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Happy Hair Detox: Give up shampoo & discover beautiful hair

Understand the science of getting clean, strong hair & discover the ideal natural alternative for you.
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Feel confident about their journey towards giving up shampoo
Understand the structure of their hair and what they need to do to make it thrive
Know what shampoo and conditioner alternatives are available for them and what will be best for their hair type

This course, produced by author of the Amazon Bestseller, Happy Hair: The Definitive Guide to Giving Up Shampoo, is designed to help student detox their hair and set them confidently on the path to discovering, clean, beautiful, healthy shampoo-free hair.

Let Lucy hold your hand through your hair detox and transition to “No Poo” – let her answer any of your questions or queries as you go through this tricky time. 

A practical and theory based course:The course is planned with a very practical first half so that students can immediately begin detoxing their hair. The second half involves some of the science of this hair care method – because knowledge is power!

You will be equipped to:

  • Detox your hair from current chemicals with practical techniques and methods
  • Discover other ways to keep your hair clean and healthy that will bring out the best for your specific hair type
  • Understand the science of clean and strong hair
  • Understand exactly what the health and environmental implications are of the chemicals within traditional hair products
  • Care for your hair long term using natural, heat and chemical free methods
  • Begin your shampoo free journey in a supportive class of peers and mentors willing to help

The course involves:

This course accompanies Lucy’s book “Happy Hair” (students get a free copy when they sign up to the course) and includes 55 minutes of lectures and a further one hour of personal development. The course involves 7 video classes and accompanying interactive worksheets and a peer to peer support forum moderated by lucy. There is also a bonus free class and worksheet for those interested in heat and chemical free styling. Take the course at your leisure or take one unit every 3 days to see your through the most intense part of your detox!

  • Unit One – Introduction and reasons for giving up shampoo
  • Unit Two – Healthy alternatives to shampoo
  • Unit Three – Healthy alternatives to conditioner
  • Unit Four – Top Tips for getting through your detox period
  • Unit Five – The science of No Poo and the structure of your hair
  • Unit Six – What is behind the label of your shampoo bottle?
  • Unit Seven – Trouble shooting common problems*BONUS*
  • Unit Eight – Caring for your hair long term – Heat and Chemical free styling

Introduction and Reasons for giving up shampoo

Introduction and reasons for giving up shampoo

Welcome to Happy Hair Detox! I am Lucy, shampoo-free for three years and writer for Cosmopolitan magazine. I want to guide you through these first few weeks without shampoo.
People give up shampoo in order to:

  • save money
  • ditch toxins
  • stop animal testing
  • prevent more landfill
  • discover beautiful hair (surprisingly!)

Knowing your own reasons for giving up shampoo can make a bit difference in sticking to your guns when the going gets tough! Come and join my Facebook group for peer to peer support! https://www.facebook.com/groups/570382213160248/

Alternatives to Shampoo

The best alternatives to shampoo - work out which alternative will suit you
There are lots of alternatives to shampoo. Here I discuss some of the most common ones:
  • Baking Soda/ Bicarbonate of Soda (especially good for detox!)
  • Clay (perfect for more volume)
  • Egg (great for damaged hair)
  • Soapnuts (great for hard water!)
It will take some experimentation to discover which one works best for you hair.

Alternatives to Conditioner

Alternatives to conditioner - work out which one will suit you best.

Here I discuss some of the most common alternative conditioners:

  • Acid Rinse (always follow up clay and baking soda with an acid rinse for pH balance)
  • Oils (curly hair especially loves oils - jojoba is a nice light one for lank hair)
  • Tea (these work really well after transition and are good for scalp issues)
  • Juice (aloe vera is a classic and applesauce can be great for waxy hair!)

Methods for a happy hair detox

Methods for an easier transition period

Detoxing you hair can be tricky! Lots of extra sebum will be created and you will need:

  • A good brush (BBB! And clean it well)
  • Some scritching and preening
  • Some nifty hair styles such as back combing and plaits
  • A head scarf
  • A cool blow dry

The mechanics of hair

How your hair and No Poo works
No Poo relies on healthy hair! In this session you will learn about
  • Maintaining a healthy acid mantle
  • Nurturing an intact cuticle layer

Behind the label of your shampoo bottle

What ingredients in your shampoo bottle do you need to be concerned about?
Increasing amounts of research are revealing that Low Level Exposure to toxins in our household items and cosmetics could be the next big crisis we face. Watch out for:
  • Sodium Lauryl / Laureth Sulfate (SLS)
  • 1,4 Dioxane
  • Methylisothiazolinone (MIT)
  • Parabens
  • Silicones
  • Cocamide Betaine

Encountering problems on your shampoo-free journey

Solutions for common No Poo problems
There are a few common issues to encounter during detox:
  • Waxy Hair
  • Scalp Problems
  • Exercise and Swimming Issues

    Your worksheet will come in especially handy for solutions to these problems.

*BONUS* Future hair care - Styling and Dying

*Bonus* Caring for your hair long term
There ARE people out there who have successfully given up shampoo and continue to use heat styling and chemical dyes on their hair. I am becoming increasingly convinced that healthy hair is vital in order to achieve gorgeous locks.
Do consider:
  • Alternative, natural dyes such as henna, teas and walnut powder
  • Using velcro curlers or headband curls for volume and waves
  • Natural hair styling products
  • Giving up heat styling

    Many thanks! Lets keep in touch through the Facebook group!

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