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Forex Algorithmic Trading-Build Portfolios of EAs- No coding

Build & Manage Portfolios of EAs & Have Them Make Money For You While You Sleep - Portfolio Of 5 EAs ROI 220% Included
Luciano Kelly
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Make diversified Profitable EAs with low drawdowns
Learn a powerful way to manage safely, portfolios of EAs with high drawdown
Make Trading Robots in minutes, optimize them and test them on several Forex pairs
Turn your manual strategy into a robot and automate your trading or create EAs to assist your trading
Generate thousands of strategies while you sleep using the generator
Optimize your strategies to make more money using the optimizer
Use multi- market test to test strategies on several currencies and timeframes
Use multi- Carlo test to test your robot under various trading conditions for robustness
Backtest strategies on MT4 to compare results
Sell the strategies you make for profit
Make profitable passive portfolios for several currencies and time-frames and spend 1hr per week analyzing and managing you're EAs
Learn the secrets, tips and tricks to minimizing time and maximizing profits when making trading robots

Once you join this course you will get a Portfolio EA making 82% return Per annum so far. You will also learn how we optimized a strategy from $102- $2382 and from $22,147- $26,598

***Make thousand of Profitable Trading Algos and Learn how EAs can assist your manual trading
Once you take this course you will learn how you can build countless profitable EAs very quickly without coding! using FSBpro and EA Studio, and learn how EAs can assist you as a manual trader 

***How to double your Profits managing Portfolios of EAs
You will learn when its best to put and EA on your chart and when its time to remove an EA from your chart to double your profit. You will learn a powerful technique that you can use to manage EAs with high draw-downs to maximize profit. 

***How to make strong diverse portfolios of trading robots with low draw-downs 
You will learn how to make strong diverse portfolios of trading robots, you will see the steps I take to build strong portfolios of trading robots with low risk and low draw-downs 

***How to back-test your trading strategies using MT4
You will learn how to use MT4 to backtest your EAs to check if they’re profitable with your broker.

***You will learn the lazy way to obtain trading robots using the generator 
The generator is a tool that makes profitable trading robots for you while you work or sleep

Optimizer– You will learn how to use this to optimize your trading strategies to make more money
Validator– You will learn how to use this to validate your strategies to ensure they are profitable
Reactor–   You will learn how to use this to make diverse trading strategies and test them on multiple                           Forex pairs

Take this course if you wish to learn how you can make multiple Portfolios of EAs and make money while you sleep or work. So take this course if you can. 
Forex Algorithmic Trading- Build Portfolios Of EAs- No Coding 

Getting Started


In this welcome video we discuss some of the things we will cover in this course 

Very Important- Must Read
What You Need To Know When Using Trading Robots

In this lecture we discuss some of the things you should know when adding EA to your trading. This lecture also contains a risk disclosure for persons new to forex  

FSB Pro and EA studio

In this lecture we explain how to approach taking this course and how you can benefit from using the programs 

How EAs Can Improve Your Trading As A Manual Trader

In this Lecture we discuss how as manual traders we can improve our trading by making EAs a part of our trading. We discuss several ways trading robots can assist our trading as manual traders and how they can diversify our portfolios.

EA Studio Data Exporter

In this lecture we discuss how to download and install the EA Studio data export script so that we can export data from our MT4 platform to build strategies 

Preparing MT4 Data For Export For Strategy Building

In this lecture we discuss how to ensure that you have the maximum amount of data for each currency pair when preparing to export Data to EA Studio for Forex strategy building 

Exporting Data To FSB Pro

In this lecture we discuss how to import data from MT4 to FSB Pro and how to input the setting from your broker to FSB Pro

Building EAs Without Coding Using The Editor

Getting To Know The Editor- FSB Pro

In this lecture we discuss how to use the editor to make trading robots. You will see how you can build EAs to your liking using the setting and indicators that you like.

FSB Pro Editor- Understanding Logic Groups

In this lecture we discuss logic groups and how these can be used to add variety as well as improve the performance of your trading robot 

FSB Pro Editor- Advanced Properties

In this lecture we discuss the advance indicator properties of FSB Pro, this is one of the many features that sets FSB Pro part from all the other softwares as you are able to do thing such as filter a trade based on signals on the higher time frame, for example you can program the EA to only place a trade if the market is oversold on the larger time frame. 

