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Home Office & Computer Productivity Hacks Organize Your Life

The COMPLETE Home and Office Productivity Course! Go from home office and productivity nightmare to ZEN!
Nav Gupta
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Be able to clean up their desktops
Have a clean more productive desktop environment
Work faster and use their computers more efficiently

COME JOIN OVER 3,697+ Student’s In This Incredible Productivity Course!

It is TWO courses in ONE! A complete course for novice learners who want to gain a grasp of their Office and PC once and for all!


5/5 STAR – “Excellent productivity Course”, Carl Pohl
5/5 STAR – “practical, insightful and unique!”, Gulnara Emirali
5/5 STAR – “Excellent course. Very well presented with some very good tips and tricks. Highly recommended.”, Mark P Flatt

5/5 STAR – “This was a useful course for me, in being able to add some focus and organization to my computer work.”, Kathryn Kistner


By the end of this course, students will have the skills and expertise to:

1. Clean up their computer desktops ONCE AND FOR ALL!

2. Beautify and Enhance their computer desktop experience!

3. Get a MIND-BLOWING Productivity Boost with incredible tools and methodologies

4. If done correctly, students should become clutter free in a very short period of time – with some transformations happening within a single hour!

5. Create and design a new office space!

6. Learn about Backups, Calendars and Many other Productivity Tools!

Clutter can cause massive imbalance as well as limit things from getting done! Clutter can even negatively affect your ability to focus and process information!

However clutter doesn’t just stop at simply cleaning up your desktop, we need to stop the root cause and that is DISORGANIZATION without any system to help you manage things.

I was once like you, FRUSTRATED with all the mess, and as a game and app developer as well as an online instructor and motivational speaker, keeping everything organized and together was DRIVING me crazy!

Then it happened…that day where I finally said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and I spent my time to reorganize and get my life back! And now I’m here to teach you how YOU can do it too with this amazing course!  Here you will learn how to create a productive and organized office and pc system!

Some of the software being used will cost $10-$50 USD, however we will be using the free 30 day trial and free versions of the tools. For the book that is recommended it may cost you up to $15 for the book (As I’m not the author of the book, I can only provide the direct link to Amazon for the recommended book in the course). Other than that you should not have to worry about any other fees other than the course fee itself.

Due to the busy schedule Abhinav has as he is developing new games and apps,
speaking at seminars around the world, running his various companies,
building new programs and courses, and ofcourse spending time with his
family, fans and other students, etc. it will naturally be a challenge
for Abhinav to be available all the time. For this reason it is highly
recommended that students take advantage of any webinars or discussions
which Abhinav is a part of! These are great opportunities to connect
with Abhinav and ask questions about the course. Note: Please
make sure your questions are related to this course when asking
questions as Abhinav has several courses on various topics. If you have a
question on another course or topic that Abhinav teaches that is
outside the scope of this course, please ask it in that specific webinar
or discussion section.


This course is aimed at beginners who may have never heard of these tools and techniques before!

The digital part of the course is for desktop and laptop users and is targeted to those who are on a PC running a Windows Operating System (Preferably Windows 7 and above. The course is taught on a Windows 8 PC). The tools and software will also work on a Mac, however all lessons and course material is shown on a Windows based PC. For
more courses and programs, please take a look at Abhinav’s
other programs on Udemy 🙂


1. You’re frustrated with a MESSY OFFICE and COMPUTER DESKTOP all the time.

2. You’re looking to get control of the clutter and finally get focus again on what matters!

3. You want to increase your PRODUCTIVITY by learning methods and tools to give you an ADDED EDGE over your computer.


Important information before you enroll:

  • In case you are not fully satisfied with the course, don’t forget you are covered by a 30 day money back guarantee, full refund, no questsions asked!
  • Once enrolled, you have unlimited, lifetime access to the course!
  • You will have instant and free access to any updates I may add to the course over time.
  • Check out the curriculum and FREE lectures in the course.

PC DETOX Course (Section 1): Introduction to the Course

Introduction and Overview of this Course

In this lesson we go over the course in more detail on what we will be learning and the tools and techniques we will be accessing as well as the requirements and capabilities.

PC DETOX Course (Section 2): Break Free From The Chains!

Installation of the Software Tool

In this lesson we install the first software tool and INSTANTLY start seeing a difference to our desktop environment!

Using the Software

Learn how to use the new software we just installed!

System Restart and What To Expect

After the software has been installed, we are going to restart our computer system and go over some things to expect.

PC DETOX Course (Section 3): Clear Your Mind and Increase Focus!

Themes and Installing the Software

In this lesson we go over installing the theme software.

Basic Setup - Make it Clean and Easy!

