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Generate Leads With Facebook Ads For Local Business [2017]

Learn How To Generate 92 Leads in 7 days! The Step-By-Step Facebook Advertising System For Local Businesses 2017
Aimee Vo
2,438 students enrolled
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Learn how I was able to generate 92 clients leads for a weight loss /cosmetic clinic in 7 days
Step-by-step instructions to generate leads for your local business using Facebook Advertising
The 6 Steps to Creating Successful Local Facebook Ads that you must get right before launching any ads
The best and simple way to start off targeting your audience on Facebook that most marketers and agencies often get wrong
The 2 phases of running local Facebook Ad lead generation campaign and what type of ad and format you should run in each phase
A systematic way to optimize, split test and scale out your Facebook Ads so that you can get the lowest cost per lead and the highest ROI
How to create local business Sales Funnels that generate leads and converts them into customer
How to setup Automation so that your leads are followed up via email and SMS automatically to help you with sales conversions

★★★★★ I really loved the course. Learned a lot! I ran a LC Campaign and got 99 leads for $46.36 in just 5 days! I highly recommend this course! (Kim Cheung)

★★★★★ First-Rate Facebook advertising course! Aimee gives clear and usable instructions and examples that virtually eliminates confusion in executing her included strategies. No fillers or pointless distractions… just powerful, on-point information to help you run a successful Facebook ad campaign as quickly as possible. Highly recommended! (Carmen S)

★★★★★ Aimee’s course is amazing. I’m planning to start my own digital marketing agency and I found it so helpful even though she intended the course for the business owners that I plan on helping.

She goes straight to the point and instead of just showing where to click in each screen, she provides ridiculously ACTIONABLE STRATEGIES that you can apply to your campaigns straight away… everything is presented so concisely and yet the course provides you everything you need to get started. Furthermore, she replied very quickly to all the questions that I posted in the Q and A and provided super helpful advice!! I could not recommend her enough!! (Henna Roine)

Udemy has rated Aimee Vo’s Generate Leads With Facebook Ads For Local Business [2017] as a BEST SELLER!

Generate leads to your offline local business on a consistent daily basis using simple Facebook Ads.

Tried Facebook ads for your local business but got zero results? 

Wasted your hard earn cash with no leads or sales?

I’ve been there too and so have my local business clients. 

Generating leads and sales to your offline bricks and mortars is simple if you know HOW…

The biggest mistake local business owners make when running Facebook ads is that they DON’T have a strategy or system in place for generating leads.  

This course cuts out all the noise and gives you the system, strategy and only the essential features you need to know about setting up ads and generating leads for local businesses.

As a local business owner, you’re already time poor and have a hundred other things you have to do to run your own business.

So the last thing you need is information overload so each video is about 2 to 7 minute duration – finish this course in 1.5 hrs!

Please note: Your time is valuable so I’m going to be covering ONLY the vital elements in setting up Facebook ads and running campaigns for local businesses.

Here’s a peek inside the course:

  • First I will walk you through some local Facebook ad campaigns like how a cosmetic clinic was able to generate 92 clients leads in 7 days
  • The 6 Steps to Creating Successful Local Facebook Ads strategy guide that you must get right before launching any ads
  • How to craft an irresistible offer or low priced entry to get your Facebook ad high click through rates and low cost per leads
  • An effective FB Ad copy formula for writing your Facebook ad copy even if you’re not a copywriter
  • How to install your Facebook pixels so that you can track your website visitors, create custom audiences, retarget existing website visitors and allow facebook to optimise for conversions.
  • How to setup your Facebook campaign structure properly and name your ads in a systematic way to help you keep organised
  • The different types of ad campaigns objectives you should be running and what ad type to start out
  • The 2 phases of running local Facebook Ad lead generation campaign and what type of ad and format you should run in each phase
  • How you should set up Facebook targeting for your local business in in a simple yet “no brainer” way.
  • How to optimize, split test and scale out your local Facebook Ad campaigns in a systematic way to get you the lowest cost per lead and the highest ROI
  • The daily budget you should start off and how to increase your budget effectively
  • How to create ads in a step by step manner and track those ads with UTM parameter tracking so that the data flows into Google Analytics
  • How to create simple local business Sales Funnels that generate leads and converts them into customer for you.
  • Learn the different types offers that is effective for different types of local business like what type of offer you should run for a chiropractor or for a dentist
  • How to use Active Campaign as your autoresponder and set up “Automations” to help you automate email followup and remind clients to take action.

By the time you complete this course, you’ll be able to setup Facebook ad campaigns that generate leads in as quickly as 24 hours of running your ad.

Remember that watching all the videos and lectures is not enough! 

I’ve spent countless hours and thousands of dollars in studying, running and testing these campaigns to simplify this process for you. 

The strategy outlined in this course is SIMPLE for a reason…so that you have the motivation to take action. 

So the real results of generating leads for your business comes when you take ACTION. 

I recommend you implement small steps as you watch each video so that you can familiarise yourself with the strategy and start getting new clients to your local business. 

By the time you finish watching this course, you will have a strategy and road map for using Facebook Ads to generate leads and bring new customers to your business every day.

This course is for you if you are:

  • A local business owner 
  • An offline bricks and mortars business
  • Just starting your first offline business
  • A local marketing consultant who is thinking of offering FB Ad lead generation services to local businesses
  • A chiropractor, dentist, plastic surgeon, restaurant, gym owner, real estate agent, mortgage broker etc..

If you said YES to any of the above and your goal is to generate consistent daily leads and sales using Facebook Ads for your local business – then enrol in the course now!


