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Geriatric Massage Fundamentals

Give From Your Heart, Not From Your Hands
Irene Meiller
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Picture yourself going through a whole day of work, generously giving, and walking away still feeling energized. Imagine your hands feeling relaxed and your heart feeling full from all the interaction with your clients! It IS possible through Geriatric Massage!!!

As Baby Boomers age, they are changing the way we look at retirement and growing older. When you become trained in Geriatric Massage, you will learn the importance of this very large population and how they are impacting the massage therapy field. You will also gain understanding about the physical and mental changes that occur with aging, then learn how to properly adjust your techniques for frail and robust seniors.  

The online course, Geriatric Massage Fundamentals will help you better understand the elderly population and some of the emotional impacts life brings their way. Through informative videos of seated and table massage, you learn how to adjust your technique and gain confidence to start working worth this underserved demographic. 

So many of our elders are left alone and many feel very isolated. Geriatric Massage helps senior citizens connect with other people by fighting feelings of isolation, restlessness, and uselessness that many elderly suffer from. Part of being a good massage therapist includes developing a strong emotional and physical connection that clients respond to. Learn how you can help, connect and impact this “untouched” population. 

Geriatric Massage Fundamentals


Welcome to your Geriatric Massage Fundamentals Course! 

It takes a special kind of massage therapist to work with the elderly, you are here because you have that passion!! Are you ready to make living doing what you love? You are in the right place and I am so excited to be guiding you through this amazing journey!

This truly is an "untouched" market, in so many ways. Thank you for having an interest in serving this population. You are such a beautiful, radiant light that is much needed in this world!!

As you take your first steps in this new direction it is important to be mindful of why you are here and what has brought you to this magnificent place. I have attached your first assignment below. Please take your time with this and connect with the questions. 

The Silver Tsunami

Looking At Our Generations
The Silver Tsunami
The Power of Touch

The Power of Touch and What It Means for the Elderly

Touch is perhaps the most powerful sense of all. From the moment we are born, before our eyes are open, a gentle touch calms us and lets us know someone cares. In the beginning stages of life, a nurturing touch helps create a bond that shapes us for the rest of our lives. 

Even though research cannot prove exactly how touch positively affects us, it has shown that those who are physically touched on a regular basis experience higher levels of the hormone oxytocin. According to the National Institutes of Health, oxytocin lowers stress hormone levels and, by doing so, plays a part in lowering blood pressure, maintaining good moods and increasing pain tolerances.   No one can deny the warm feeling we experience when we are touched. Hugs, holding hands and other physical gestures of affection have the potential to ease our minds, make us feel less isolated, and reduce stress and anxiety. 

The need for constant touches may fade as we grow older but the feelings certain touches invoke do not. As we grow older, touch is a communication that transcends age and time. No matter how old we are, we all love to have our hand held, our backs rubbed, or the feel of a warm embrace. 

Seniors who live alone often do not experience the simple act of touch on a daily basis. The reasons vary:  spouses and close friends have passed away, families live in other states, or physical limitations may affect activity and contact with others. Remember this when spending time with the senior in your life. A simple, encouraging arm around a shoulder or a momentary grasp of a hand conveys a message of affection. Feelings of affection can make a big difference in the lives of seniors. 

The sense of touch is so powerful that some experts recommend elderly clients receive regular, professional massages. Massages in general are not meant to convey affection, but use the power of touch in another way. Gentle kneading of muscles helps release tension, can improve blood flow through the body and ease the pain of arthritis. While no affection is involved during a professional massage, oxytocin released in the body during the process produces the same comforting effects. In place of a full-body massage, foot and hand rubs can be just as emotionally and physically beneficial. 

The message of touch is simple. As humans, we are programmed to form emotional bonds that strengthen our relationships. Verbal communication facilitates those bonds. Physical communication confirms those bonds. Touching someone you love often conveys a message in a way words cannot. The next time you spend time with your elderly loved one, reach out and touch them. Hold their hand. Offer a warm embrace. Chances are you may see the loneliness and worry in their face replaced by a smile…and you may notice the same happens for you.   

Touch and the Aging

As we age our bodies change, and the type of massage therapy we are able to receive changes as well. Massage Therapy for seniors, also known as Geriatric Massage, involves gentle stroking, kneading, and the application of light pressure on specific points. The technique is adjusted for all different body types and ailments, ranging from the robust to frail senior. It is extremely valuable for easing the aches and pains associated with growing older.

  • Everybody ages differently

(There are common 17 yr olds but no common 70yr olds)

  • Lifestyle

  • Exercise

  • Diet

  • Accidents

  • Health Issues

  • Medical care or lack thereof

Benefits Of Touch

Touch is an excellent form of nonverbal communication

  • Decreases pain

  • Increases Circulation

  • Decreased blood pressure

  • Mental Clarity, decreases sensory deprivation

    • Increases reality orientation

    • Stimulates minds

    • Alertness

  • Enhances feelings of well being

  • Reduces depression and stress

  • Decreases isolation and vulnerability

  • Forms a sense of companionship

  • Helps promote sleep

Common Diseases and Conditions of Seniors

Common Diseases & Conditions
The Sensory System

Understanding the Geriatric Massage Sequence

Lotion or Oil?
Review Table Massage Sequence

You will need to review the massage sequence details before we move forward. Read it thoroughly so you can become familiarized with the new language and concepts. It may not all make sense right not but it will come together easier as you move through the course and on to the Details and Demonstration.

Massage Table Set-up

Getting Ready for Your Client

I know you must be eager to watch the massage demonstration and we are ALMOST there... First you must learn what you will need when setting up your massage table! To continue, watch the video below! 

Massage Sequence Details and Demonstration

Learn the Techniques
Watch Details of Table Massage Techniques
Geriatric Table Massage Demonstration
Understanding the Static Hold
Adjusting Table Massage Sequence
Watch chair Massage (lower body)
Watch Chair Massage (upper body)
What are Chakras?
Give From Your Heart

Losing an Elderly Client

Give Back To You

It is so important to give back to you!

As you begin your guided meditation, I ask you to call in why it is you decided to get into Geriatrics. As you know, there are not many massage therapists doing it and you are here for a very special reason. Think about that reason. Think about all the love you have to give and how your light is going to help your elderly clients. Not only in their present state but helping them transition to the next phase. This is deep work, not physical, but spiritual! You are a radiant being here to help nurture and guide our elders to a place of comfort and tranquility.

Thank you for being here and helping to complete the circle of nurture by giving back to those who once gave so much.

When you are ready, begin the meditation.

Final Exam

This exam is for you to test your newly learned skills and make sure you absorbed everything! This exam will not be graded, it is simply for you to review what you have learned.

One Last Important Thought!
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