.

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