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Git Github Gitkraken: Version Control without Command Line

Learn Version Control using one of the most intuitive graphical user interface for Git. Just Point and Click.
Peter Gunardi
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Understand how to revert to an older version
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UPDATE January 2017: Gitkraken V2.0 released. Add a new video to demonstrate the new features and performance improvement.


“Learn to do the proper version control using Gitkraken, and start making a difference in managing your project source code. “

In this course, you will learn how to start using Git Version Control. Instead of using the command line approach, we will use the Graphical User Interface (GUI) from Gitkraken. At the end of the course you will be highly proficient and has an adequate hands-on experience to hit the ground running.

“Best course for newbies. Course has been designed so simply. You will learn all basic GIT, GitKraken features.”

“This tutorial is very useful, it has good material coverage. Many times instructor encourages students to test and strengthen new skills, which guarantees high effectiveness in making progress, and makes it more enjoyable.”

In this course, you will:

  • Download the software and course material for FREE.
  • Create a repository (storage room for all your backups).
  • Making backups and restore from backups(commit).
  • Collaborate in a team environment without the risk of overwriting others work.
  • Upload your backup to cloud through Github for FREE. 

Who should take this course?
This course is designed for beginner, prior knowledge of version control is not required. I explained the term, glossary and concept with the assumption that you haven’t worked with any modern version control before.

How is this course delivered?
All the lessons will be done in an easy to follow format. Work alongside with the instructor is highly recommended as each topic will be covered step by step. Although you are not doing any command line, doesn’t mean that you are losing out on some of the features Git has to offer. In completion of this course you will be able to do most of what the Git user can do or even more.

You will receive a verifiable certificate of completion upon finishing the course.

Enroll today, and learn how to give yourself a great competitive advantage in the job world.

Satisfaction Guarantee: Full Refund within 30 days. If for any reason you don’t like the course, you will get all your money back.

Let’s get started.

Get Started - Jump Right In


Download and Install all Components

What is Version Control?

The difference between traditional version control by filename renaming and the Git version control is explained here. Introduction of the three technologies covered in this course will also be explained.

Download path for all components and course materials
Open a Github Account

This lesson will provide step by step instructions to open the free Github account that will be used later for uploading your repository.

Download and Install Gitkraken

This lesson shows how to download and install Gitkraken to your computer. It will also setup your user profile for the first time.

Review Material
Download Course Materials

Step by step instruction on downloading the sample files for this course from our website. Course materials can be downloaded from http://www.visualvideotutorials.com/training/Gitkraken.zip

Section Recap
Are You Ready?

As we embark on this journey together, it’s important to make sure that we have everything setup properly.

Gitkraken Basic

Start a Repository

The first step in creating a "storage room" for all of our backup (commits). The storage room is called repository. This is an efficient way to manage and organize all the backups. 

Git Ignore

Not all files need to be tracked in version control. For example, you don't always need to keep track of a log file or image files. Git Ignore is a method to exclude those. This lesson will cover step by step instruction on generating ignore feature.

Stage and Commit Explained

The concept of staging and commit is explained here. Before we jump in to creating our first commit, it's important to understand what each phase means.

Your First Commit

Hands-on instruction in creating your first stage and commit. And how it will be stored and displayed in commit graph.

Restore Back to Older Version

This lesson will show how we recover our files out of the latest commit or an older commit. We are not limited to the last commit only, but can recover from any commit in the repository.

Search Feature

In a typical project you will have many commits. Without the search function, you will spend a lot of time to read the commit message one by one. The search commit is a great way to quickly look for the commit you want. Searching by keywords or files are covered in here.

Section Recap
Gitkraken Basic Quiz

Let's review what we learned so far.


Branching and Merging

This lesson will cover the concept of branching that enable team collaboration environment. Plus, branching will make your commit/backup more organized.

Your First Branch and Merge

Hands on instruction on creating your first branch and merge.

Rebase Explained

When merging the branch, you have the option to rebase. This lesson is explaining the concept of rebase.

Rebase in Gitkraken

In this lesson, the merging with and without rebase is performed. At the end of the lesson, we will be able to see the difference on both in the commit graph.

Handling Conflict

This lesson will show how Gitkraken identify conflict.


This lesson will explain the benefit of stashing. With stashing you are not forced to do a commit on un-finished files due to quick fix request. This is ensuring that all your commits are clean. 

Section Recap
Branches Quiz

Let's review our understanding on this Branching feature in Git

Upload to Github

Connect to Github

A step by step instruction on how to connect your Gitkraken local repository to Github.

Push Local Repo to Github

One benefit of Git is you can easily upload your repository to cloud backup, which is Github. This lesson will show you how to do your first push (upload) to Github.

Pull Repo from Github

This lesson will show you how to download your Github repository to your local library.

Section Recap
Upload to Github Quiz

Wrap up Quiz

Homework Solutions

Staging Commit - Main Course
Staging Commit - Dessert
Branching - Main Course
Branching - Dessert


Bonus Lecture

FAQ and Updates

Merging 2 Branches

When merging 2 branches, we need to choose the target branch to gain the correct perspective of incoming merge. If we choose the merging branch, Git will assume that we try to do hotfix and try to stash. In this video I will show the difference questions when it merges.

Upgrading to Version 2.0

In January 2017, Gitkraken release V 2.0. This video will show you how to install the update and highlight some of the new and improved features in the new major revision.

Upgrading to Version 3.0

In September 2017, Gitkraken released V3. This video will show you how to download and install the upgrade. There is one update in Fuzzy Search that behaves differently with older version, and it's covered in this video.

LFS - Large File System in Gitkraken Version 3.0

One of the major buzz on version 3 is on implementation of LFS by Gitkraken. LFS in itself has been around with Git but now with it's available in Gitkraken it makes it easy to utilize. This video starts with the basic concept of LFS and progress to installation and utilization of the feature.

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