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Form Your Virtual Team & Lead Your Virtual Team

These days everything’s moving online, even your team. Learn what it takes to form your team & lead, virtual style.
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Communicate clearly & openly with diverse teams
Resolve conflict & coach effectively
Foster trust & formalize team roles
Lead successful & productive virtual meetings

These days everything's moving online… even your team. Are you ready? Knowing how to identify the dynamics of your team, communicate clearly with everyone & foster trust will give you the basic skills you need as a manager to bridge the distance & form your virtual team. During this course you'll learn how to recognize and manage conflict when team members aren't necessarily in the same location, how to coach effectively from across a distance, how to appreciate and respect cultural diversity, and how to host productive virtual meetings. Find out what it takes to be the leader your team needs, virtual style.

Course 1: Form Your Virtual Team

Establish your virtual team and set communication and environmental standards.

  • Bridge the cultural and physical gap
  • Understand your team's perspectives
  • Foster trust and set your team up for success

Course 2: Lead Your Virtual Team

Your virtual team is ready to go. Find out what it takes to keep them on task and get the project done.

  • Lead virtual meetings, even when they go wrong
  • Resolve conflict across distances
  • Coach your team to success

This two course bundle will teach you how to form and lead your virtual team to success. It includes dynamic video, interactive practice lessons, tips from industry leaders, and downloadable PDFs. Each component is designed to be completed in short time allotments, or all at once, to suit your schedule. It will take approximately 1 hour to complete both courses.

Course 1 - Form Your Virtual Team

Set Your Team Up for Success

Whether your organization is going global or you're bringing on remote hires, there are a few things you'll need to do consistently to form an effective virtual team.

Identify the Environment

Consider Your Team

The environment surrounding your team matters to your management strategy. Consider how physical location, time difference, & cultural norms will affect how you & your team interact.

Identify the Environment

Use this worksheet to help identify the environment your team operates in.

Build a Virtual Culture

As the work place evolves to include remote employees from across the country and globe Dive into this Forbes article on best practices for managers to leverage their virtual teams and create an inclusive environment.

Formalize Roles & Responsibilities

Communicate with Clarity

Extra, open & honest communication is needed to keep a virtual team running smoothly. Learn how clearly defined roles & designated responsibilities will keep things on track.

Formalize Your Team

Practice differentiating well-defined roles from poorly-defined roles to help you maintain clarity on your virtual team.

Build & Maintain Trust

Foster Trust

Trust is critical for all teams, but how do you foster trust when people are separated? Discover how to build rapport, either in person or online, to help your virtual team members learn to trust one another.

Use the Trust Equation

Credibility, reliability, intimacy & self-orientation make up the four variables of the Trust Equation. Let Charlie Green explain how the Trust Creation Process can improve the trust within your team.

Build Intimacy

Intimacy is an unusual business term, but according to Sandy Styer of the Trust Matters Blog, it's an important factor of the Trust Equation. Dive deeper with an article to understand more about the importance of intimacy.

Facilitate Communication

Bridge the Distance

Getting everyone on the same page on a virtual team means being thorough & specific with your communication details. Find out how to select the right technological tools & use agreed upon terms to make communication easier.

Team Member Perspectives

Consider these 3 case studies on team members' perspectives with their virtual teams to better understand how communication impacts daily life on a virtual team.

Feedback Made Simple

Providing feedback on a virtual team can be difficult. Make things easier with this simple assessment from Alan Fine to make feedback easier to give & to receive.

Put It to Work

1 More Thing about Forming Your Virtual Team

Consider this final piece of advice on how to keep team members engaged through casual communication channels as you work to form your virtual team.

Tips & Tools to Form Your Virtual Team

Use the tips & tools in this printable PDF to help you form your virtual team.

Form Your Virtual Team

Assess your readiness to form your virtual team. You need an 80% to pass.

Course 2 - Lead Your Virtual Team

Why It Matters

What's your role as the leader of a virtual team? It starts with your ability to communicate clearly and effectively.

Master Meeting Management

Lead Virtual Meetings

Leading a good meeting is hard. Leading a good virtual meeting is even harder. Find out what you can do to make your virtual meetings successful from day one.

Lead the Call

Discover the “Three Deadly Sins” of virtual leadership, and how you can avoid them during your virtual meetings, by diving into an article by Bernice Ross and Byron Van Arsdale.

“Real” Virtual Meetings

Sometimes virtual meetings don't run smoothly, and that can lead to some pretty funny moments. Dive into the humor of the situation, and consider how you might make your meeting better, with a comedy sketch by Tripp and Tyler.

Conquer Conflict

Resolve Conflict

Conflict happens. Learn how to diffuse tension and manage situations appropriately with the three C's of conflict management.

Find Your Conflict Management Style

Do you know how you deal with conflict? Uncover your natural conflict management style with this short self-assessment.

Coach Across Distance

Coach to Foster Results

Move beyond simply managing your virtual team to coaching them and building relationships that foster results.

Build a Coaching Relationship

Coaching from a distance may seem intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. Polish your skills by practicing how to coach a virtual team member with this interaction.

Appreciate Cultural Dimensions

How well do you understand the cultural differences that may be present on your team? Explore different cultural dimensions, and how they might differ from your own cultural expectations, in this interaction.

Identify the Culture

Put your knowledge of cultural differences into practice by matching the cultural values and attitudes with the country they represent.

Put It to Work

1 More Thing about Leading Virtual Teams

Consider this final piece of advice about body language as you lead your virtual team.

Tips & Tools to Lead Your Virtual Team

Use the tips and tools in this printable PDF to help you lead your virtual team.

Lead Your Virtual Team

Assess your readiness to lead your virtual team. You need an 80% to pass.

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