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Host A Blazing Fast Static Website On Amazon AWS

Relevant for [2017]. This course is a guide to get your website hosted on Amazon AWS quickly.
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At the end of my course, students will be able to host their static websites on the lighting fast Amazon AWS

Relevant for 2017.  This course is designed for folks who want to host a blazing fast static site on Amazon AWS.  

In order to have a really fast database driven site, such as WordPress, you need an expensive dedicated server.

Many of us simply cannot afford a dedicated server.  AWS gives us this power.  It is true that a static site will be faster in any case but you are still stuck with high hosting fees.  AWS again makes this very easy financially and when the time comes when you start to build a loyal following, AWS can handle high traffic.

This course assumes you already have a static site but if you don’t I will include a place you can find a very nice responsive template for free.

I have studied the vast amounts of AWS documentation and created this course as the much faster solution to understanding how to get your static site hosted on Amazon AWS.  

So come along and let’s get your beautiful website up and running.

Intro and quick synopsis

A little bit about me and about this course.  

Setting Up A Static Site On AWS.

Sign Up For AWS. Its easy!

Before we can do anything, we will need an AWS account on Amazon.  This is different than your normal Amazon credentials that we use for Amazon shopping. This will be a specific login for the AWS backend with all the goodies. 

Buying a Domain

There are plenty of places to buy your domain. Many probably already know how to get one.  However, I will show the process of getting one from a site I buy my domains from.  The purpose of this is so you can see where our name servers will live once we set up a hosted zone on Amazon AWS

Creating Our Buckets

To host your website on Amazon AWS.  We need to create three simple buckets for our files to live in.  This will make it possible for our site to be visible on the world wide web. 

Setting Up Bucket Permissions

Out of the box, newly created buckets in S3 are private and closed off to the world unless we give access.  In this lecture we will set the proper permissions so our buckets can host our website properly. 

Here is the code for the bucket policy:

    "Version": "2012-10-17",
    "Statement": [
            "Sid": "Allow Public Access to All Objects",
            "Effect": "Allow",
            "Principal": "*",
            "Action": "s3:GetObject",
            "Resource": "arn:aws:s3:::yoursite.com/*"

Finish Up Permissions

In this video we will just finish setting up our permissions. 

Test Our Bucket Configurations

In this video we will put up a simple test website to make sure our hosting buckets are set up correctly. If the website displays we are golden!

I will include a simple HTML file for you to use for testing. 

Setting Up Our Hosted Zone

In this video we will set up our hosted zone on Amazon AWS so our domain knows how to behave. 

Name Servers

The name servers that is provided by AWS needs to be set up at the domain registrar. We will complete this simple step now. 

Upload Our Full Website To AWS

This is the exiting time when we upload our website to the AWS hosting bucket we created earlier.  I will share the link where I got this example site I used for the course. 

Oh Yeah Its Live!

In this lecture I demonstrate the site being live on the world wide web.  In this particular case, the process was very fast which is good news for you.  

Bonus Lecture - Ways to update your static site.

The point of this course was to get you up and running on Amazon AWS.  This video will explain some of the disciplines of keeping your static website up to date and being able to update easily.   I will go into some of those options in this lecture. 

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