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How To Actually Make Money From Cryptocurrencies and ICOs

Bored of courses that just introduce you to trading strategies and then leave you alone? Lets make real Money together!
Lukas Navickas
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Understand most important definitions in Crypto World
Define Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Crypto Mining, ICO
Participate in ICO
Buy and Sell cryptocurrency and tokens
Buy Bitcoin
Make money from taking smart investments
Invest in Crypto Companies
Understand Market Order and Limit Order
Analyse cryptocurrency news and spot Fake News
Get access to private investment groups and websites filled with detailed useful reviews on all upcoming ICOs
Have motivation to start your own ICO
Set up your Ether wallet
Review ICO by themselves using strategies from the course
Set a goal to become successful by taking decisions today
Buy ICO tokens before anybody else
Distinguish between ICO private sale, ICO pre-sale and ICO event
Compare investment in cryptocurrencies vs investment in niche
Understand softcap, hardcap and all other important theory behind ICO
Send ETH or BTC to receive ICO Token
Understand most important indicators in Cryptocurrency market - Fibonacci Retracements tool, RSI, MACD, Moving Average
Spot a trend using FIbonacci tool, MACD, RSI and Moving Average and make buy/sell decision yourself

After watching all other courses on ICOs and crypto investment, I couldn’t achieve any financial freedom and didn’t achieve 5x profit… That’s why I have decided to create this course, which would help people just like me and you! If you want to make real profit from cryptocurrency, you have to find a niche.

I will guide you through all this complicated process, explain you only the stuff that you need to know do live trading sessions. I will LOSE and EARN my money, giving you explanations in every step of the process.

Together, we will analyse and invest in the best crypto companies (ICO), follow their development and sell the tokens to achieve the maximum possible profit (BONUS lecture).

I will not bore you with all the definitions, unnecessary crypto investment strategies. We are going to learn 4 indicators which will clearly show you the trend of the cryptocurrency/token. We will buy and sell them together – all you have to do is complete this course and join our private community.

Now, if you have watched all the lessons in this course and still do not feel comfortable finding, investing and making money from crypto companies (ICO), I will personally apologize you and will give you all your money back.

Section 2

How we can make money from Cryptocurrencies and tokens?

How the Cryptocurrency world works?

Immediately get above the level that you are right now
How Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain and Mining are related?
Raise money with ICO
Return of Investment from Cryptocurrencies VS ICO
What drives people Buy and Sell cryptocurrencies?
Venture Capitalists decisions
Scam ICOs
ICO News Websites

Analyzing ICOs

How to analyze an ICO? Making Successful investment decisions (Part 1)
How to analyze an ICO? (Technical analysis, Part 1)
How to analyze an ICO? Making Successful investment decisions (Part 2)
How to analyze an ICO? (Technical analysis, Part 2)

Investing in ICO

Invest in ICO (Step 1)
Invest in ICO (Step 2)
Invest in ICO (Step 3)

How to make money from ICO and cryptocurrencies?

How to trade in cryptocurrency world?
Understanding Fibonacci Retracement tool
Understanding MACD lines
Understanding RSI Indicator
Understanding Moving Average Indicator
Livetrading with Lukas (Part 1)
Livetrading with Lukas (Part 2)

Let's Start Your Crypto Journey

Motivate Yourself Out of Rock Bottom

Your turn to act

[Bonus] First step of your crypto journey is here!
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