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How to be a Better Lover: Yoga and Meditation for Sex

Designed for men who want develop healthier sexual habits
Tanya Pillay
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Apply simple breathing and body awareness techniques so you can last as long as you want in bed
Transform your sexual energy into creative energy so instead of feeling hot and bothered you feel energized and motivated
Learn to guide your sexual energy rather than letting your sexual energy guide you
Become a better lover
Deepen your relationship with your partner by being more connected

Sexual energy is the most powerful energy in your body and it often feels like it guides us. However, if we employ basic breathing and body awareness techniques we can guide our sexual energy instead of it guiding us. This course will teach you a number of simple techniques that you can start using right away to better control your sexual energy. This will enable you to last as long as you want in bed.

You can practice these breathing, visualization and movement techniques alone or with a partner. Nothing too complicated, think – yoga and meditation meets sex.

The techniques taught in the course will support you in developing a more rewarding sex life. You will be able to have heightened awareness for how pleasure operates throughout your mind and body and as a result you will feel it more acutely. You will also develop a deeper sensitivity to your partner’s arousal states allowing you to intuitively respond in the moment.

Overall Course Introduction

Welcome and thank you for choosing to participate in this online course. You're about to embark on a rewarding journey of personal growth and discovery. There are three key things for you to remember when taking this course. They are as follows:

  1. We are made up of energy
  2. This energy can be guided
  3. Guiding this energy involves regular practice of breathing and body awareness techniques.

The secret to this course and to becoming a better lover is developing a deeper understanding for both how you and your partner become aroused and climax. Through this deeper understanding you will be able to guide your arousal journey with skill and thoughtfulness. The best way to achieve this is through regular, repeat practice of a few simple exercises.

    Energy and Awareness

    Intro Video

    Welcome to the first section of this course. In this section we will introduce you to

    1. The concept of your energy body
    2. Simple exercises to increase awareness of your breath
    3. Simple exercises to increase awareness of your body, especially the areas involved in sex.

    The secret to this section is in doing regular practice of the exercises until they feel natural and easy to you.

    The Energy Inside Your Body Video

    Our entire body is an electrical machine with energy-information circulating through it. The body's nervous system is based on electrical signals and bonds. The first step to guiding the movement of energy in your body is achieving a relaxed state of concentration. Where you focus your attention, your energy will gather. However, maintaining concentration can be challenging at first. This is where repeat practice of the exercises come in. By learning to guide the energy in your body, you will be better able to control your states of sexual arousal.


    The more aware you can become aware of the sensations moving throughout your body, the more you can direct and enjoy those sensations. By increasing breath awareness, you naturally become a better observer of all the sensations that are happening to you and let me tell you, this comes in handy during sex.

    Breath Awareness Exercise

    Practicing this breath awareness exercise enhances concentration and deepens awareness of sensations within your body.

    Breath Visualization Exercise

    This next exercise teaches you to guide your breath using visualization. This will help you to guide your sexual energy throughout your body.

    Breathing Exercises Summary

    By doing these simple breathing exercises, you lay the foundation to circulate sexual energy throughout your body in much the same way as you have been doing with your breath. In addition to giving you more awareness for love making, regular practice of exercises like this can produce benefits in all aspects of your life - just like any meditative practice.

    A trick to making these exercises a part of your daily routine is to stack them. This means combining them with a daily ritual to help you remember to do them. For example, you could practice visualizing your breath while you shower.

    Meet Your Pelvis - Body Awareness Exercises

    Your pelvis drives most of the action during intercourse as well as fuelling your sexual energy. Pelvic rotations are an easy way to increase your range of motion, circulation, and energize the entire body. It's a great exercise to do before and during sex.

    Meet Your PC Muscle - Body Awareness Exercise

    As you build your arousal, you will be relying on the PC (pubococcygeus) muscle to help redirect your sexual energy to last longer during sex with a partner. To strengthen the PC muscle, I'm going to show you how to do PC muscle contraction reps.

    Breath and Body Awareness Conclusion

    Congratulations! You have now completed section 1. In this section you learned about

    1. The concept of your energy body
    2. Simple exercises to bring awareness to your breath
    3. Simple exercises to bring awareness to your body

    Becoming a better lover begins with developing a deeper understanding of your body and breath. Through this deeper understanding you will be able to guide your arousal with increased skill and awareness.

    And remember: the best way to achieve results is through regular, repeat practice.

    After practicing these techniques, you will be ready to integrate them into your experience of sexual arousal as described in the next section.

