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Filmmaking Secrets! The Easy Way To FOLEY Your Movie Master

Get Better Distribution Deals! Learn The Secrets From A Foley Artist - Master Course
Craig McMahon
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Master the world of Foley.
How to make a movie sound better.
Hands on lectures.
Where to find FREE tracks.
A solid understanding of M&E.
You will know how to improve audience engagement.
You will learn the secrets that many filmmakers do not know.

Learn from a professional that has successfully delivered over 36 movies to distributors.

This brand new Udemy course familiarizes you to the world of Foley. This class shows you how to better engage your audience through the use of Foley. Foley your movie FAST. Improve your chances of a distribution deal for your movie. Know what is needed for overseas deals. Foley is one of the most overlooked processes in Filmmaking.

Sound can make or break a film!

A class that is a must for ALL filmmakers!

Not only will you become an expert in Foley and sound design, you will also improve your overall production quality of all your VIDEO productions.

Does your movie feel slow? Improve your Movie’s pace through sound design.

I show you how I used SOUND DESIGN to resurrect a dead studio deal on a movie.

You will finally understand what M&E is and what is needed for distribution deliverables.

The class is MOBILE ready for ON-THE-GO.

As well as the Udemy 30 day money back simple guarantee, you have my personal promise that you will be delighted in what I will show you. You will kicking yourself that you haven’t started doing these things!

Every minute you delay is costing your MOVIE’S FUTURE…

Enroll now!

Nothing is kept secret – I reveal everything I do as a Foley artist and sound designer.

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This lecture talks about the importance of the theory and methods behind Foley.


We Tune That Stuff Out

This lecture shows you the importance of stuff we pay no attention to.

Tune Stuff Out Closing Statement

This lecture shows you the importance of stuff we pay no attention to

Training Your Ear

This lecture talks about how not to fool your ears. Learn how to turn your filters off.


This lecture talks about the 4 main elements. Atmosphere, Music, Sound Effects, Cues. This lecture gives you the understanding of what and M&E track must have and not have.

M&E Closing Statement

Summary of M&E.

Distribution Deals Ruined
This lecture talks about why distribution deals are killed.
Secrets To Reduce Recoupables

Learn how to NOT get extra charges from distributors.

The Movie Feels Slow

This lecture shows how sound design can improve the speed of a movie.



This lecture covers the misconceptions of ambient tracks.


This lecture talks about how to complete sound designs super-FAST.

Training Actors About Action Dialogue On set

This lecture talks about the secrets behind Action/Dialogue mistakes

Paying Extra Attention On Set Saves Work

This lecture shows you what Foley artists do on sets.

Getting Really Creative Advanced
This class show you how to create sounds that are not heard in the real world and why they are so important in movies.
Getting Really Creative Closing Statement
This lecture gives the secrets to identify the elements of a scene.
Stacking Multiple Tracks To Create One Sound
This lecture shows you how to make one sound have a FULL DIMENSIONAL FEEL.
Stacking Multiple Tracks Advanced

This lecture shows the hands on of all the elements in a scene.

Going To The Internet For Sounds

This lecture shows you how to use FREE sounds in your movie.

Getting sounds from the internet.

Sites That Offer Sounds

Like I said, try to think what people would put in as keywords. I rename every clip I download so I can locate quickly in the future.

www.freesound.org This site offers free. They would like if you upload some of your clips to help out the community. They also have donations that help the cause.

These are NOT FREE www.soundogs.com This site charges per clip.

These are NOT FREE www.audiojungle.net This site charges per clip.

Collecting All the Original Props

This lecture shows how to make movie props sound Cinema Big.


This lecture shows how to increase speed by implementing simple organization tricks.

Folder View

This lecture covers the importance of reverb.

Recording Room

I go over the room I need to be successful with recording movie Foley.

A Lot Of Tracks

Before you know it, you will have a lot of tracks and it can all become confusing. This lecture show the methods of being fast and organized.


This lecture teaches you what is needed for 5.1 stems.


Dialogue Clean Up

This lecture goes over cleaning up dialogue. Removing noise and create smooth dialogue tracks.

Dialogue Advanced

This lecture covers all the main elements to master dialogue clean up.

Dialogue Check List

Dialogue Check list

1. CONSISTENT VOLUME. Make sure the dialogue is consistent throughout the entire movie. Keep an eye on the volume meters. Watch for drifting.

2. NOISE BETWEEN WORDS. Clean up any noise found between words spoken. If there is noise present with words, search for another take to replace.

3. COPY LEFT OR RIGHT TO MONO. If you have recorded stereo tracks with dialogue on left or right, then dual mono (Final Cut) or fill left or right so the dialogue is in center.

4. PARAMETRIC EQ Using EQ takes some practice to see how it can help you.

5. REVERB. Use Reverb to adjust for room size with dialogue. Reverb can also be used on Foley as well.

6. EFFECTS. Effects are fun to experiment with. Although I don’t use to many effects, they can make sounds sound more interesting.

7. HUM Again play around with your EQ. Keep in mind there are 3 basic things when it comes to EQ. Frequency, range or scope, and boost up or down.

8. FIXING DISTORTION Very difficult to fix. Try to find an alternate take to replace. ADR may be the answer if the spot is avoidable.

9. ADR Remember to listen and not watch before each take. Direct actors and have them listen to the track as well. Keep an attention to inflections, delivery, distance and tone. Also try breaking up sentences.


This lecture goes over what makes up the Foley of the genre of Comedy.

This lecture goes over what makes up the Foley of the genre of Drama.

This lecture goes over what makes up the Foley of the genre of Horror.

Closing Statement

Closing Statement

Final closing comments.

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