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Filemaker Attendance tracking

Learn how to build your own fully featured Filemaker solution so you can make your administrative work a breeze.
Guy Stevens
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Build their own Filemaker attendance tracking solution for use in their own school, hobby center, church or wherever you need attendance tracked.
Create basic Filemaker tables, add fields and create relationships.
Make beautiful Filemaker layouts and add all kinds of fun features.

This is a beginners course in Filemaker Pro. This course covers the creation of a complete and functional Attendance Tracking system that allows us to track attendance for students following multiple courses.

When you follow the course you can download the entire Filemaker file so you can have a look behind the scenes to see how it all works. This way you have access to all of the details you might have missed.

There is no special knowledge required nor is there any use of complicated vocabulary.

At the end of this course you will have built the entire solution by yourself and you will have learned most of the tools and techniques that you can find within Filemaker.

In this system you can create multiple classes, taught by multiple teachers, and assign an infinite amount of students to these classes. You will be able to track the student’s attendance and give them certificates for good work.

We will cover the creation of simple layouts, list layouts and portals. We will be creating drop-downs, tabbed objects and buttons.

We will be playing around with charts, pop-over buttons and Sub Summary parts.

We will include a section to send sms text messages from within Filemaker. This is done through an SMS API which works over the internet so it doesn’t require a Sim card or a phone.

The end goal is to create a system that is fun, easy and works well. A solution that gives you a lot of interesting information all in one place. And that makes your administrative job fun to do.


Introduction + Files

Let's have a look at what we are going to learn.

Basic Structure

Students table and Layout

Here we create our first table and a first, very basic layout.

Students Layout and List view

We'll tweak the student layout a little more and add a list view.


Let's add a menu so we can navigate to the different parts of our database.


Let's make the classes table and layout.


The teachers need to be related to the classes so we need to make that table first.

Little additions and tweaks

Some little tricks like going to a related layout and sending an email directly from whithin Filemaker.

Classes portal for teachers

Here we can list all the classes that a teacher is teaching.

Classes Portal for Students

So we can assign a student to a class and see the classes the student is taking.

Students Portal for Classes

We could also add students to a class.


We will need to get some contact information for the students parents. So let's give them their own table.

Adding New Parents from the Student Layout

Let's find a way to add new parents to the Parents table from the Students table.

Debugging our script

Filemaker Pro Advanced has a script debugger. If you have it you better learn how to use it.

Preventing duplicate Parents

Let's add some more checks to our script so we can prevent the creation of duplicate parents.

Create New Parent anyway

Even after finding a parent with the same name we might want to create a new one anyway.

Navigating between students and Parents

Let's add some buttons that let us move back and forth between students and parents.

Chosing a primary parent

It's nice to be able to select one parent as the main contact.

Sub Summary list of classes

We can organize our classes list by grouping the classes together by day.


Attendance table

We will take attendance in a separate table because of it's relationship to time.

Conditional Classes Value List

We might only want to see classes that are actually happening today in our dropdown.

Attendance Details

Let's get our students related to our attendance.

Status Buttons

We might want to take attendance with an iPad and then buttons are always handier.

Add students to an Attendance

We don't want to do this manually, let's make a script.

Additional checks in our script

There are still things that can go wrong. So let's prevent that from happening.

Hide unwanted buttons

There are too many buttons. Let's see what options we have to get rid of them.

Summary Totals

Let's add some totals for the different statuses so we can see how many kids we have in total and how many are present.

Attendance List with Sub Summaries

An overview of all the classes with the totals of the student statuses.

Attendance on the Student Layout

So we can get the Attendance details for a specific student.

Attendance Lists

Show Today's Attedance

Let's add a detailed overview list that shows a list of all students that are there on a certain date.

Find Attendance for another Date

We should be flexible in the dates we are able to search for.

Refine your find by Status

We can go even further into our found set to see only students of a certain status.

Evacuation List

Let's try out some dynamic sorting.

Evacuation List Script

Let's figure out a way to find all the students who are present right now.

Change the found set of a list

Sometimes making a find on one layout affects the found set on another layout. Let's fix this.

Absence ranking - Sub Summary Sort

We can create a ranking of students that are most often sick, late or absent.

Sms api - Text messages from Filemaker

SMS - Basic needs

What do we need to get started?

Choosing numbers to text

We can send a text to one number or to multiple numbers.

Sending the SMS message

Let's create the script that allows us to send the text message through the SMS Api.

Some additional conditional formatting

Let's make it so that it is clear which student's parents have already been texted.

Graphs and Charts

A Menu graph from a related table.

We can show a graph on the menu so it looks like a dashboard with data from a related table.

Dynamic Chart

Let's make our chart more dynamic by giving it the ability to show changing sets of data.

List of Charts

If I don't want to navigate through the records manually I can also make a list of graphs and simply scroll through them.

Birthday List

Birthday List

This is a handy feature that allows us to list the students according to their upcoming birthdays.

Extra Birthday calculation

There is a difference between the current age and the age the person is going to have on their birthday.

Continuation of the birthday list

Let's make it so that people who's birthdays have already passed show up on the list for next year.

Dwindling Value List

Dwindling Student list

To make sure we can't select the same student twice we will create a dwindling value list.

Dwindling courses list

This is essentialy the same thing as the one before but because it's kind of tricky I will go through it again.


Giving students a certificate

Let's first create the basics. This will be a certificate table.

Certificate Print Layout

Let's get the actual Certificate templates into Filemaker so we can fill in some variable data.

Print Certificate

We will need to list our certificates so we can actually print them.

Check printed certificates

So we can keep track of which certificates have already been printed.

Export Pdf

This gives us the ability to export all the Certificates that need to be printed into a Pdf.

Finishing touches

Let's add the final finishing touches that finish our file.

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