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How To Become A Great Leader

Learn What You Need To Do To Create Loyal Teams That Achieve Amazing Results
Gordon Tredgold
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After taking this course you will have a better understanding of leadership and the benefits it brings
You will learn what you need to do to increase your influence and have a bigger impact on your company's performance
You will know how to become trusted and valued member of your company
You will understand the steps you need to take to open up new bigger and better opportunities for yourself
You will have increased influence and know how to leverage to your advantage

Leadership is the difference between companies that achieve amazing results and those that go bust, for projects being delivered on-time, in-budget or being late and overspending. Great Leadership, simply put, is the difference between success and failure and for those that can master it, the world is their oyster. 

Great leaders are be in demand, get offered the exciting jobs, and are very well paid for their service.

If you want to become a great leader, then you need to build influence, and the more influence you have, the more effective your leadership will be. On this course, you will learn the importance of Influence, its impact on leadership, and the practical steps you can take to increase yours.

There are six components to great leadership.

This course will breakdown these first five components, explain why they are important and help you improve all of them to help you land a great leadership position.

You don’t need to have any leadership background or experience.  You just need a desire to lead and a willingness to take action.

Here are some of the reviews received

5 Stars “Gordon is an amazing Leader and has got that ability to coach people the same. He is very direct with his message and gives lots of real world examples which makes the course very interesting. I recommend this course to anyone who is looking to grow as a leader and wants to be a team player” . Deepak Madilla

5 Stars “Gordon Tredgold is a true leader. His course is comprehensive and delivered in a manner that is easy to understand. He is most certainly in touch with the “real” world of business and how it works. I will use this valuable information to improve my leadership skills and grow my business.”
Dr Shelly Plumb

5 Stars . “Extremely good course. There are plenty of leadership courses out there but too many add complexity and detail where it is not needed. Gordon gets straight to the point and uncovers success strategies that even the most experienced can learn from. Well done!
Charles Bennet

This course is ideal for people looking to move into leadership roles or who are looking to improve their leadership and land an even bigger role!


What Is Leadership

This video provides a brief overview of what leadership is

Why Is Leadership Important

In this video you will gain an understanding of why leadership is important, what benefits it can bring to an organization and also the impact of bad leadership.

Are Leaders Born or Made

This video answers the popular question are leaders born or made.

What's The Difference Between Leadership and Management

This video looks to explain the difference between leadership and management, why they are both vital and how the interact in order for you to achieve success

What is Leadership and Why Is it Important


What Is Influence

Influence is crucial if you want to be a successful leader, in this video I will give you an overview of what Influence is, why it's important and what are it's key components.


3 Building Character

3.1 Character

In this video I explain what I mean by character and why it's important to building influence.

There is also the article 20 Habits of Highly Unsuccessful Leaders which will help you understand which qualities you need to avoid, or what you can do to mitigate them

3.2 Be The Kind Of Leader You Would Like To Follow

In this video I explain a simple approach to identifying the leadership qualities that you could look to develop 

3.3 You Get Hired for IQ

In this video I cover the importance of IQ and EQ in leadership, and explain which is more important and why.

3.4 Defining Your Values

In the lecture there's a video explaining how to define your values and an exercise sheet to go through to help you identify and prioritize your values

Building Character

Building Knowledge

4.1 Knowledge Is Power

In this video I explain why knowledge is important and how you can use it's value to become more influential 

4.2 What Should You Become An Expert In

In this video i share some ideas on which topics and areas you should look to increase your expertise

4.3 So How Do You Become An Expert

In this video I share with you how I went from being completely unknown to becoming a recognized world expert in just 2 years.

Knowledge Quiz

5 Reputation

5.1 What Is Reputation

In this video I explain what I mean by reputation and why it's important to your influence.

5.2 An Ounce Of Image

In this video I share one of my pets hates, but also why you need to work on both image as well as performance

5.3 Is Your Brand Accidental Or Intentional

In this video i explain the difference between accidental and intentional brands, and why it's important to develop an intentional brand. 

5.4 Designing Your Intentional Brand

In this video I explain what you need to do to create an Intentional Brand and provide a work book for you to work through to create your own intentional brand 

5.5 Reputation and Social Proof

In this video I explain the importance of social proof and give some tips on what you can do to get some.

Reputation Quiz

6 Building Your Network

6.1 Benefits Of Having A Strong Network
6.2 How Strong Is Your Network

In this video I ask you to do a quick assessment of your network so you have a starting point to work from

6.3 Leveraging Your Mentors Network

In this video I explain why having a mentor is good for your network

6.4 Building Your Network

In this video I cover what you need to do to build a strong network

6.5 Nurturing Your Network

In this video I explain what you need to do once you have built your network to ensure its available when you need it

Network Quiz

7 Action

7.1 Leadership Is A Verb Not A Noun

In this video I explain the importance of action and why leaders need to lead by example.

7.2 Leading Without Authority

Not all leadership opportunities come with matching authority levels. In this video I explain how to lead when you don't have positional authority.

7.3 Time To Act

In this video I talk about the action you should take right now to become a better leader

Action Quiz

8 Bringing It All Together

Bringing It All Together

Bonus Materials

FAST Leadership Podcast - Ultimate Influence interview with Bob Burg

Interview with Bob Burg on Influence

Transitioning From Team Member To Team Leader
Why Patience is Key
The One Thing That Damages Your Leadership The Most
How Outcome Based Thinking Changed My Career
Why Openness Is Key For Leaders
Be A Good Leader
If you want to be an Informal Leader
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