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Health and Fitness, the Fundamentals

High Performance Health & Fitness Habits to make health and fitness automatic.
Scott F. Paradis
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Look better, feel better and do more - with energy and enthusiasm.
Properly engage your personal "auto-pilot" to get healthy and fit.
Employ your natural "energy conservation device" - your "habits process" to make health and fitness automatic.
Develop the right mindset, nutrition and play habits to reach your full potential.

Do you want to look better?  Feel better?  Live better?  Then get healthy and fit. 

This course cuts through the hype, giving you what you need – the fundamentals of health and fitness – to finally get and stay healthy and fit.

It’s simple really.  All you need to do is change a few key habits.  Change your habits, change you life!

We are all creatures of habit.  Habits dominate our lives.  With the right habits you go farther faster.  With the wrong habits you just hurt yourself. 

Life is stacked in your favor, in my favor, in our favor.  You can make any change you want.  Just decide and act.  You even have a built-in automatic pilot; an auto-pilot to keep you lean and strong, energetic and vibrant.  In this course you learn to properly engage that auto-pilot by developing the right habits of mind, the right nutrition habits, and the right play habits.

You have everything you need; you are meant to be healthy and fit. This course shows you how use the tools you are already using – your habits – to move in a new direction. I’m with you every step of the way.  Step by step, habit by habit change your life.  You can!  I know you can!!!

The course material is organized into eight (8) sections. Each section has three (3) video segments, one each devoted to Mindset, Nutrition and Play – those key habits areas ensuring health and fitness.  Among the various attachments is a .PDF copy of “High Performance Health and Fitness Habits” to reinforce the key points.

We are all creatures of habit for better or for worse. To actually progress and begin changing direction you must be willing to examine your life, and more specifically your habits – habits of mind, eating habits and activity or play habits.

“Health and Fitness, the Fundamentals” – based on “High Performance Health and Fitness Habits” – is repetitious by design. We create habit routines by repetition. Habits make us who we are. If you want to really change your life, change yourself.  Adopt and nurture new habits.

Take this course is you are serious about making a fundamental change in your life; if you are serious about becoming healthy and fit – if you want to look better, feel better and live better.  With the right habits health and fitness are automatic.  I’m excited to have you here.  And I’m excited to go on a journey of change with you!  Let’s get started now!

Start Here - change a few habits to look, feel and live better!

Introduction and Overview

See what it takes to properly engage your health and fitness "auto-pilot".  This lecture provides an overview of what you will discover in Health and Fitness, the Fundamentals and gets you started with the "Habits Change Process".

1 M You Have the Power

Your MINDSET is the key for selecting and managing your habits.  Choose the right habits and you properly set your health and fitness automatic pilot.  The choice is yours; you have the power.

1 N Work the System

Good NUTRITION habits are essential for achieving and sustaining long term health and wellbeing.  Your body is a system of systems - manage those systems.  Fuel your body with premium fuel - whole, fresh, natural fuel!

1 OP Play Everyday

If you haven't noticed yet, the journey you are on requires movement.  Now to be healthy and fit you don't have to "exercise" everyday, you don't have to "work out" everyday - instead just PLAY everyday.  If you do, if you make a habit of PLAY you will look better, feel better and live better - guaranteed!

Concept Review Questions Section 1

Ten (10) questions to see how well you grasped the material in section one of "Health and Fitness, the Fundamentals"

The Right Habits Make All the Difference

2 M The Power of Habits

We are all "creatures of habit".  Habits dominate our lives for better or for worse.  If you want to be healthy and fit; if you want to look better, feel better and live better you must adopt and nurture the right habits.

2 N Stop the Madness

Rather than looking for that perfect something new to do, often we make more progress by not doing what is harming us.  Stop the madness - stop poisoning your body - and you'll begin feeling better immediately.  

2 OP Getting Warmed Up

Warm up and loosen up at the beginning of every play session and cool down at the end.  To increase your flexibility and improve your overall fitness routinely set aside some time to deliberately stretch. 

Concept Review Questions Section 2

Ten (10) questions to see how well you internalized the material from section 2 of "Health and Fitness, the Fundamentals".

