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History of Ireland: Viking Invasion, Part 1: 795 – 902

Arrival in Ireland of Viking raiding parties, large scale invasion, settlement and defeat in 902.
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Understand the effects on the people of Ireland during the first 100 years after the arrival in Ireland of invaders from Scandinavia.
Understand why the Vikings came to Ireland and who they were..
Understand how the goals of the Vikings in Ireland changed in the 9th century.
Understand how the Irish responded to the invasions.
Understand the impact that the Vikings had on the Christian church in Ireland.
Know why the Vikings did not manage to take control of Ireland
Have details of the main Viking and Irish leaders of the time.
Learn how the Vikings were memorialized in the writings of Irish people.

The Viking Age in Ireland began when raiding parties arrived of the east coast of Ireland in 795. Over the next twenty years Ireland was scourged by raiding parties that came in search of mobile wealth and slaves. They looted and destroyed island based monasteries and coastal communities. By the 1820’s they know enough about Ireland – the language, political and military situation, the agricultural potential, geography – to begin considering an invasion and settlement. The first major invasions occurred in the 830’s. The 830’s until the 870’s was the first of two periods when the Vikings had the potential to defeat the Irish and build their colony. The Irish fought back, often the initiative being devolved to local chieftains. Once the issue of who would be high king in Ireland was resolved, the Irish resistance evolved. The Danes arrived in the 850’s and controlled Dublin until a counter-attack restored control to the Norwegians. In the 870’s the Norseman lost their main leaders and this resulted in twenty years of internal warfare for control of the colony. During this period the Irish became resurgent and after a civil war amongst the Vikings the Irish acted and ousted them from all their bases culminating in the takeover of Dublin in 902.



About The Vikings

What's in a Name
Who Were the Vikings
Why the Vikings Became Invaders

From the arrival of the Vikings to 850 AD

Viking contact with Ireland up to 814
The period 814 to 830
The Viking "Invasion" in the 830's
The Viking "Invasion" in the 830's and Irish Resistance
Viking Settlement at Dublin

Settlement and inter-Viking warfare 850 - 902

Arrival of the Danes and the Battle for Control of Ireland
Irish High King Mael Sechnaill (Malachy)
Irish High King Aedh (Hugh) Finliath MacNiall
Cerbhall MacDunlainge, King Of Oisroige

Decline of the Vikings 870's to 902

Decline of the Vikings and Civil War in Dublin 893-94
Irish Victory over the Vikings 902 AD


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