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Final Cut Pro X – Beginner To Advanced ( FCP MASTERY 2019 )

Video editing, Videography, YouTube + Much More
Craig Blewett
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Easily navigate around Final Cut Pro
Import and edit videos
Add special effects to videos
Apply advanced editing such as cloning to videos
Improve the quality of videos and audio
Adjust video speeds to create desired effects
Apply special transitions and effects to videos
Add text and title effects to videos
Use green screen chromakeying effect to remove backgrounds
Setup a basic studio to record green screen effects

Guys, I LOVE. LOVE, LOVE your Final Cut Pro X class…Your videos are fun to watch, thorough, enlightening, and provide an elegant,no-nonsense approach to FCP. I will turn to your company for all of my FCP training…Keep up the great work!!!” (Leo)

Best explanation I’ve seen on the relationship between Libraries, Events, and Projects.” (Dan)

This course is specifically designed for people who are wanting to learn how to use Final Cut Pro so they can edit and produce professional looking video. If you are ready to move on from iMovie, or maybe you are considering using Final Cut Pro X instead of Adobe Premiere or other similar software, then this is the course for you.

What’s the course about?

This course is all about Final Cut Pro – one of the world’s leading video editing suites. In this course you will learn everything from the basics up to some amazing advanced features. Final Cut Pro is used by many professional movie makes to edit their movies – it’s time you discover how you too can learn to edit like a pro.

Why this course?

There are lots of courses that teach you video editing…and of course I suggest you do as many as you can. However, if this is your first time, or if you are wanting to get into videography, then this is the best course for you. Why?

Firstly it will be fun! Learning that is not fun is not fun…OK, I suppose that makes sense 😉 We want you to have fun during your learning and will not only show you what is vital – but we plan to keep it fun and interesting too.

Secondly, we know that not only do you want to enjoy your learning, you want it to be easy to follow and meaningful. As such we are careful to go in a step-by-step way through the content, ensuring you understand everything before we move on. And if at any stage you are lost, then we are here to help. Just drop us a message and we will get back to you.

Thirdly you are about to be taught – not just by one person – but by I unique father-son team. We have been working together for years on online courses (check out our programming courses and others). I (Craig) have a PhD in educational technology and have been involved in technology and teaching it for over 30 years. I will share with you the benefit of my knowledge of teaching ensuring that the teaching is engaging, professional and effective. Joshua, has worked with me for years on video editing projects – from small to large scale and has immense skill in using Final Cut Pro. Together we are going to guide you on your learning journey with Final Cut Pro.

What kind of materials are included?

The course includes everything you need. The lectures are professionally created, as people have come to expect from my courses. We will explain everything to you and give you access to additional files/content where they are needed. 

How long will the course take to complete?

There are 7 sections to this course, with each section providing short powerful videos on individual concepts. Learning to become proficient in using Final Cut Pro takes time. But, by following the course and working through each section, you will move from the basics to mastering some truly powerful advanced features.

How is this course structured?

This is an action course. So the course starts with getting to the doing straight away. The course is structured in the following way:

  1. Section 1 – Final Cut Pro Basics – The purpose of this first section is to introduce you to the basic of Final Cut Pro so that it feels like home to you and you know how to easily get your way around it.

  2. Section 2 – Importing, Editing and Exporting Media – In this section we walk you through the basics of importing media into FCP, then some basic editing and then how to export the media and what to be aware of when doing this..

  3. Section 3 – Enhancing and Transforming – This section will show you how to retime videos, add transitions, transform clips, add text and create compound clips

  4. Section 4 – Audio and Special Effects – By the end of this section you will know how to add special video effects, stabilization, and separate audio tracks

  5. Section 5 – Advanced: Green Screening (Chroma Keying) – Here we will show you how to use the chroma keying (green screen) tools to remove/add backgrounds to videos

  6. Section 6 – Behind the scenes – Join as we give you a glimpse behind the scene to find out more about studio setup, microphones and time saving tips

  7. Section 7 – Advanced: Multi-cam, cloning, and stabilization – Here you will learn how to synchronise multiple video and audio sources, create clones using some special effects, and stabilize bad footage

Why take this course?

