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Future Life Progression: Hypnosis Creating The Life You Want

Fully Accredited Diploma Course To Give You Techniques for Those Hypnotherapist's Familiar with Past Life Regression
Karen E Wells
592 students enrolled
Confidently take the client into Future Incarnations
Confidently take the client into future events in this lifetime
Allow them to see the changes they can make when events are healed
Understand the process of Karma & how that can stop NOW!
Empower The Client To Make Changes
Understand Hypnosis & How That Relates to Future Lives
Help The Client Discover Future Lives on Different Planets to Earth
Help The Client To Heal Using Specialist Healing Interventions

This is a Professional Diploma Course that is fully accredited by CTAA – Complementary Therapists Accredited Association.

Online Training Course for Future Life Progression Training.

If you are unfamiliar with Progression and what it can do for your clients, this training is full of wonderful techniques that enable you to pinpoint certain things in your clients life that may impact their future lives. It will also enable you to explore your client’s Future Lives giving them a sense of what could happen from now. Whether Progression is new to you, or you need to brush up on new techniques, this is a great training course to add to your existing therapy tools.

This course covers the essential aspects of Progression for Future Lives. Not only will you be able to confidently regress your clients back to issues in this lifetime, but you will take them on an inner journey through time to their Future Lives.

This course is packed full of Techniques, Case Examples, Healing Modalities and everything you need to learn to use Progression in your every day practice with your clients.

The Training Modules – 3 Modules taking you through every part of the session with your client – from the first time they contact you, the consultation, progressing them forward in time, to when you follow up with them weeks or months after the session.

The Training Manual – An In Depth look at Progression for Future Lives. Learn what can happen in Progression sessions, how to deal with events and how to enable your client to heal from those times so they can move forward in this lifetime. Also included are Future Life Progression Scripts, Case Review Examples & Obtaining your Qualification & Certification. 

Some of things you will learn are as follows:

  • Everything you need to know about the initial contact & the consultation with your client.

  • An in depth look at Future Life Progression. Discovering what your clients can achieve from individual and multiple sessions. Looking at how certain events in your clients life have now resulted in particular issues that they are dealing with and how this may affect their future lives.

  • The process of Future Life Progression – the Hypnotic techniques you will use to enable your clients to go into their Future Lives.

  • Understand the concept of linear time – does this really exist and in what way does this determine current time, Past Lives & Future Lives.

  • Explore Healing Opportunities – learn specialist healing techniques to assist your client in certain events in the future.

  • Move your client into the immediate future – 10, 20 years from now to see what is happening in their lives.

  • Move your client 100, 500, 1000, 5000 years and beyond into the future.

  • How to enable your clients to explore contracts, promises and residual energy in those Future Lives that have been created now and in Past Lives.

  • Let your clients recognise souls in their Future Lives that are in their current life today.

  • The training manual includes a choice of scripts for students.

  • Experience a Future Life Progression Yourself

We are an accredited school of CTAA (Complementary Therapist Accredited Association) and you can join this upon completion of the course (additional cost along with public liability insurance) However, your certificate for the course is included within this package. 

Welcome to your Future Life Progression; Creating The Life You Want Course

Introduction to your Future Life Progression; Creating The Life You Want Course
Your Future Life Progression Training Manual PDF
Module 1: Hypnosis & Future Life Progression
Module 2: Are Future Lives Real & How Does Karma Play Out?
Module 3: The Reasons for a Future Life Progression Session
Module 4: The Hypnosis Process for Future Lives
Module 5: This Lifetime's Future Events
Module 6: Future Incarnations & Different Planets
Module 7: The Healing Interventions
Module 8: Concluding The Session
Module 8a: Experience Your Own Future Life Progression Session
Module 9: UPDATED! Final Summary & Assessment
Module 10: Bonus Lecture
Module 11: Download Your Certificate
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