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Holistic life: Find your life purpose

An holistic life coach, guide and therapy to define your life goals and improve your health and wellness
Aurelien Millot
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You will ask yourself some existing questions regarding the global vision of life
You will be taught to establish links in between the different elements of life to minimize the duality
You will be taught to apply a new grid of reading and co-writing the great book of life

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An holistic approach: Integrate the different pieces to appreciate the beauty of the masterpiece to become a master peace.

Etymologically speaking “HolYstyle of Life” is a neologism: Holy (saint & sacred) + holistic dimension (« holos » : global) + style : daily and operational implementation (not only theoretical).

The reason of being of this methodology is to aspire to Unity (individual & collective YOUnity) & harmony. This is an inward and outward journey. This approach is useful to emphasize the common thread in life at each level: physics, metaphysics, integrating that all is linked and interconnected. It exists a force maintaining and interlocking all subsets of all kind of existence: visible and invisible.

The mission is about an evolution or a rEvolution, a change, a new paradigm applying a new grid of reading on earth aspiring to the awakening (individual and collective), from there the enlightenment of each of us radiating on each other: « without shining but radiating to enlighten other people to find their own way ».

This conference has been given many times for different kinds of audiences with always a great success: for prestigious MBA schools, for associations and circles of reflection in various places in the world. It has been built on 2 dimensions: the scientist and spiritual visions which are 2 different faces of the same medal converging in the same sense. Thus you will apply a 3th dimension the holistic vision (a global dimension beyond dualism).

The conference is the fruit of many years of research enriched by numerous of real references: theories and quotes…

I am convinced that it will resonate within you and deep inside you because all is somehow already within you as you will discover it and as Khalil Gibran “No man can reveal anything to you except what is already half-asleep”. What I am sure is that you will not see things anymore with the same eyes.

NB: a large amount of this money generated by this conference will be given to a charity organization



HolYstyle of life (a holistic approach)



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