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Game Programming for Beginners | Learn C# Coding in Unity

Have fun learning how to code in C# with Unity Step-by-Step Game Development Training
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Have a strong working knowledge of the C# programming language
The ability to use c# in your next projects
Further your skills in other programming studies with c# as a great platform to start off with.

Welcome to the c# programming course created by experts here at the School of Game Design. The School of  Game Design is an industry leader in game design education. We only create training videos which have been carefully produced by game design experts currently working in the game industry. With years of experience in both game development and teaching our expert team make these complex tools simple and fun to learn.

In this series, you will be learning the programming language C# for use with the powerful Unity game engine which is used by everyone from indie game developers to major game studios all over the  world. Anyone who is serious about becoming a game designer should take  the time to learn this user-friendly yet powerful 2D and 3D game  development platform. Unity can be used to develop games, apps, and  interactive content which can then be published to Mac, PC, gaming  consoles like PS4, Nintendo, and Xbox, as well as all mobile devices.

Getting the right foundation with any coding language makes learning more advanced coding  down the road that much easier. This course takes the fear and  frustration out of learning how to code by  keeping things simple and to the point. You will quickly learn the  fundamentals needed to have a strong base in programming and the confidence to move on  to the many more advanced Unity training tutorials we offer.

You should take this Unity course if you

  • Are completely new to coding and want to learn C#

  • Want to working as a game developer in the game industry

  • Want to make your own indie games with Unity3D

By the end of this training series you will have a strong foundation in C# and have masted the following concepts:

  • Anatomy of a script

  • Variable attributes

  • Unity console

  • Syntax symbols

  • Grammar

  • Debug and string

  • Variable type

  • Array and list

  • Array and list inspector

  • Arithmetic

  • Shorthand arithmetic

  • Conditional if else

  • Conditional if else if

  • Conditional lambda

  • Multi conditional and expression

  • Enum

  • Switch case basics

  • Switch case enum

  • For loop basics

  • For loop with conditional

  • While loop

  • Nested loop

  • Foreach

  • Method structure

  • Method arguments and scope

  • Method overloading

  • Method return values

  • Class basics

If you are ready to learn coding with C# and start your career as a game designer, then jump right in and start learning this powerful programming language.


By the end of this section you should have a working knowledge of the C# language and the ability to use C# effectively in your next project. This will also act as a good platform to go on to more complex parts of programming.
Introduction to coding in c# (Project Files)
Ide Options

In this video we take a look at three IDE (Integrated Development Environment) options.

  • MonoDevelop - Comes with Unity3D
  • VisualStudios - From Microsoft
  • Notepad++
Unity3D Setup
This video walks you through creating and setup your new Unity2D project.
Here we explain a little bit about the console panel. This panel is used for anything you want to print to screen for a debug or print command.
Project setup

This video will help set up your project. Working with scripts can be done a few different ways and we will go over those options with you.

Anatomy of a script

In this video we will go over what exactly all these different attributes in your scripts mean and how to use them.

Syntax symbols
Here we are looking at punctuation's and symbols and how to use them.
This video goes over your rules and guidelines for grammar usage in your code so that when you come back you know what you have written before.
Debug and string

This section will go over scripts for debugging and printing.

Variable type

Here we are going to go over how to setup your variables.

Array and list
In this video you will understand what an array is and how to use it. An Array is a block of memory you can place multiple objects in side like a folder so that you can call one variable up and get access to all the different variables inside it.
Array and list inspector
This video goes over how to use the inspector for your arrays.

This video shows you how to create and enum witch is a special value that allows you to have a word in place of an integer or a constant making it easier to read your code.

Variable attributes

Here we go over variables that you have tagged with an attribute witch helps to define different properties or behaviors.

Here we take you through easy steps to understanding and using arithmetic in your scripts.
Shorthand arithmetic
This video goes over the short-hand usage for arithmetic in your scripts.


Conditional if else
This video goes over the basics of conditionals using if else.
Conditional if else if
This video goes over the basics of conditionals using if else if.
Conditional lambda

This video goes over the basics of using your lambda expressions.

Conditional and expression
At the end of this video you will be able to set up a script with multiple expressions.


Switch case basics
Here you will be able to understand what a basic switch case would be and how to use it.
Switch case enum

In this video you will be able to understand how to setup a switch case using enums.


Loop basics
This video looks at loops witch go through the code multiple times repeating the statements over and over.
Loop with conditional
Here we will look inside a loop and check if the conditionals are working.
While loop
This video shows you how to set up a while loop.
Nested loop
Here we will walk through how to setup a nested loop.
For each

Here you will learn how to setup a condensed version of a loop.


Method structure

This video goes over Unity's basic method structure.

Method arguments and scope
Here we will add parameters for arguments in your method.
Method overloading

This video explains method overloading witch allows you to have the same name but have different argument amounts in your method.

Method return values

This video continues with methods but now adding return values.

Class basics

Here you will gain a better understanding of your classes witch are just the names of your scripts.


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