It is quite simply the best course, covering the key content, in the most engaging way, by a most unique teaching team!

Introduction - The Basics


If we are going to learn together we need to at least get to know each other. In this short session we will intro ourselves and what we will be covering on this course. Come on in :-)

FCP interface

Sometimes new environments can be overwhelming with all the options. In this lesson we do a quick overview of the Final Cut Pro (FCP) environment. This is just to give you the lay of the land. You don't need to remember it all as we will be using all the great FCP tools in future lessons. Get ready to get oriented.

library, events and projects

Final Cut Pro (FCP) arranges your content into Libraries - Events - Projects. Understanding how this works is important as it will make sure you can easily organise your projects and keep all relevant projects together.

Libraries - Events - Projects - Media

Understanding Libraries - Events and Projects

Recap and Do

Repetition, repetition, is important is important. At the end of each section we will summarise what you have learned - but more than that, we will encourage you to DO what you have learned. So, watch the lesson, be reminded and then make sure you GO AND DO.

Importing, Editing and Exporting Media

Making a library

We talked about the FCP file structure in a previous lesson. We now will show you how we create our first library/event/project as you join us on our video editing journey.

Importing Media

FCP is all about working with media - this can be video, audio or image media. In this lesson we will look at how to import media into your new project.

Moving media to the timeline

The central stage of FCP is the timeline. This is where media is arranged to tell the "story" of the video you are making In this lesson we look at how to easily arrange your media on the timeline.

Importing Media (Images)

We have looked at how to import videos - the same process applies to images. This short video demonstrates the process once again.

The all-important Blade

You may have wanted to be a surgeon, and if so, this is your chance to do some fine surgery...on your media. The blade tool is a vital tool for cutting media into different parts and will form a core part of what we use going forward. Join us for some digital operations.

Make-life-easy tools

We all like to have life as easy as possible. So in this lesson we will show you some of the tools that FCP provides that can make your video editing life just that little bit easier. Enjoy!

Exporting Projects

The goal at the end of the day is export your project either to a file or to Youtube or some other place. There are some options that you need to be aware of when doing this, and we will cover them in this lesson.

Recap and Do

Time to recap everything that we have learned in this section and for you to have a task to complete. Remember that learning happens slowly, and through repetition and activity. So, enjoy the refresher and then learn in the doing.

Enhancing and Transforming

Retiming Clips

Changing a clip to play faster or slower is a great feature of FCP. In this lesson we will both look at why you may want to do this, as well as how to adjust a clips speed.


Transitions are what give your movies the "all holds together" look. Even if clips are different - taken from different cameras, or difference scenes - using transitions helps to knit them together into a cohesive video. In this lesson we look at how to add transitions.

Multiple Tracks and Transform

The transform tools in FCP allow you to do some special things with your media. In this lesson we will look firstly at how multiple tracks/layers are used in the timeline and then how transform tools can be used to create picture-in-picture effects and other great cutaways.

Text effects

FCP provides a wide range of  text effects. In this lesson we explore how you can use these effects, as well as tips and tricks, to make your video more professional and communicate key messages effectively.

Advanced Text Effects

In this lesson we push it a little further with text effects and show how we can use other types and various cutaways to make them appear and disappear at appropriate times. Lights, camera...text!

Compound clips

Compound clips are a great way to combine multiple media types into one and then use them as though they are on item. In this lesson we will combine a logo (graphic) with text and then create it as a compound clip.

Recap and Do

This section as looked at a range of key lessons. We have covered:

  • Retiming
  • Transitions
  • Text effects
  • Compound clips

It's now your turn to go and do - that's the surest way to make sure you are learning.

