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Fitness Basics: Creating a Workout Program – Beginner Course

Create your own workout program by learning about fitness goals, calorie management, and MACRO's.
Jose de Alba
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Be able to calculate your own maintenance calories
Be able to calculate your own MACRO's
Identify different muscle groups & associate a lift to that muscle group
Be able to write your own beginning workout plan
Organize your goals and track progress

This course is for beginner students looking to take control of their own fitness goals. I will teach you how to write your very own Workout Program. You will learn my definition of the word “bodybuilder,” along with general information regarding weight loss, weight gain, and weight maintenance. I explain why calorie management is crucial to weight-loss, and how tracking ones MACRO’s can enhance the process (don’t worry, I explain what MACRO’s are as well). To get you comfortable with weight training, I give you basic weight lifts and explain the muscles involved while doing these movements. By the end of this course you will have your own Workout Program geared towards your personal goals, helping you become your own personal trainer! In the past, these Workout Programs have helped clients of mine lose weight in the form of 5-10 lbs when done strictly! I look forward to joining you on your journey!

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Learning the Basics - Goals, Calories, and MACRO's

Introduction to Bodybuilding

This section is aimed at teaching you basic fitness concepts, their meaning, and importance to the bodybuilding process as a whole. You will learn what the term "bodybuilder" means to me, along with the basics of weight loss, weight gain, and weight maintenance. By the end of this lecture you will be able to determine a basic fitness goal.

Create a General Fitness Goal
The Importance of Calorie Management and How to Calculate

Based on your basic fitness goal set in the Introduction to Bodybuilding lecture we will learn how to approach a calorie goal, the importance of calorie management, and how you can calculate your own calorie goal with an easy to use general formula. This lecture will also explain different places you can calculate and track your calories with ease.

Calculate your New Caloric Goal
What are MACRO's and Why are They Important?

In this lecture MACRO's are demystified. You will learn what they are, why they are important, how they can benefit your goals, and how you can calculate them yourself. Now that you have a calorie goal you can refine your eating habits and meal plan further by tracking MACRO's. 

Learning the Basics - Muscle Groups and the Lifts to Train Them

What are Your Basic Muscle Groups?

I'm certain you already know what the main muscle groups are, but do you know the types of motions that are commonly used to train them? In these lectures I will break down your main muscle groups and explain the most common motions to train them, along with common pairings of muscle groups when creating workout routine. 

Muscle Group - Pushing vs Pulling

Let's go over what you just learned and put together some muscle group pairings based on whether they typically use Pushing or Pulling Motions.

Pairing Muscle Groups
Common Workouts for All Muscle Group
Common Workouts - Back
Common Workouts - Chest
Common Workouts - Triceps
Common Workouts - Biceps
Common Workouts - Shoulders
Common Workouts - Legs
Common Workouts - Accessory Muscles
Associating a Workout with Muscle Groups
Repetitions and Sets

I briefly go over some common Repetition and Set numbers when starting out. There are many different combinations of Reps and Sets, however, for a starting Workout Program, it's best to simplify to one standard.

Create Your Workout Program

Putting it All Together

Using all of our previous lectures, it's time to piece together a full blown workout program!

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