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Git Fundamentals: A Practical and Visual Learning Approach

Master the git workflow through hands-on practice, engaging visuals and create your very own Capstone Project!
Estefania Cassingena Navone
190 students enrolled
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The key concepts and techniques to start working with git.
Solve Merge Conflicts, Refactor Files and Stash Changes.
Create, Modify, Delete & Work with local repositories.
Work with branches by making & merging changes and comparing differences.
Create, Modify, Delete and Squash Commits.
Apply Everything your Learn on your Final Capstone Project!

Do you want to learn git in 1+ hour?

If your answer is yes….You Found the right git course for you!

Git is your next step to a bright future in software development.


Student Reviews:

“This is a wonderful course! I went from not knowing anything about git to feeling comfortable to use this on my own!”— Amanda Brioche

“Very good entry level course for beginners.” — Kozma János

“Very nice for begginers! All the basics in one place.” — Tomasz Czaplicki


Why is this git course unique?

Because it is specially designed for beginners just like YOU, who want to learn git very fast,

and truly understand the concepts behind version control!

Why should I enroll in this course?

Because you will learn git in just 1 Hour and apply your knowledge while having fun!

You Will Learn:

– The git Workflow.

– What repositories are and how to create, edit, modify and delete them.

– What commits are and how to create, edit, modify and delete them.

– What branches are and how to work with them.

– How to customize git to set your username and email address.

– What Merge Conflicts are and how you can solve them.

– How to save changes for later by stashing them.

and much more!


You will apply your knowledge on a final capstone project!

The Course Includes:

– Engaging video lectures.

Slides specially designed with engaging visuals.

Assignments and Quizzes to test your knowledge.

Support on the discussion forums if you have any questions (I will be very glad to help you!).

You will have LIFETIME ACCESS to the course and receive all the updates and new content.

Start your journey to success with the amazing power of git and version control,

Enroll Now, See you inside!


Welcome - Git & Version Control Await!

Learn what is Version Control and why it is such an important tools for developers like you!

Welcome to our Classroom - Brief Tour (Updated Classroom Experience)

You will learn:

  • How to use our virtual classroom.

  • How to ask questions on the discussion forums.

  • How to navigate and access the course content.

Introduce Yourself & Set Goals

In this lecture, you will:

  • Introduce yourself on the discussion forums.

  • Set two or three personal goals to achieve during and after the course.

The Journey Begins! - Download and Install git

Welcome to this Section!

Learn the exciting topics that will be explained in this section.

Install git - A Powerful Tool

Brief tour of the website where you can download git and install it on your computer.

Install git
Meet git bash - You Best Friend Using git

Learn how to work with git bash and how to use the command cd to change directories to reach your project folder.

Apply your Knowledge: Use the cd command!
The 'cd' command - Test your Knowledge!

Check your understanding of the cd command.

Meet Repositories - Where the Magic Begins!

Welcome to this Section on Repositories!

Brief description of the topics that will be covered in the lectures.

What is a Local Repository?

Learn what repositories are and why they are vital to version control.

Create your First Repository - Here We Go!

Step-by-step walkthrough to create your first repository using git with the command git init.

Repositories - Test your Knowledge!

Customize and Configure Git

Welcome, Let's Configure Git!

Brief description of the topics that will be covered in this section and introduction to the importance of configuring git.

Customize your Username - Your Digital Fingerprint in Version Control

Learn how to customize the username that will be shown in your commits.

Customize your Email

Learn how to customize the email that will be displayed in your commits.

Customize git - Test your Knowledge!

Test your knowledge on the command needed to customize your username and email address.

Learn the Git Workflow - Now Git Magic Truly Unlocks!

Welcome to our git Workflow Section

Brief description of the topics that will be covered in this section.

The 3 Main Sections - Behind the Scenes!

Learn the three main sections that you will use in your daily work using git and how they work.

  • Working Directory.

  • Staging Area.

  • Repository.

The 3 Main Sections - Test your Knowledge
The 3 Main States - Behind the Scenes!

Learn how a file tracked by git has one of the 3 Main States, what they are, how to determine the state of a file and how they work.

The 3 Main States - Test your Knowledge!
Sections and States in Action - A Real Example

Step-by-step walkthrough of a real example using git's Main Section and States.

Unstaging Files - Remove Files from the Staging Area

Learn how you can remove a file from the staging area if you need to make more changes before including it in a commit.

Unstaging Files - Test your Knowledge!
Wow! See Changes With git diff

Learn how you can see the differences between your working directory and your staging area with the command git diff.

Meet Commits - The Building Blocks of Version Control

Welcome to the World of Commits!

Brief description of the topics that will be covered in this section.

What are Commits? Why are they Important?

Learn what commits are, how they are used and their importance for version control.

Commit Basics - Test your Knowledge!
Your First Commit! - Ready? Set... Go!

Create your first commit with this step-by-step walkthrough.

Create a Commit - Test your Knowledge!
Text Editors & Git - Write More Detailed Commits!

Resources to guide your through the process of associating a text editor with git to write more detailed commit messages.

See Changes & Commit History

Learn how to see your commit history and the changes introduced by each commit.