We now move onto the next step here and start making our desktop look clean and easy!

Restart and How To Access If Issues

Restart of system and going over any access issues you may have with the software.

Adding Productivity Tools and Enhancements

We go over adding in various productivity tools and enhancements such as a calender, todo item list and other items to consider.

PC DETOX Course (Section 4): Get the ULTIMATE EDGE!

Stopping the Leak - GETTING THINGS DONE!

We now go into overdrive and use special methods and techniques by David Allen to stop the leak at the source and finally control our clutter!

Folder Setup for Getting Things Done

In this lesson we go over setting up the required folders to finally stop the leak once and for all!

Organizing Icons and Files to Match

In this lesson we start organizing our icons and files and start cleaning up our current clutter!

Download Peace Zen MP3 by Abhinav for Stress Relief & Light Ambient Atmosphere!
Computer Usage Tips and Tricks for Speed and Productivity

In this lesson we go over some incredible tips and tricks that have helped me speed up my computer usage and time!

PC DETOX Course (Section 5): End of Course

End of Course and Next Steps


Share Your Productivity and Time Management Tips!

In this part of the course I ask you as my students to share with the entire group any tips, tricks and ideas that you have on increasing your productivity! Are you using the software tools in a unique way? Are there any new tools you've found? Any new ideas on time management or productivity you could recommend? I'd love to hear from you as would other students! This is where you can share your experiences!

Home Office and Productivity Course (Section 1): Introduction

Introduction to the Course

Welcome to this course on Home Office and Productivity! This lesson is an introduction to the course!

Take a Before Photo!

In this lesson we go over taking a before photo so that we can see the progress later in the course from our hard work!

HOME OFFICE Productivity and Organization Course (Section 2): Decluttering

Assess the Mess

In this lesson, we are going to assess the mess!

Get Inspired

Before we begin, we need some inspiration. Get inspired by researching various office spaces to match your needs.

Make a Plan

In this step we drawout an office plan.  Figure out where you want your desks and office items to be.

Take Action!

At this point, we start to implement our plan!

Final Results Photo and End of Section

Once you finish organizing your office, share your success photos with the class for inspiration :)

HOME OFFICE Productivity and Organization Course (Section 3): Calendars & Boards

Whiteboards, Corkboards and Mixed Uses

In this lesson we go over the various types of whiteboards, corkboards and other board styles based on how you work.

Pocket Calendars and More

In this lesson we dive into physical calendars and pocket calendars.

Google Calendar

Here we go over a very basic overview of Google Calendar and where to go to setup your own Google Calendar account.

End of Section Overview

We review what we have learned in this section.

HOME OFFICE Productivity and Organization Course (Section 4): Paper and Clutter

Clutter Reduction System (David Allen)

In this lesson we go over David Allen's system called Getting Things Done.  It is an incredible way of looking at things and can help you to reduce your clutter immediately!

Wall Hangers and Desk Folders

In this lesson we go over wall hangers and desk folder options.

Filing Cabinets and Physical Storage

This lesson goes over Filing Cabinets and Physical Storage Systems.

Wave and Digital Storage

Here we discuss the powerful Wave accounting software and tool!

Shredding, Shredders and Services

The all important shredder! In this lesson we go over how to choose the right shredder for all your privacy and shredding needs!

End of Section Overview

We end off this section with an overview.

HOME OFFICE Productivity and Organization Course (Section 5): System Backup

Backup Types Overview

We start off with an overview of backup systems and how important they are.

Offline Backup

In this lesson we discuss offine backup options including NAS, USB Memory Keys and other backup options.

Online Cloud Backup (Google, DropBox, CrashPlan)

In this section we go over various online cloud services for backup such as CrashPlan, Google Drive and DropBox.

End of Section Overview

A breif overview of what we learned in this section.

HOME OFFICE Productivity and Organization Course (Section 6): Conclusion

Final Overview of Course

CONGRATULATIONS! You Finished The Course!


[Software & Technique] Productivity Tip: MindMaple Mind Mapping

In this lesson I go over Mind Mapping with MindMaple and provide a link to this free to use tool which is INCREDIBLE for getting your ideas out of your brain!

[Office] Organization Hack: Cables and Wires

Ever wondered what to do with all those extra loose cables and wires in your desk drawer? Here's a neat hack I've tried out and used successfully!

[Software & Technique] Productivity Tip: Video Speed!

This one tip has saved me many hours of lost time over the months and I just learnt about it in September of 2015! All the time before learning this one tip I was doing things the slow way!!

[Software & Technique] Productivity Tip: Text 2 Speech! Computer Reads To You!

In this lesson we look at text to speech and a tool that can help you with having things read to you!

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