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Fitness ninja masterclass(Flips, Martial arts, Calisthenics)

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Learn flips
Learn to stay fit
Learn technical skills of several urban disciplines
Learn co-ordination
Learn different types of Flying kicks
Learn Breakdance powermoves e.g. Swipes
Learn Calisthenic movements e.g. (Muscle-up, Knee giants, 180 Grab)

Would you like to learn to do a Back flip, Flying kicks and Bar skills? Urban Ninja course has over 25 different movements that are the basis for elite fitness. You will develop skill, agility, quickness, power, strength and flexibility all in one video. The movements have basis from all different form of Martial arts, Flips, Breakdance and Calisthenic. You will develop many different arts from just one video. If you are trying alternate ways to stay fit and develop a skill then this is the course for you. This course has live tutorial to help you achieve your dream moves with very easy breakdowns achievable by most people. You will be highly skilled, technical and fit. All at same time! Furthermore, combine the movements to make your own movement and advance your skills. With this course you can become a good dancer, athlete, elite sports athlete, martial artist and best of all the best balanced physique for both upper and lower body. Please leave a review for Urban Ninja, I will really appreciate it!



Trailer on Urban Ninja where you can develop your skills in Flips, Martial arts, Breakdance and Calisthenics. All fundamental skills for each discipline are laid out in this course to help you become an elite athlete and a ninja. Also, you can have tons of fun as well. Excellent program for someone looking for a more sophisticated training other than gym.

Knee spring up

A great strengthening exercise for knee and ankle joints. Also, it will build your explosive power to get you ready for Urban Ninja movements.

Leg Flicks

These flicks are not ordinary! They are extra-ordinary. You will develop great power, balance and strong muscles for Urban Ninja. Exercise drills for the Ninjas.


Handstand tutorial will help budding ninjas to achieve Handstands. A great breakdown on achieving this must movement, all taught live. Having strong handstands is a must for any acrobatic movement. It helps to get rid of the fear. Develop strong shoulders, fore-arm and core.

Forward roll

Forward roll tutorial for all the budding ninjas! It is the foundation needed in Free-running! Able to roll can help you break any fall and avoid injuries or save yourself when you make a mistake. Also, it is very helpful in understanding momentum and creating shapes to generate power.

Dive Roll

This is a Dive roll tutorial broken down in an easy manner for realistic achievement by anyone. Great movement for budding martial artist and Ninjas ready to learn their front tuck. Also, a fun movement where you can learn to break the fall properly.


Macaco is a Capoeira movement! An easy breakdown for Ninjas who would like to mix skills from Eddie Gordo (Tekken Capoeira character). A good transition movmement to add to your arsenal.


Bronco tutorial for all the budding Ninjas. This movement will help you develop titanium core and rock shoulders when practised multiple Broncos. It is a Brekadance movement and good to develop strong round-off and backhandspring.


You must have seen it in Kung-fu movies or in Jackie Chan movies when there is a fight scene. Ah! yes, you will learn this cool move and not a bad one to incorporate in your workout or even in your fight when you learn it from this tutorial.


Great middle powermove Breakdance move Swipe where you Ninjas will become famous on the dance floor. Swipe will develop excellent core and co-ordination skills and it is a great movement to add in your arsenal for transition movements in Breakdance or Flips.

Butterfly Kick

A Kung-fu movement for the budding Ninjas! A butterfly kick great to escape multiple attacks in defence or attack. The technicial movements are broken down in easy grips. A must have movement before you learn b-twist.

Hook Kick

A must MMA (Mix Martial Arts) kick that is used to knockout opponents. This kick is the bread and butter for all the advance kicks. It gives you a great foundation to make you super human in flying kicks.

360 Kick

This is a style kick! A flying kick that is cool yet effective. Also, this movement and all the flying kicks are

good conditioning movements to build quads and calf muscles. It will enhance your jumping ability to Ninja level.

Tornado Kick

Name as it says it, "Tornado!" Way your body will shield you and your aura a true Tornado. Another devastating kick that you see on Mix Martial Arts. You will learn how to move like one of the MMA stars.

540 Kick

Once you have a bad-ass Tornado kick you are ready to hyper the kick to a powerful 540 kick that will shudder the ground. Another MMA kick that is flying and gravity defying! All explained here!

Cheat 720 Kick

A fancy flying kick with a twist, cheat 720 kick that you can master with this tutorial. Two twists in the air before you kick someone! A true fatality move! Now you are progressing from Ninja to Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat :) 


Rebound off! This move is the fundamental for all the flips that come after it. Go on and learn to pole vault yourself. All the movement explained in this video.

Front Handspring

Flip with using your hands. A great movement you can have for a party trick and on your way to becoming a NInja. All explained in this video.

Back Handspring

A true Ninja must have move and it looks seriously cool when you do multiple back handsprings. It is well explained Live with all the little details needed to make this move possible for you.

Back tuck

Now you are talking! A back flip with no hands! How cool? It will all be possible with this course. Back tuck will help you develop strong core and legs. You can do multiple flips with no hands and that is a serious workout in itself! 


Why have a cartwheel when you can have Aerial (no-hand cartwheel)? If you do not have a cartwheel there is  guidance for that as well in this video. Good and fun movement to have to flip over objects. Only with AERIAL!

Gainer Flash

Gainer flash! This move can put a smile on your camera even without a flash! In all seriousness this movement is the starting movement of swinging flips.


Handspring without any hands? How is it possible? It is possible only from this tutorial. You will learn all the dynamic techniques and drills needed to master this movement. Again, a great movement to connect other movements or flip off from heights or objects.


Want strong chest and broad shoulders? This testosterone fuelled move can make you feel like Thor! You will not be able to create lightning! But, you can have your head up and your hips over the bar making you feel much more than an average Joe.

Back Hip Circle

Place your hips in a swagger! This little transition can make pretty women weak on their knees. Again, great transition movement for Calisthenics that can lead to many other movements.

180 Grab

This movement is pumped with suspension on your hips! Another move to have in your arsenal to become a Calisthenic warrior. One more step to become a true Ninja!

Front Knee Giant

You might look like a human Doner Kebab but trust me it is a great feeling to have. Who needs a roller-coaster if you can give yourself a ride on a bar. The G-force intensifies as you start to roll like a crocodile preying on a prey. One step close to achieving this movement once you watch this tutorial you will do it like a boss!

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