Commit Data 101 - Basic Structure

Learn the different elements and data displayed for individual commits.

Changes in a Commit - Details In Depth!

Learn the structure of the data displayed for a commit to see the changes it introduced.

Insertions & Deletions - Behind the Scenes!

Learn what insertions and deletions are and how they are counted and displayed using git log.

Dive Deeper Into The World of Commits

Filter Commits Displayed With git log - Straight to the Commit!

Learn how you can filter the list of commits displayed using git log.

Modify your Last Commit - Change its Message

Learn how to change the message of your last commit in case you make a mistake or need to correct typos.

Modify a Commit - Test your Knowledge!
Squash Commits - Combine Several Commits into ONE!

Learn how you can combine several commits into a single commit in case you want to include several small changes into a single commit.

Squash Commits - Test Your Knowledge!
Remove your Last Commit - Bye, Bye, Commit!

Learn how your can remove the last commit you made in case you made a mistake that you need to fix.

Remove your Last Commit - Test your Knowledge!
Restore a Specific Commit - Restore Previous Versions!

Learn how you can remove several commits to restore previous versions of the project.

Branches to the Rescue!

Welcome to this Section on Branches!

Brief description of the topics covered in the section.

What are Branches? Why are they SUPER IMPORTANT?

Learn what branches are, how they are used and why they are vital to work with version control.

HEAD - Behind the Scenes!

Learn what HEAD is and how to check where it's pointing to.

Branches 101 - Test your Knowledge!
Meet the Master Branch - You've Been Working With It So Far!

Learn what the master branch is, how it's used and why you've been working with it since you first started the course.

Create your First Branch - Your Tree Starts to Grow!

Create your First Branch with this step-by-step walkthrough.

Create a Branch - Test your Knowledge!
Rename your Branch in just ONE Command!
Switch Branches - See Different Versions!

Learn how to change branches in git bash.

Create & Switch to a Branch with only ONE Command

Learn how you can create a branch and switch to this new branch with just ONE command.

Switch Branches - Test your Knowledge!

Dive Deeper Into Branches

Commit to your Branch - Work Risk-Free!

Learn how you can make a commit on a branch to work safely, risk-free of introducing bugs to your master branch.

See Branch Commit History

Learn how you can see the commit history for a specific branch using git log.

Differences Between Two Branches - See the Details!

Learn how you can see the differences between two branches.

git diff - Order Matters. Learn Why!

Learn how the order of the branches in the command git diff changes the output.

Create Branches from Branches - Your Tree Keeps Growing!

Learn how you can create branches from branches with this step-by-step walkthrough.

Delete your Branch - Bye, Bye, Branch!

Learn how you can delete branches in git bash.

Merging Branches - Combine Changes and Include Features!

Welcome to this Section on Merging!

Brief description of the topics covered in this section.

What is Merging? Why is it VERY IMPORTANT?

Learn what merging branches is all about with visual diagrams and illustrations.

Let's Merge our Branches!

Practice merging branches with this step-by-step walkthrough.

Merge Ready! Let's Check Our Project

See your project after you merged a branch, and confirm that the merge was successful.

Delete a Branch - Difference Between -d & -D

Learn when you can delete a branch using -d in the command and when to use -D instead.

Fast-Forward Merge - No Merge Commits!

Learn what a fast-forward merge is, and when it is used.

Cherry Picking 101 - Interesting Resources

Merge Conflicts - Sometimes We Need to Make Changes!

Welcome to this Section on Merge Conflicts!

Brief description of the topics that will be covered in this section.

Merge Conflicts 101 - What Are They And Why Are They Important?

Learn what merge conflicts are, why they occur and how to solve them.

Real Merge Conflict and Solution - Here We Go!

Learn how to solve merge conflicts with a real example.

Undo a Merge - Correct Mistakes!
More Information on Merge Conflicts - Articles and Resources

Refactor Filenames & Delete Files

Welcome to this Section on Refactoring Files!

Brief overview of the topics covered in this section.

Delete File & Stage Deletions - Bye, Bye, File!

Learn how to delete a file in git bash and add the deletion to the repository with a commit.

Remove Files from Version Control But Preserve it Locally

Learn how you can remove files from version control while keeping it intact in your working directory.

Rename a File!

Learn how you can rename a file in git bash and commit the change to the repository.

Meet .gitignore - Select Files That Shouldn't Be Added!

Stash Changes - Save them for Later & Restore Them!

Welcome to this Section on Stashing Changes!

Brief overview of the topics covered in this section.

Stash Glossary - Changeset!

Learn what changesets are and why they will be very helpful for you during this section.

Temporarily Store Changes & Restore Them Later!

Learn how you can store (stash) your changes to switch branches and then restore them when you return to the branch.

Restore a Specific Set of Changes

Learn how to restore a specific set of changes using git stash apply.

Discard Stashed Changes - Bye, Bye, Changeset!

Learn how to discard stashed changes using git stash drop.

Capstone Project - Apply Your Knowledge!

Welcome to your Capstone Project!

Introduction to your capstone project.

Your Capstone Project - Part 1
Your Capstone Project - Part 2
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