Getting To Know The Editor- EA Studio

In this lecture we discuss the editor for EA Studio, we discuss how this editor differs from the editor of FSB Pro along with some of the functionalities of this editor 

The Generator- This Tool Will Make You Money If Used Properly

The Generator Fsb Pro

In this lecture we discuss how to use the generator to generate thousands of profitable strategies. This is such a powerful tool and after watching this lecture you will see how you can generate hundreds of strategies/ trading robots while you sleep

The Generator Fsb Pro Results After 5 mins

In this lecture we discuss the results of the generator after only turning it on for 5 mins. You might be surprise be the results you can get from the generator after only 5 mins! This is absolutely ground breaking stuff. 

EA Studio Generator

In this lecture we discuss the generator for EA Studio, you will observer some of the similarities and differences between the two from this lecture.

Collecting Your Trading Robots

Collecting Strategies Fsb Pro

In this lecture we discuss how to collect the strategies you have developed or generated using the generator. We also discuss how to upload a collection of strategies to FSB Pro and how to add strategies from one collection to another collection and then saving and unloading that collection. 

Optimizing Your EAs To Make More Money See how we optimized an EA- $102 - $2382

The Optimizer- EA Studio

In this lecture we discuss the features of the EA Studio Optimizer. This is a powerful tool that can be used to improve your profits, watch this lecture to learn how to use this tool properly and safely to optimize a strategy from making $102 to making $2382

Optimizer FSB Pro

In this lecture we discuss the optimizer of FSB Pro, you will see how we use this optimizer to optimize a strategy making $22,147 to increase the net profit

Strategy Optimized From $22,147 to $26,598- FSB Pro

In this lecture you will see the results of the optimizer and you will see the result of the Monte Carlo test and the Multi- Market test. These are two powerful test that can be done to ensure your strategy is strong and profitable.

How To Make And Manage Profitable Portfolios of EAs

Making Strong Diverse Portfolios Using The Reactor- This Tool Is Invaluable

In this lecture we discuss how to use the Reactor to make Strong diverse portfolios of EAs. The reactor is one of the best features of EA Studio and if you learn how to use the Reactor you will see how much it facilitates making strong diverse strategies in very little time. This tool is money once you complete this lecture you will see for yourself.

The Method I Use To Make Strong Diverse Portfolios With Low Draw-Drawdowns

In this lecture we discuss the method I use when using the Reactor to make Strong diverse portfolios 

Validating Your Strategies- Ensuring That They Remain Profitable

Back Testing Your Strategies On MT4

In this lecture we discuss back testing strategies on MT4. You will learn how to select the strategy tester, how to select your strategy, the time-frame and the currency pair along with the properties of your EA such as lot size and the initial account deposit. You will see how fast the results are generated and how visual mode allows you to see the actual trades being placed on the chart by the trading robot.

The Validator - How To Validate Your Strategies

In this lecture you will see how we use the validator to test a portfolio EA we previously downloaded to ensure that the strategy was saved correctly and was generating the amount of returns it described. We also discuss the other benefits of the validator such as it ability to improve your strategy or break down a portfolio EA into its individual EAs and place them into a collection

How To Actively Manage Portfolios Of EAs To Maximise Profit and Minimize Risk

How To Actively Manage Portfolios Of EAs- DD, GAD, IEAD and DF

In this lecture we discuss how to actively manage strategies with high draw-downs to maximize profits. In this lecture we introduce how to use GAD, IEAD and draw-down failure to manage strategies 

When To Add And Remove A Strategy From Your Chart For Maximum Profit

In this lecture we discuss when to add and remove trading robots from you charts to maximize profits and minimize risk especially when trading with high draw-down algorithms

Draw-Down Time Analysis

In this lecture we analyse the draw-downs of one of our trading robots. This is an eye opening lecture because we discuss a method you can use predict the end of a draw-down using information from previous draw-down periods 

Forex VPS For Your EA

In this course we discuss why it is important to use a VPS for your Forex robots to ensure that the EA works 24/5

Portfolio Of 5 EAs Making 82% Per Annum So Far

In this lecture we have an EA making 82% Per annum so far. Please remember past results do not guarantee future profits back test all strategies on a demo account before using on your live account 

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