Hair masking with Photoshop

How to make perfect selection of hairs
You will learn how to mask figures with complex borders, such as hair and fur

This course is about hair masking. If you can use Photoshop, but you still can not do good hair masking, this course will offer you a series of techniques to fix your problems. The first part is about masking starting from the basics: you will learn diverse ways of selecting and masking the hair and the fur. In the second part, you will see how to improve the masks: how to refine the details, how to fix colored borders, how to design tiny hairs.

Basic techinques


How to use the user interface of Photoshop, the basis of selection and masking tools

The basis: selecting and refining

Let's start from the beginning: how to select and mask a subject when the contrast with the background  is high.

Masking picture with low contrast

When the contrast between the subject and the background is low, it's hard to make a good contour. In this lesson, you'll see how to increase the contrast and get a nice result.

Masking borders with different properties

When you need to contour a person you've to use different techniques depending on the area you're working on: the dress has compact contour, whilst the hair is tiny and hard to contour.

Color as a reference for quick masking

If the background has a main color it's easy to contour a subject: in this lesson, you'll see how to make a good contour in a few steps using the color range.

How to use the color range in specific areas

You'll see how to work on specific details mixing the techniques learned in previous lessons.

Color channels and the creation of masks

How to use color channels to extract information to make a good maks and a perfect contour.

Improving details

Color channels to improve details

econd part of the course is about how to work on details. In this first lesson, you will see how to use the channels to improve specific areas of the mask.

The use of brush for thiny hairs

Tiny hairs need special care: in this lesson, you'll see how to contour them at best using the brushes.

Design your brush to refine the hair tips

Creating your own brushes will speed your job because you'll be able to follow the tips of the hair exactly as they're. 

Creating your personal brushes library

In this lesson you will see how to save your personal set of brushes.

Fix coloured edges with automatic tools

Still, have colored borders around your subject? Here you'll see how to fix this problem: with the automatic tools of Photoshop and painting by yourself.

Fix light borders

When the subject was on a brilliant contour and you need to place it on a dark background, often you may see a white halo around it. In this lesson, you'll see how to fix white borders.

Fix dark borders

In the opposite way of the previous lesson, when your subject was on a dark background you may see dark contour when you place it on a diverse picture. Here you'll get how to correct dark contours.

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