What's in this course
Weight Loss FB Ad Results - 92 Leads In 7 Days
Chiropractor FB Ad Results: 42 Leads In 7 days

Local Facebook Ads Lead Generation Strategy

Overview of the 6 steps to creating a successful Local FB Ad campaign
Resource - 6 Steps to Creating Successful Facebook Ads Strategy Guide PDF

Facebook Pixels & Audiences

How to install the FB Pixel on wordpress site
Resource - Facebook Pixel Cheat Sheet PDF
How to install the FB Pixel on ClickFunnels

Clickfunnels is what I used to build out my landing pages and my clients sales funnel - sign up to clickfunnels here http://www.aimeevo.com/go/clickfunnels/

How to create custom audiences
How to create custom Conversion pixels and standard events

Local FB Ad Campaign Types

How to setup your FB campaign and naming structure
Resource - Facebook Ad Campaign Structure & Naming Checklist PDF
Link clicks campaign objective
Website conversions campaign objective
Video Views campaign objective
Post page engagement campaign objective
Resource - Facebook Ad Campaign Goals & Objective Cheat Sheet PDF

Local FB Ad Targeting

Local business FB Ad Targeting
Daily ad budgets
Split testing ads and scaling
Re-targeting existing visitors

Local FB Ad Creation

Creating FB Image ad format
Creating FB Carousel ad format
Resource - Local Facebook Ad Copy Swipe File PDF
Creating FB Video ad format
Creating UTM tracking links
Social Engagement Stacking on ads

Local Business Sales Funnels

Different types of sales funnel builder and creation software

Clickfunnels is what I used to build out my landing pages and my clients sales funnel - sign up to clickfunnels here: http://www.aimeevo.com/go/clickfunnels/

Creating a local business lead generation and sales funnel

Have you signed up to clickfunnels yet? Go here http://www.aimeevo.com/go/clickfunnels/

Creating local business survey funnels

Email Autoresponder and Automation

Introduction to Active Campaign as an email autoresponder

Go here to sign up to Active Campaign: http://www.aimeevo.com/go/active-campaign/

Create an email list and connecting ActiveCampaign to ClickFunnels

Learn how to create email list and connect ActiveCampaign to Clickfunnels. If you haven't signed up to Active Campaign yet, go here: http://www.aimeevo.com/go/active-campaign/

Automating notification of leads and email followup
Resource - ActiveCampaign Email + SMS Followup Copy Swipe File PDF

Go here to sign up to Active Campaign: http://www.aimeevo.com/go/active-campaign/


My 'go to strategy' & next steps...

To wrap things up, in this video I reveal my "go to" strategy to start launching your campaigns. 

Your next step is to setup your local business funnels and you can take the shortcut process with high converting local business funnels here: http://www.aimeevo.com/pre-made-local-business-funnels/

Local Business Owner Prospecting Tips

Hi guys, I mainly created the course for business owners wanting to generate their own leads ie B2C. Strategies on how to get your own agency clients are beyond the scope of the course.

However a large number of students are asking for help on how to contact local business owners so I felt compelled to create a quick video. Apologies for the background noise, I just wanted to get something up quickly to you all.

Prospecting business owners, is a combination of:  

- cold emailing + followup email sequence (mailshake cold outreach) 

- running video ads on facebook video views ad

- webinars for local businesses - target people on google adwords

1. I've done cold emailing with a bit of mix success, usually I would have a case study ready for them to showcase them the potential results. I suggest going to a friend who has a business and using the strategy I presented in this course for 4-5days to record the results. The tool I use for cold outreach is mailshake, it has tracking features, open rates and followup email sequences to trigger followup emails based on a specific actions or non actions - NOTE: scraping emails from yellow pages has a lot of generic customer service emails so you will most likely hit the reception or front desk inbox. Your email should be short and peaks curiosity in your offer. Your goal is to get an "appointment"to talk to the business owner not the sale.

2. Facebook ads (video views campaign). Targeting job titles is rediculously expensive and you will drain out your budget fast when using a Clicks campaign. I recommend a video views campaign and retargeting people who watched up to 25% duration of your video. Targeting: Specific Job titles ie "chiropractor" "gym owner" or "Small business owner" with a 5mile radius works well. In the video ad, it would be a 30 second video ad that shows some columns of the dashboard ie number of leads and how much ROI the client got in the FB Ads. Try to make the video ad laser targeted to the profession - for example, dentist video ad showing patient leads and then targeting dentists with a call to action on the video to get a 3 day trial or whatever your offer is.

3. Webinar - if you already have some success of facebook ads, do a webinar targeting the business owners in the local area and invite them to 30min webinar on "how to get more customers for just $100 (ad spend)". Structuring a webinar is an art in itself so learn copywriting elements to prepare your powerpoint deck is necessary.

4. Look at businesses who pay for Google AdWords - CPC for Adwords is usually higher and if Business Owners are paying for ads, they appreciate the value of advertising. Simply google "Dentists/Chiros/Gyms in your "city" and approach them via email, introduce yourself and provide a link to a video case study. Then invite them to a consult, a trial or anything that is low risk for them.

Often times, you need to give value, get results first before someone is willing to hand over money for you to manage their FB Ads.

If there is enough demand for prospecting local business owners then I may create a separate Udemy course for this. 



Requesting Access To A Client's Page Via Business Manager
Creating an Ad Account For Your Client In Business Manager
Adding Billing Details In Your Client's Ad Accounts In Business Manager
Secret hack to getting free facebook page likes
Free stock photo sites to use for your Facebook ad creatives
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