Audio and Special Effects

Video effects

The power of Final Cut Pro X lies in the many amazing video effects that can easily be applied to a video. In this lesson we will take you through some of these effects and how you can use them to enhance your videos.

Adding Audio

In this lesson we will look at how to add audio to your project as well as where you can get free audio that can be included in your videos.

Audio Effects - Going further

FCP provides a range of special effects that can be done to audio as well as fine tuning the levels. In this lesson we look at how you can get more control over the audio tracks.

Special effects - Ken Burns

Ken Burns is a special effect that gives the feeling of motion for images. This can be combined with other features of FCP's Transform tool to create some great special effects for your videos.

Recap and Do

In this section we have learned about:

  • Video effects
  • Adding and modifying audio
  • Ken Burns special effect
  • Video stabalization

So, there is no reason for you to not be grabbing your footage and seeing what amazing things you can do to transform it into a work of art!

Advanced: Green Screening (Chroma Keying)

Chroma Keying (Green Screen)

In this introduction to chroma keying we will talk about what we will cover and also show you some of the great effects you can use. This is more than just creating special Hollywood effects - this is great if you are also creating online training courses, as we will show you. Join us as we travel - as if by magic - all over the world.

Chroma Keying - Removing background

In this lesson we look at how you remove the background from your video using masking and the Chroma keying effect.

Adding a background - Part 1

In this lesson we will explain how to add video backgrounds and other effects to replace the "green screen".

Adding a background - Part 2

A continuation of the previous lesson as we extend and show you further tips, tricks and tweaks when it comes to creating the illusion of being where you are not.

Adding better effects

It's time to ramp this up a bit more with clever transitions added to your new video background.

Using Chroma keying for slide presentations

The green screen effect can be use for more than just fun Hollywood backgrounds - it is a great way of presenting online teaching material. In this lesson we look at how to put yourself "into" the slides to keep the viewer's attention riveted on what you're teaching.

Advanced: Behind the scenes

Screen Recording and Microphones

In this lesson we take you behind the scenes as we show you the tips and tricks of creating screen recordings along with some advice on using internal and external microphones.

Saving Effects (Time Saver)

A lot of the work we have to do to create videos like this course and other productions involves repetitive editing. In this lesson we will show you how you can save effects, such as the chroma keying effects, and others, and save a whole lot of time.

Studio setup

Join us as we take you on a quick tour of our small studio. You don't need huge studios to produce amazing videos. All you need are some basics - let's see some of what is required.

Recap and Do

Time to think about what we have learned in this and the previous section especially the exciting possibilities of using green screen effects and setting up your studio to achieve amazing results.

Advanced: Multi-cam, cloning, and stabalisation

Multi-Cam Intro

Filming wiht multiple cameras and/or multiple microphones is quite common. However, the issue is how do you bring all of these together into one synchronised movie. This is where the power of the multicam features in FCP come into their own.

Sync clips ( Time Saver )

There are a few ways to syn clips inside of FCP. In this lesson we show you ways to save time when doing this. This is especially important when you have to repeat this for many clips.


Down the exciting hole we go as we explore multi-cam in more detail and what you can achieve once you have learned how to synchronise and then bring all the clips together.

Clones (Fun One)

Who doesn't like to meet their clone? Well now it is your chance as in this lesson we show you how to create clones with some special camera and masking tricks.


FCP has the ability to help you dramatically improve video, even if the original is not great. Previous lessons have looked at how you can adjust the audio, but what if the video is shaky? In this lesson we will look at how you can apply the stabilisation effect to video.

Recap and Do

The end or just the beginning? As we recap on what we have done in this section we are reaching not the end but the beginning of an exciting journey learning with Final Cut Pro X.


Farewell from us...but of course, this is not really farewell. We are here to assist you as you continue to use Final Cut Pro. So, please reach out and connect - we would love to hear from you.

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