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Get Motivated Today with 20 Motivation Tips & 7 Downloads!

Get very Motivated in 2019-Learn Motivation Knowledge Motivation Hacks & Techniques in this Professional Fun Course!
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To have more Self Belief and Motivation on anything you choose to do in this life!

WELCOME to my Latest Course on MOTIVATION!

In this Course I  will be Talking about and Strengthening your Personal Motivation! we will also be talking about Grounding your Body…sometimes we need to balance our Spiritual side-of our Mind and Body! 

How did 2018 go for you? Were you on Track? Did you stay Motivated in the things you wanted to try! Or did you run out of MOTIVATION! Its a Fresh New Year Join me on this Course and I will do my very Best to Get you Motivated for 2019! This Course is an Exciting look at Motivation! How it Works and What We can do to Motivate our self better!

What gets us Personally Motivated? = Well even reading the things in this Course,can get us Motivated and Switched on! – Motivation – can also be many many things! = Maybe we are fed up with one part of our Life! -Maybe we want to move because those around us are Negative and Drain us of our Energy! – Maybe we are being Driven Forwards by the things we truly Love doing! – Our Passions also keep us Motivated! – Maybe we have found our Purpose in this Life,and that Purpose is calling us for Change! – Maybe its a Shock in our Life that Creates Change for our Motivation! – Maybe its Depression that is affecting us and we want change from that! – Maybe we have fallen in Love and that Starts off our Motivation in some way! – Maybe its a Hobby we enjoy doing and we want to expand on that! – Or maybe we want a Fresh Career Move,and that means working for yourself! whatever it is that Creates our Motivation,we could always do with More of it in our Life! 

So we have to have a reason for getting Motivated Don’t we!

What helps our Motivation? = Well Focus helps – Positive thinking – Planning – Our Imagination of seeing it Happen,in our Minds Eye! – talking to others that have done it – Being around Positive Motivated People! – Feeding Ones Mind on Positive things! – Charting our Progress! – Wanting to make Our self Happier! – Wanting to Please our Partner! – Affirmations can also help! – Self Hypnosis – Meditation – Relaxation – Exercise! – Winning the Lottery (That’s a joke but yes it would help lol ) – Growing Mentally – Spiritual Growth – Helping Others! – Progressing! – Getting Qualifications in a Subject we Enjoy! – Bringing in more Money also Motivates us! – Wanting to Eat Better! – Wanting to Tone up our Body! – That is just a Few I’ve Rattled off there are loads more! (#SFP – find out in this course what this # is all about)

What are you personally doing this Year to better Motivate Yourself for 2019?
It is time to Live out your Dreams my Friend-so get Planning-You are a Creator now get Creating!

YOU GOT THIS! I have Faith you can do anything you put your Mind to!

(REMEMBER = STRENGTH COMES FROM THE MIND) it then Motivates the Body into Action!

So this Fresh New Year 2019-Get Yourself More Motivated than You did Last Year…and You can’t go far wrong!


Lectures in this Course

1/ Introduction-on Motivation!

2/ What does this Course Cover?

3/ What Gets You Motivated?

4/ 25 Picture Quotes made by Me to get you more Positive and Motivated!

5/ Staying Positive in Life!

6/ How to use your Six PDF Motivation Sheets,from this Course! = 1:Weekly Happy Planner PDF-2:Goal Sheet PDF-3:Driving Poster-4:Hill Motivation Poster-5:=10 Affirmations for Confidence & 6:Instructions Sheet…

7/ Exercise and Grounding helps with our Motivation!

8/ Say after me-Your 10 Affirmations for Confidence!

9/ Walk with Me-and I will show you 10 more ways to get Motivated!

10/ 10 more Motivation Hacks!

So thank you for joining me on this Course-Remember I have given you 6 PDF Sheets to Keep-Including Two Posters-and will tell you how to use them in Lecture 6…It is Now your Time to get yourself More Motivated in 2019! It is Never to late to become the Person you have always wanted to be! So what are You waiting for–LETS GET MOTIVATED! SEE YOU ON THE NEXT LECTURE!  See You in a Bit…

{KEEP GOING} Sending you Love MK X

WELCOME my Friends!


Welcome to my New Course on-MOTIVATION! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it! We all need Motivation in our Life,so that we continue to Advance forwards! This is a Fresh New Year and it is up to you to make it a Great Year! Remember You have been given a Short Amount of time to find your Greatness,on this Planet! 


In this Lecture I talk to you about what things are in this Course! I also talk about your PDF Print out Sheets,I have given you to keep!


Welcome to Lecture 3=In this Lecture We Talk about WHAT GETS YOU MOTIVATED In your Life!

25 MOTIVATION PICTURE QUOTES ,by Master Kay-to get you Motivated!

Welcome to this Lecture,In this Lecture I will show you 25 of my Own Quotes,these are to keep you Motivated,and to Lift the Veil of daily Life,so you Awaken to your true Power of moving Forwards!


Staying Positive is a must when it comes to getting Motivated! Being Positive comes from the things around us-how we think-and who we hang around with!


In this Lecture I show you how to use your PDF Work Sheets so that you get more Motivated in your Daily Life!


In this Lecture we look at how Exercise can help Refresh the Body and Mind-also we look at Grounding both these things help us feel better from within,and this helps us feel more Powerful when it comes to getting Motivated!


Affirmations can Strengthen our Motivation! In this Lecture you will need to Print out your 10 Affirmations for CONFIDENCE! Then repeat them after me-with Confidence and Power!

COME WALK WITH ME and I will show you 10 Fresh ways to stay Motivated!

In this Last Lecture You will be Walking with me as we discuss Motivation a little more,I also show you 10 ways to keep you Motivated! #SFP


Hi I have added this Lecture to the Course! and now given you another 10 Hacks to get you Motivated even more! I have also added PDF notes for you to keep and Download on the 10 Motivation Hacks...also I have added a Bonus bit for you to get money off of my other Two Lectures just to say Thank You for taking this Course! have a look...Have a Beautiful Day MK

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