    Section 1 Quiz

    Just a quick test to see if you retained the information from Section 1 of this course

    Practicing Solo

    Introduction to Directing Your Sexual Energy

    In this section, you will learn basic techniques for guiding your sexual energy. First we will teach you how to do this when you are in a low state of arousal. Next you will practice during higher states of arousal. The basic techniques taught will consist of combining the exercises you practiced in the last section.

    Guiding sexual energy during lower states of arousal

    We all know what it feels like to get aroused. We get a little unsettled, we become distracted, and we get a build-up of energy in the pelvis that's like an itch that needs to be scratched.

    Well guess what?

    There is a way to circulate energy throughout the body and dissipate the strong hold that arousal has on us. Essentially, you are striving to draw the energy from your pelvic area up along your back, around your head, and down into your belly.

    By drawing the build up of sexual energy from your pelvic area into the rest of your body, you'll notice you don't feel hot and bothered anymore. You should also feel an increase in overall energy, as you have just successfully transformed your procreative sexual energy into energy with general creative potential.

    Guiding sexual energy during heightened states of arousal

    In their research of more than 1000 men for their book, 'Any Man Can,' William Hartman and Marilyn Fithian found that if a man can learn to masturbate for 15 - 20 minutes without ejaculating, then he can go for as long as he wants during intercourse.

    With that said, if you are able to apply the techniques learned in the previous sections of the course during heightened states of arousal, you will have much better control over the timing of your orgasms.

    Conclusion For Directing your Sexual Energy

    In this section we showed you breathing and body awareness techniques to draw energy up from your pelvis and down into your belly during any state of arousal.

    This will give you greater control over your states of arousal and the ability to control when you ejaculate.

    It will also enable you to conserve and optimize your sexual energy. So: the next time you feel hot and bothered, remember to practice these simple body movement and breathing techniques.

    Section 2 Quiz

    This is a quick test to see if you got all the main points in Section 2 of this course

    Practicing with a Partner

    Introduction to Practicing with a Partner

    The book 'The Multi Orgasmic Man' likens women to water and men to fire: to satisfy your lover, you have to bring her to a boil, which means keeping yourself burning long enough to do so.

    In this section we show you how to use the techniques taught earlier in the course when you're making love to your partner and provide you with additional techniques that you and your partner can use together.

    When practicing with a partner, there is an added layer of complexity: not only are you tracking your state of arousal, you should also be tracking your partner's.

    Practicing with a Partner

    Sex is an amplifier of energy and connection. This means that when you and your partner come together sexually, you have the potential to create more energy and intimacy then you would alone. This is a powerful thing. The following techniques will give you a better idea of how to deepen the connection and amplify the energy created by you and your partner.

    Explaining that you are practicing these techniques prior to using them with your partner can only help your cause. Feel free to tell your partner that you are taking a course about becoming a better lover and that you're interested in practicing these techniques with them. You can even show them some of this video if you want. Chances are they will love it and appreciate the honesty and the effort.

    Techniques introduced in this lecture include:

    1. eye gazing
    2. coordinated breathing
    3. prolonged foreplay
    4. cycling your sexual energy throughout your body

    Now it's time for the fun part -- you get to practice!

    Section 3 Quiz

    Another quick quiz to see if you retained the info in Section 3 of the course

    Summary and Conclusion


    Congratulations, you have just finished an exciting and adventurous journey toward becoming a better lover. You are indeed a sexual jedi in training.

    I think it's fantastic that you completed this course. The world needs more men that better understand the potential of sexual energy and how to connect more deeply through sex. Now that you understand the techniques, it's up to you to practice them. A couple things to remember.

    #1. It's easiest to make something a regular practice if you stack it with another activity that you already do. For instance you might want practice your PC Muscle exercises when you are brushing your teeth, as I'm assuming you do that everyday.

    #2. I can't stress enough the importance of open communication. These are healthy techniques that will not only add more fun to your sex life, but they can also make it more enriching, connected and loving. Therefore don't hesitate to share that you are a sexual jedi in training with your partner and your friends.

    #3. Finally, and most importantly, sex isn't just about getting off. While orgasms can be mind blowing, the power of sex or sexual arousal lies in its ability to generate a tremendous amount of creative energy. While the techniques taught in the course are useful in guiding your arousal states, the real value is in having a healthier, more empowered relationship with your sex drive. Your sex drive is a main ingredient in your life force and a resource that can help you lead a healthier and happier life.

    Good luck practicing and if you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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