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Filemaker Bookings and Reservation System

Create a Filemaker system that can be used for any reservation system where items are used for periods of time.
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Create a complete Filemaker database for any business that needs to rent, lend or hire items for a period of time.
Create a complete solution for a hotel, motel or any kind of B&B situation.
Use relationships to search for date related conflicts.

In this course we will learn to create a Filemaker system used for making reservations and booking items within a date range. In this example we will be using a hotel room as an example but this can equally be used for car rental, equipment rental, studio rental, library lending. In other words any system where you have items that are in use for specific periods of time.

What this system allows you to do is simply enter a start and end date and time and then the system returns a list of hotel rooms that are available within that period.

These free rooms can them immediately be booked or guests that walk in can immediately check in.

Included in the course are the original FIlemaker File plus extra Filemaker manuals.

Take this course if you want to simplify your business by creating an application that does all your administrative work exactly the way you want it. Completely tailored to your needs.

Tables and Layouts

Intro + Files

Let's have a look at what we are going to make. Download the Filemaker file in the download tab to the right.

Rooms table and Layout

We will be renting out rooms but this could be anything that you rent or lend out to someone.


We will use a menu to be able to easily navigate between our different sections.

Rooms List

So we can have an overview of our rooms. Organized by type.

Guest Table and layout

Here we will store the info on our guests.

Bookings and Reservations


Let's get started with the complicated stuff. Booking a room.

Finding free rooms
We can't simply make bookings. We have to see which rooms are available.
Refreshing our Rooms list

We need to make sure that only the rooms that are actually available show up in our free rooms list.

Booking a free room + Check in

Let's create some buttons so we can easily book or check into one of the free rooms.

Detailed Booking View

We would like to see all details of the booking plus have the ability to enter our guest information when we make a booking.

Booking List

A handy overview of all the booked rooms. Sorted per day.

Check in and Check Out

Actually checking in and checking out a guest. From the bookings list view

A few extra checks

Let's make sure we don't make any incorrect bookings.

Solving a few problems and making some improvements

There is one big problem that we need to deal with before we can move on.

Features Filter

All of our rooms have features. It would be handy if we could include those in our search for rooms.

Easily finding Checked in and arriving guests

When guests want to check in or check out it's nice to have a list of all checked in guests as also a list of all people who are still going to arrive.

Amount of available beds

Sometimes it can be handy if you can immediately see exactly how many beds you have available.

Billing and Invoicing

Bills or Invoices

At some point we will have to create a bill for our clients. And maybe some customers also need an invoice.

Invoice Numbers

If our bill needs to become an invoice we need to be able to assign it an invoice number.

Invoice Details

For the multiple items that can show up on our Bill or Invoice.

Room Pricing Part 1

Let's make it so that we can enter a multiple prices per room type.

Room Pricing Part 2

Displaying the prices on the Rooms layout and duplicating them to minimize repetitive work.

Choosing the price while booking a room

Now we get to choose which price we would like to use while booking a room.

Making the actual Bill or Invoice item for the room

We can already make an invoice or bill item even though we don't even have a bill yet.

Showing the Bill details on the Bookingsdetail layout

Now that we have started to create bill items we can display them on our Bookings detail layout.

Adding totals and calculations to our room price list

This can come in handy if a guest wants to know what the total price is going to be.

Adding a breakfast to the booking

Most people will be wanting breakfast and that will have to be included on the bill.

Adding the breakfast to the Invoice Details

If we add it as multiple lines per day we will be able to do some really cool things with this later on.

Effectively making the Bill Part 1

Now we can actually make the Bill / Invoice.

Effectively making the Bill Part 2

We can make the process a little bit better.

Invoice List

Now that we have all the info related to our Invoice we can make our Invoice List.

Invoice List Finds

We are going to make it easy for ourselves to do predictable and useful finds.

Invoice Tweak and Vat

A minor tweak to streamline things. And the addition of government tax.

Invoice Print Layout

Let's create the print version of our Bill / Invoice.

Invoice Print Layout Part 2

Further tweaks to our layout.

Printing a Bill

For this to work we will need a script.

Making a Pdf Bill

Because, seriously, who still prints anyway?

Mailing a Bill

So you don't have to print it at all.

Other Hotel related additions

Breakfast List

We made separate lines for our breakfasts on the invoice. Now we are going to learn what kinds of cool things we can do with that.

Breakfast List Finds and Checklist

We can look for the breakfasts of today and also turn our list into a handy checklist to check guests that actually take theirbreakfast.

Add Breakfast

Let's create the ability to add breakfasts right from the breakfast list.

Add Breakfast Script

If a guests shows up for breakfast unexpectedly we should be able to add their breakfast to the list.

Add Breakfast check

So we don't accidentally create two breakfast lines for one person.

Laundry Layout

We can come up with all kinds of extra services that we would like to charge to our guests. Let's take an easy example and look at how this could work.

Getting the Laundry items on our Invoice Details

Lets try to find the simplest and most fun way to add these Laundry Items to our Bill.


Setting up our Bar section

For our bar section we will be trying out an entirely different technique.

The Guests in our bar

If we can make a temporary list of the guests that are in our bar then that could be really helpful.

Dwindling Value List

If we don't want to add the same guest multiple times we can create a dwindling value list.

Bar Price List

Our bar will need a list of items we can sell.

Bar Price List Part 2

Our bar will need a list of items we can sell.

Clearing the guest list for the next day

When a new day starts we want to empty the guest list. Unless they have slept in our bar all night.


Let's congratulate ourselves and look at what we have learned.

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