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Filmmaking Secrets! Write a ZERO Budget Movie|Master Course

Screenwriting for micro-budget feature films that you can produce.
Craig McMahon
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This is the MASTER course
Screenwriting for micro-budget feature films that you can produce.
You will know how to write scripts for a movies budgeted at $1000 or less!
Knowledge of the FREE things to get started
Knowledge of how I Make Money Producing Movies
You will be able to finally do what you love to do
A comprehensive understanding of how to win with distributors
Overcome writer’s block and write more efficiently
Learn why most indie filmmakers never make another movie
Know the 10 points that enables you to write better and faster

Learn from a professional that has successfully produced 8 movies for under $1000 that were picked up by studios LionsGate, E One and Paramount.

This brand new Udemy course shows you the secrets to write screenplays for feature films that can be produced for under $1000. Stop waiting for funding for your script and write one that you can film NOW! Join the other successful filmmakers that have adapted to the new changes in the movie industry. 

A class that is a must for ALL filmmakers that are low on cash!

Tired of waiting for funding to produce your script? Then you need to take this class.   

You will know how to take full advantage of things in movies that are free

This class is MOBILE ready for ON-THE-GO.

Every minute you delay is costing your MOVIE’S FUTURE…

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Nothing is kept secret – I reveal everything I do to produce micro-budget movie that actually get distribution in the U.S. and overseas.

As well as the Udemy 30 day money back simple guarantee, you have my personal promise that you will be delighted in what I will show you. You will kicking yourself that you haven’t started doing these things!

You will have a lifetime access to the course and be updated on NEW lectures.

Screenplays of today are not the same as they use to be.

Introduction: Do you want your Movie Produced?

Why is it so difficult to get your script produced? This Lecture shows you how you can actually get your movie made!

The New Hollywood

Learn why traditional screenplays DO NOT WORK ANYMORE. 

Machined Story

Learn how I made a feature film that was distributed by LionsGate, for less than $750!


Every movie has them. Knowing your assets while you write, enables to write movies that are simple to produce. Everything you need to produce a movie is literally right under your feet. 

Killing Babies

Once you learn the ability to kill babies, you begin to write like a producer. The screen never lies.


Learn how everything comes together.

Script Format & 3 Act Basics

Learn the basic script format and 3 act structure without having to buy software.

10 Point System

Once you have learned the 10 points, you will write with great speed and accuracy.

10 Points Doc

The 10 points will enable you to write better and faster. The 10 points also allow you to see your ENTIRE story from an outside perspective. An extremely powerful tool that all screenwriters should have! 


Learn to write with Efficiency and Accuracy. Plow through roadblocks and setbacks. Momentum is your best friend.

This will change the way you write

Once you learn what studios are wanting, you will know how to write for them.


By removing the crutches, you will see your work for what it is. 

Writing for Production

Important things to know about Actors

Actors need you more than you think.

The Phone

Your phone will save you time and money. Learn how to use it like you have never before.

Props Inspire

Movies are full of Props. Lean how props can write for you.

Never assume that is easy to get

Be careful of what you write, it can make or break your movie.

Most use of a Location

Learn how to create mini-locations.

Making Friends

Learn how to making the right friends can get you everything you need to get your movie produced.  

Take it to another level

Money Shot

The money shot is not necessarily something that costs a lot of money. Learn how to write moments that make your movie trailer connect with your audience. 

One Shot

Writing One shots. Learn strategies to make those long scenes exciting. 

One Location

One location movies is a producers friend. Learn why they are so loved.

Small Cast

Learn the many benefits of having less characters. 

It all happened one night

Learn how having a one night stand can cure headaches.

Want to go Extreme?

This amazing movie could change the game for you. See what this producer did.

Writing for Post

Writing an easy Edit

Learn how to write for an easy edit. 

Cheap Aerial Shots

Can't afford aerial shots? Try this.

Producer stuff that helps

Camera Kit

With all this new technology out there, you too can join in.


The very basic understanding of SAG works with a zero budget script.


Being aware of where you can shoot will change how you write.

Write a movie that can be produced for a ZERO budget.

Get started writing

Finally, you have everything you need. Time to get your movie made. 

Craig's Closing statement

Craig's final notes.

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