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Complete Hands on Course for Java Developers
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All of the lectures come with hands on labs
Build, Ship and Run Java Apps using Docker
Build Spring Framework based Apps using Docker
Docker is a must need for Engineers and developers to ship applications faster thru the life cycle
Docker Engineers have shown better job prospects as it allows for complete automation of apps and their deployments
Understand the fundamentals of virtualization and containerization

This course is a 100% HANDS ON course for Java Enthusiasts who want to use DOCKER To Build->Ship->Run Java Apps using Docker and want to learn thru 10+ real world hands on use cases. This course is optimized for the busy professional with real world use cases examples and problem solving. The student registering for the course should be able to dedicate time towards Hands on labs to get a clearer understanding on how to use docker.

Docker Version: 18.03.1-ce, JDK 8

Learn to build real world apps using Java and Docker with Microservices using the Spring framework, JQuery, Bootstrap and much more…. T

  • Apart from the theoretical aspect here are the HANDS ON LAB Exercises which will be covered
    MICROSERVICES using Docker .
  • Build a Spring MVC and MYSQL RESTFUL MICROSERVICE, Scale a micro service with multiple containers 
  • Build a Proxy Servlet, a filter with a Spring MVC app backed by MYSQL to load balance the requests between containers. 
  • Learn what the real world problems are and how Docker attempts to solve real world use cases. 
  • Learn to Run WEB Apps on Apache HTTP and NGINX Web servers in Docker as containers. 
  • Learn to run Simple Java Programs developed using JDK8 using Docker 
  • Create a sample Spring MVC Web App running with a bootstrap and JQUERY UI and run it using Docker 
  • Learn about Docker machines and Docker compose 
  • Upload your code to DOCKER HUB and share your Docker images for deployments with peers

Important : Navigating through this course

How to navigate through this course?

The course describes how to navigate through the course work. Note that the course work is split into MAC and Windows. So basically Docker with Java on Windows and Docker with Java on MAC.

Docker Fundamentals and Introduction

What is Docker?

This is an introduction to what is covered in the course and the definition of Docker.

Docker Engine

Describes the definition of a docker engine

Real World Use case - The problem

A real world use case, taking into account what is the real world problem and how Docker tries to address the issue.

Real World Use case - Docker to the rescue

Describes how Docker solves real world problems.

Docker Installation on the MAC and Windows

Docker installation on the MAC

This video covers installation instructions on the MAC, Visual Studio Code with Docker plugin and download of code samples to learn DOCKER

Docker installation on Windows 10 Professional

This video covers installation instructions on the WINDOWS 10 Professional, Visual Studio Code with Docker plugin and download of code samples to learn DOCKER

Docker Summary Break - 1

Docker summary so far, interview questions and a recap of what we have learnt so far.

Important-Note : Before you start the use cases

Windows only: Before you start the use case

Important things to note before you start the use case

MAC only: Before you start the use case

A very important note for all MAC Users before they start the use case.

Use Case 1 : Host a website on Apache httpd Server

What are we going to do?
  • Building a custom image from Dockerfile
  • Running multiple containers out of an image with your website hosted on it.
  • List all images and Containers.
  • Stop/Start Containers, and viewing logs
  • Inspecting Images and container
What is a Docker Image?

Provides the simplest way to understand a Docker Image

Building, Listing and Inspecting Images

Lecture on building, listing and inspecting images on Windows 10 Professional or Home

Running Containers, listing, starting and stopping containers

Lecture on running containers from images, listing , stopping and starting containers.

Logging into the container

This lecture describes the ways to login to the container and then map it to all the modifications done on the Dockerfile.

Removing Containers and Images

This lecture describes the mechanism to remove containers and images.

Usecase-1: Quick Summary and Recap

Quick Summary on Use case 1 on what has been covered.

Use Case 2 : Host a website on NGINX HTTP Server

Introduction to Use Case 2

Introduction to use case 2

Build->Tag->Push & Pull images

Building an image and pushing an image into the repository.

Brain Overload - 1

What have you learnt so far?

Quick Summary of what we have learnt so far.

Use Case 3 : Docker-Git integration and creating a custom UBUNTU image

Introduction to Use Case 3

Introduction to use case describe what we are going to learn as a part of Docker and GIT integration.

Build a Custom UBUNTU Image with JDK, VI editor, MAVEN

UBUNTU image with JDK 8, VI and MAVEN using Docker


Docker and GIT integration

Use Case 4: Deploy a Spring MVC war application on Apache Tomcat 8.x

Introduction and Deployment of war application on Tomcat 8.5

Deploy a Spring MVC application on Apache Tomcat 8.x

Use Case 5 and 6 : Multiple containers w/ different JDK and Tomcat on UBUNTU

JDK7-Tomcat-7 and JDK8-Tomcat-8 on UBUNTU

Describes the process of creating custom UBUNTU images each with JDK 7 and Tomcat 7 or JDK 8 and Tomcat 8 and running Spring MVC applications on the same machines using both.



Use Case 7: Mounting Volumes

Mounting Log Volumes

Mounting Volumes

Use Case 8: Microservices using Docker Machine and Docker Compose

Introduction to Docker-Machine

Introduction to Docker Machine.

MAC Only: Pre-requisite for installing Docker Machine

MAC Only: Pre-requisite for installing Docker

Windows only: Pre-requisite for Installing Docker Machine

This lecture is only required for Windows users. For mac users Docker comes with Docker-machine and virtual box. No pre-requisites required. If you havent installed virtual box please install virtual box.

Windows only: Setting up 2 Docker Machines
Docker-compose Basics and Use case set up

Docker compose basic set up

Working with Docker-compose

Explains all the docker commands used to execute docker-compose and run microservice containers.


Summary of use case

Use Case 9: Microservices with Docker, Spring Boot and Hibernate with MYSQL

Introduction and Initial Set up

Introduction and Set up for Spring Boot, Hibernate, Docker and MYSQL

Building Spring Boot Microservice with Docker

Building the docker containers with Spring boot

Use Case 10: Service Discovery and Load Balancing

Use Case 10: Scaling up Microservices, Service Discovery and Load Balancing
Quick Code Overview

Overview of the code used as a dispatcher and web container


Demo of use case 10

Summary, Docker Cheatsheets, Feedback

All Powerpoints and Docker Cheatsheet

Docker cheatsheet

Summary and Feedback

Summary and feedback

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