Fitness Translator- results with a 2 sides of undertanding

A refreshing approach shining lights on the mysteries to make fitness work for you w or w/o equipment. Msg & we'll demo.
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Learn several examples & progressions for the various exercises I will demo, so you can free your fitness gadgets from being locked away in storage.
Explore the anatomy of muscles used during (eccentric & concentric) movement so you get more out of your workout.
I will create a interactive environment by using question and class feedback providing answers for questions such as, What to do with various devices/ muscles? Come be a part of this ever growing and interactive class with a student centered approach.

Among other things you will learn;

-How to get progress through setting realistic fitness goals.

-The elements needed to create a good workout.

-How to plan elements of your workout so that it works with & not against you.

-What fitness testing is and how it can enhance your results

-How to use common exercise equipment & tailor it to your goal


I have served as a fitness trainer for over 10 years and have a master’s degree in community health education. I have specialized in leading public and private exercise programs and classes on a variety of health topics.

While I have led out in programs geared to causes such as diabetes, heart health, obesity, that were insightful, I’ve found sharing practical activity and lifestyle solutions that impact your wellbeing in a way that Is enjoyable and attainable is the better way to improve your wellbeing but also reduces the risk for life compromising health conditions.

Sure in this course you’ll laugh a bit, and hopeful learn a lot, but in the end our goal is to teach you to understand value of your fitness choices so you won’t settle for the “action only” popular trend or newest exercise rave which only encourage following the leader.

Fitness Translator Intro & home workout demo



-Class layout

- Breakdown of Fitness G.E.M.S (Just Muv teaching technique) and how well use them to boost each section

* Bonus Two exercises for 50 calorie express workout demo

(Alternate sets for best results)

Anatomy of a good workout

Anatomy of a good workout

Okay so after all of the decisions you finally bought your gym membership, bought a new pair of shoes or even put a date on your calendar for and activity you will engage in. That's great and kudos to you but after you've taken the tour and perhaps did the somewhat free demo with a trainer your on your own... now what do you do? Its a lot to take in when you are getting back into the swing of things but its our hope that our suggestions will help you remove the road blocks & empower you to have confidence along the journey. If you have questions please message them and stay tuned as we will include the answer in subsequent videos.

Stay Motivated Stay Active

Just Muv!

About the Download

Its always a good time to begin an exercise program that will improve you health & fitness but just how ready are you really? do you truly have what it takes to compete in a cross country Jog is walking around a track more your speed. While I encouraged both I've noticed over the years that being in tune with your realistic abilities greatly contributes to sustainability as well as success with your exercise plans. I've attached a little question-are with a score sheet that will provide incite to help guide your decision making.

Part 2

Most workout environments can be described as equal parts exciting yet somewhat intimidating, full of distraction some even say. So how do you persevere through to your goals despite whats around? While it may sound simplistic this video proposes this two word solution, be intentional! watch and learn a we will discuss;

-The elements needed to create a good workout.

-How to plan elements of your workout so that it works with & not against you.

GW part 3 sample workout & cooldown

The sample workout displayed in the video is intended to serve as a template to use when forming whatever routine coincides with your goal. Descriptions, tutorials and most importantly percentages(%) displayed during the video are intended to give best use recommendations (ex 30% time on cardio in a 1hr workout would be 18mn ).At the end of the day it is still a workout, so follow along pause after demonstration & proceed. Then use at least 8-10 reps per each workout listed. On the workouts with each apparatus, start off with at least 2 set & work your way up. Stay Active Stay Motivated!.

Just Muv!!

Downloadable Warm up & Cool down resource courtesy of National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)

Small Apparatus's Fitness Demo

Small Apparatus's Fitness Demo

Enjoy this fitness demo I recently conducted on location for a health fair event. This workout includes a warm-up and some demonstrations on apparatuses’ (resistance ball, Resistance cord and chair exercises) that are easy to find, mobile and can be purchased almost anywhere for a low cost. You will learn the purpose & proper use, as well as several exercises to get you started & keep you motivated. Muscles targeted in this video include but are not limited to Abdominals, Muscles in the Bicep, Muscles of the Back, Cardiac (Muscles of the Heart), Circulation of Blood/ Oxygen, Gluets (Bottoms), Hamstrings, Quadriceps, Oblique’s, Muscles of the Shoulder, Triceps. So follow along Pause and use about a minute per each warm-up activity and at least 8-10 reps per each workout listed. On the workouts with each apparatus, start off with at least 2 set & work your way up… pretty soon you' be ready to use a medicine ball or an increased level of resistance.

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