The Truth About...

3 M Believe then See

It's not: "See then believe."  It's: "Believe then see."  Your health and fitness - your success in life - is built on the foundation of what you believe.  Get your beliefs right and there's no stopping you! 

3 N Why We Are Fat

We are not fat because we eat too much - we're fat because we habitually eat the wrong things.

3 OP The Core, Bells, Balls, and Balance

A strong core is essential for overall fitness.  Try using kettlebells, medicine balls and balls of all types in your play routines.  Get yourself "off balance" to be sure to engage your core during your active play sessions.

Concept Review Questions Section 3

Ten (10) questions to check your mastery of the material we covered in section 3 of "Health and Fitness, the Fundamentals".

Making Some Adjustments

4 M Attitude Determines Altitude

With the right lever you can move even the heaviest weight with ease.  Getting your attitude right - your mindset right - is the lever habit making the biggest difference.

4 N Fat Is NOT the Enemy

Natural fats are not the problem (however manmade fats are a problem).  The real nutrition culprit undermining health is sugar.  Make a habit of eating the right kinds of fats and reducing or eliminating processed sugars and you'll be on your way.

4 OP Body Weight Play

You have everything you need to be fit.  You have a body and you have the resistance of gravity - that's all you need.  Gadgets and gizmos can be fun but you don't need them.

Concept Review Questions Section 4

Ten (10) questions to see how well you are grasping the concepts and mastering the material you have reviewed in this section of "Health and Fitness, the Fundamentals".

How To

5 M How To

Habits are thought and action processes we execute automatically - without thinking, without thoughtful deliberation.  To change a habit change the "automatic routine" portion of the habit cycle

5 N Diet and Exercise

Healthy nutrition is not about what "diet" you follow; it's about adopting habits to ensure yours is a whole, fresh, natural diet.

5 OP Yoga and Pilates

Two of the best "play systems" to engage in are Yoga and Pilates.  Yoga and Pilates are both total being - mind, body, spirit - disciplines.

Concept Review Questions Section 5

Ten (10) questions to see how well you are mastering the material in "Health and Fitness, the Fundamentals".

Don't Stress Out

6 M The Straw that Broke the Camel's Back

Stress is a part of everyone's life.  The right stressors help us excel; the wrong stressors can overwhelm us.  To be healthy and fit make a habit of effectively managing stress.

6 N One Step at a Time

First you must "know the truth" before you can make a change.  Monitor what you eat and drink and then make the move to whole, fresh, natural options habitually.

6 OP Overcoming Resistance

Life is "resistance training".  You are meant to overcome resistance.  Make overcoming resistance one of your play habits.

Concept Review Questions Section 6

Ten (10) questions to see how you have mastered the material in section 6 of "Health and Fitness, the Fundamentals".

You Are Not Alone

7 M You Are Not Alone

You are here in this life to connect - to connect with the world around you and to connect with other people.  You are never alone.  Make the habits change journey with other people.  Together you are sure to succeed.

7 N Take Aim

We put energy into whatever we "focus" on, so focus on the right things - the new healthy and fit you!

7 OP Getting Up to Speed

Intensity is the key fitness ingredient.  If you want to become more fit faster, increase the intensity of your play.

Concept Review Questions Section 7

Ten (10) questions to test your mastery of the material you have reviewed in section 7 of "Health and Fitness, the Fundamentals".

Putting It All Together

8 M You Know What to Do
8 N Eat Fresh

Fuel your body with only premium fuel - whole, fresh, natural foods.  Once you've adopted the healthy nutrition habit you are set for life.

8 OP Play Some More

Thirty minutes of active engaged play is good for your body and your spirit.  Play everyday!

9 Summary Conclusion

MINDSET, NUTRITION and PLAY these are the lever habits which set your health and fitness auto-pilot.  Get these right - adopt and nurture healthy MINDSET, NUTRITION and PLAY habits - and your health and fitness will be taken care of automatically.

Concept Review Questions Section 8

Ten (10) questions to test how well you mastered the material in the entire program of "Health and Fitness, the Fundamentals". 

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