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Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect – 100% PASS

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Professional Cloud Architect

A Professional Cloud Architect enables organizations to leverage Google Cloud technologies. With a thorough understanding of cloud architecture and Google Cloud Platform, this individual can design, develop, and manage robust, secure, scalable, highly available, and dynamic solutions to drive business objectives.

The Google Cloud Certified – Professional Cloud Architect exam assesses your ability to:

  • check Design and plan a cloud solution architecture

  • check Manage and provision the cloud solution infrastructure

  • check Design for security and compliance

  • check Analyze and optimize technical and business processes

  • check Manage implementations of cloud architecture

  • check Ensure solution and operations reliability

About this certification exam

This exam objectively measures an individual’s ability to demonstrate the critical job skills for the role. To earn this certification you must pass the Professional Cloud Architect exam. The format is multiple choice and multiple select. The exam has no prerequisites. This exam must be taken in-person at one of our testing center locations.

Locate a test center near you.

  • Length: 2 hours

  • Registration fee: USD $200

  • Language: English, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese

Review the exam guide

View an outline of the topics and sample case studies that may appear on the exam and you are expected to know in order to demonstrate proficiency. Some of the questions on the exam may refer you to a case study that describes a fictitious business and solution concept.

Exam guide and case studies.

To prepare for the certification exam, we strongly advise that you attend the training courses, review the study material, and gain hands-on experience related to the topics covered on the exam.

GCP Practice Test - Part A

The Professional Cloud Architect certification (PCA) is that it is mostly a scenario-based exam. It means that for almost all questions, a business problem is described and your task is to find the best solution to address the problem.

For those scenarios, Google has documented three Case Studies (Mountkirk, Dress4Win and TerramEarth). Each one of them introduces a fictitious company, their solution, their objectives and their challenges. It is strongly recommended to spend time studying these documents before the exam, and I would also encourage people to think about a target GCP architecture for each case study.

In the exam, there is a significant amount of questions on the case studies (probably >20%). But most other questions are also scenario-based event if they don’t directly relate to the case studies.

GCP Practice Test (Mountkirk Games) - Part B

>>>For these question, please refer to the Mountkirk Games case study<<<

Mountkirk Games Case Study

Company Overview

Mountkirk Games makes online, session-based. multiplayer games for the most popular mobile platforms.

Solution Concept

Mountkirk Games is building a new game, which they expect to be very popular. They plan to deploy the game's backend on Google Compute Engine so they can capture streaming metrics, run intensive analytics and take advantage of its autoscaling server environment and integrate with a managed NoSQL database.

GCP Practice Test (JencoMart) - Part C

>>>For this question, refer to the JencoMart case study<<<

JencoMart Case Study

Company Overview

JencoMart is a global retailer with over 10,000 stores in 16 countries. The stores carry a range of goods, such as groceries, tires, and jewelry. One of the company’s core values is excellent customer service. In addition, they recently introduced an environmental policy to reduce their carbon output by 50% over the next 5 years.

Solution Concept

JencoMart wants to migrate several critical applications to the cloud but has not completed a technical review to determine their suitability for the cloud and the engineering required for migration. They currently host all of these applications on infrastructure that is at its end of life and is no longer supported.

GCP Practice Test (TerramEarth) - Part D

>>>For this question, refer to the TerramEarth case study<<<

TerramEarth Case Study

Company Overview

TerramEarth manufactures heavy equipment for the mining and agricultural industries: About 80% of their business is from mining and 20% from agriculture. They currently have over 500 dealers and service centers in 100 countries.

Solution Concept

There are 20 million TerramEarth vehicles in operation that collect 120 fields of data per second. Data is stored locally on the vehicle and can be accessed for analysis when a vehicle is serviced. The data is downloaded via a maintenance port. This same port can be used to adjust operational parameters, allowing the vehicles to be upgraded in the field with new computing modules.

GCP Practice Test (Dress4Win) - Part E

>>>For this question, refer to the Dress4Win case study<<<

Dress4Win case study

Company Overview

Dress4win is a web-based company that helps their users organize and manage their personal wardrobe using a website and mobile application. The company also cultivates an active social network that connects their users with designers and retailers. They monetize their services through advertising, e-commerce, referrals, and a freemium app model.

Solution Concept

For the first phase of their migration to the cloud, Dress4win is considering moving their development and test environments. They are also considering building a disaster recovery site, because their current infrastructure is at a single location. They are not sure which components of their architecture they can migrate as is and which components they need to change before migrating them.

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