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Google Tag Manager (GTM) Training Course – From Zero to Hero

Learn Google Tag Manager (GTM) with Google Analytics includes event tracking and Facebook Retargeting/Remarketing Pixel
Anil Batra
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Learn & Understand and Use Google Tag Manager with confidence
Learn how to deploy various tags and track them in Google Analytics
Achieve Google Analytics implementation Mastery
Learn how to use Data Layer to track certain actions
Learn how to deploy Facebook pixel via Google Tag Manager
Become confident in using Google Tag Manager
Learn DataLayers in Google Tag Manager Course

This course will cover every thing you need to know to start using Google Tag Manager with confidence. Step by step I take you through various features of Google Tag Manager and show you how you can implement various Tags. You will go from not knowing anything about Google Tag Manager and Data Layers to mastering them and using them with confidence.

I am very confident that you will love this course.

I take personal interest in your success so if get stuck or want something that is not covered in the course then feel free to reach out to me.  Let’s get started!

In this course you will learn

  1. Fundamentals and Essentials of Tag Manger (Applies to any tag manager)

  2. Signing up for Google Tag Manager

  3. Details of Google Tag Manager Interface

  4. How to setup Google Tag Manager for Google Analytics and track page views

  5. How to setup external link tracking as Events in Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager

  6. How to setup Button click tracking in Google Analytics

  7. Track JavaScript errors using Google Tag Manager ( GTM)

  8. Deploy GTM in WordPress

  9. Understand and use Data Layer in Google Tag Manager

  10. Pushing dynamic values and custom event in DataLayer

  11. Deploy Facebook Conversion and Re-targeting Pixel to drive higher conversions

  12. Facebook event tracking to track specific actions on your site and create targeted list based on those actions.

  13. Measuring page scroll depth – see how far users scroll on long and wide pages.

  14. Tracking if users look at particular elements such as section, image, banner etc on the page

  15. Track user engagement with YouTube videos embedded on your pages.

  16. More to be added soon

I am available to help if you do get stuck. So go ahead and signup and I will see you in the course.

New tracking examples added based on student demand – if something is not covered, let me know and I will show you how to do it in Google Tag Manager.

Note: You will need basic understanding of HTML and JavaScript to use some advanced tracking using GTM.  

Here is what some of the students are saying:

Troy – AWESOME COURSE! I bought like 4 courses (including stuff for google tag manager) on udemy to teach me this and NOTHING came close to what Anil delivered in this course! I dont usually rate courses and place comments but I will make an exception in this case. Phenomenal class, covers everything, & well worth the money!

Kate Proyka –  The course is well structured, clear and covers all elements of the tool. There are several examples which can be easily implemented and make sense.

Why you should learn from me?

I have been in Digital Marketing and Analytics for over 15 years. I have trained people from diverse backgrounds and have converted them into high performing Digital Marketers and Analysts.  I understand both the technology and marketing side of business.  I have dealt with many analytics technologies way before Google Tag manager existed and know the inner working of Digital Analytics. 

In addition, I have developed various course and taught students from all over the world. I am online instructor for University of British Columbia (Canada), University of Washington (USA), Bellevue College (USA) and Digital Analytics Association.

I have an engineering degrees and an MBA.


Before we proceed.
What is a Tag and a Tag Manager
How Google Tag Manager Works

Get the fundamentals of it work, we will talk about Triggers, Variables and Tags in this lecture.

Google Tag Manager Signup and Interface Overview

Google Tag Manager account setup and Launch
Installing Google Tag Manager on WordPress sites and blogs

This lecture shows you step to add GTM to your wordpress site or blog.  If you are not using wordpress or can figure out steps from last lecture then you can skip this lecture.

Google Tag Manager (GTM) Interface Overview
Google Tag Manager Admin Panel Overview
Workspace Panel Overview

Implementing Tags via Google Tag manager

Implementing Google Analytics Tags
Tracking External Link clicks in Google Analytics via GTM

Learn how to deploy a Google Analytics tag to track external link clicks via Google Tag Manager.

Track button clicks in Google Analytics

You will learn how to deploy a tag via Google Tag manager to track button clicks, as events, in Google Analytics.

Tracking Downloads as Virtual Page views in Google Analytics

This lectures shows how you can deploy a Google Analytics tag to track downloads as virtual page views.

Capture JavaScript Errors with Google Tag Manager

This lecture will show you how to find and capture JavaScript errors with Google Tag Manager (GTM) and send them to Google Analytics.

Using Data Layer with Google Tag Manager

To ensure maximum flexibility, portability, and ease of implementation, Google Tag Manager functions best when deployed alongside a data layer.  Rather than referencing variables, transaction information, page categories, and other important signals scattered throughout your page, Google Tag Manager can easily pull information that is available in data layer. 

In this lecture you will learn what a data layer is and how you can use it in Google Tag Manager.

Dynamic data addition in Data Layer and using custom event in GTM

On dynamic sites e.g. eCommerce etc. the values on a page change based on users interaction.This lecture will show you how to add dynamic value in data layer and the use them in Google Tag manager.

Using Custom HTML tag and Data Layer to track Contact Form 7 (WordPress plugin)

Contact From 7 is a popular WordPress plugin.  This lectures shows you how to track it using GTM. You will also learn about Custom HTML functionality of GTM.

Installing Facebook Pixel with Google Tag Manager
Facebook Pixel Event Tracking
Tracking Scroll Depth on pages

This lectures shows you how you can track how far user is scrolling on your web pages.

Tracking if users are viewing a particular section, image, banner etc.
Tracking embedded YouTube videos with Google Tag Manager
More to come

There are thousands of unique ways to deploy tags so I cant put them all in this course instead I am relying on you guys to provide me your cases and then I will show you how it is done by adding more lectures to this course.

Practice Test

In this exercise you will create a new tag for Google Analytics

Bonus Lecture
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