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How to Believe in Love Again

Recognize and attract real love without fear
Devon Brown
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30 minutes ONLY! Impactful and condensed so you can invite LOVE back into your life NOW
Why looking for love never works
How to recognize real love when you see it
How to use vulnerability to your advantage
Regain trust in your own relationship judgement
Simple techniques to weed out the fakers

It didn’t make any sense.

Here I was this hot mess girl in need of a chin tweeze, and yet, over and over I was meeting great, suitable, guys that were truly interested in me. 

How did this happen?

For years, my love life was a disaster. I dressed well, made great money and visited the best bars and clubs in New York City. I went to lots of parties and took classes. I read all of the dating books! Despite having everything on the ball, and doing everything “right,” I was no closer to finding the love I wanted.

At the age of 35, I had gone on too many dates, been used too many times, and had my heart broken enough that love no longer felt like a real tangible thing. And then something awesome happened.

My love options began to change and my friends took notice. They were all beautiful, successful and just as bewildered in love as I used to be. They wanted to know my secret so I decided to look back and assess what I had done to make this transformation.

How to Believe in Love Again is a series of exercises that employs the changes I made to go from perfect on paper to someone’s soulmate. It took me years to discover these incredibly simple ideas and I’m sure given enough time, you could too, but why wait?


– The value of vulnerability and how to use it without getting hurt

– Where to find the purest love and how to use it to recognize the one for you

– How to produce an irresistible energy that will attract the right love matches

– Who to share your love with for maximum return

– When love comes your way, what to do next

– Gain the strength to trust in the process and enjoy the life you have until that true love comes your way


– Recommendations on how to fill out your online dating profile

– Suggestions on how long you should wait to reply to a text or email

– Specific ideas on how to get date

– A set of rules on how and when to become intimate with a new parter

– A study of male and female dating patterns and how to manipulate them to your advantage


This course is a perspective change and the person we will study most is you. Executed properly, it will free you from the idea that being single is your fault or that you haven’t been working hard enough. Phrases like, “putting yourself out there” will take on a new meaning and dating will no longer feel like a chore.


This course is a series of short lectures designed to be heard over eight weeks. I will tell you face to face what I did and then provide you with an exercise that allows you to go into the world and practice it for yourself.  The Udemy Q&A board for this course will be active. Come by to share what you’ve learned and what you’re up against. I am in this process with you.

It needs to be said that…

If all you can do at this point is listen to the lectures, you are already on your way. Remember, I discovered and put into practice these techniques over years. Planting these seeds in your mind will allow you water them whenever your heart is ready. 

Why I decided to create this course

Months after meeting my love, we moved in together and ten months after that, we were married. I can honestly say that I could not have selected such a great match for myself. The techniques in this course will bring you closer to a love experience that is right for you. A love you can’t control or predict, a match that is perfect for you in ways you have yet to imagine.


How to Believe in Love Again started in an exclusive Facebook group for my friends. Here’s one message I got when the course finished:

“You helped me so much in this process to the point that my heart is opened at 9 !! Work in progress for sure …but i definitely say YES to TRUST and to sharing my vulnerability. I am not trying to understand everything that is happening to me…. I just TRUST the process especially when it feels right and peaceful. Thanks again”

After reading that response, I knew what I had to do. Everyday I feel and know that I am blessed to have experienced what it means to love and be loved. Sharing this course with a wider audience is my way of saying thank you. 

You may be thinking, if she’s so thankful, why isn’t this course for free? The answer is simple, I now have a baby on the way! If I want to spend my time helping others, I have to make it financially feasible for my family as well.

For the price of a good dinner, I share these secrets with you and hope you will come back and share with me, and many others, how this course has helped you.

Enroll now. With a money back guarantee, what do you have to lose but love?



Discover how the simpIe tools gathered on my solo journey around the world, can help you change your relationship with love no matter where you are.

Set Your Intention

Clarify exactly where you want to be at the end of this course and learn a simple method to track your progress

Vulnerability Practice

Embrace vulnerability and learn to use it as an empowering weapon.

Multi-Generational Love

Learn new sources for true love connections that don't involve bars, parties or "going out".

Love Fiction

The easiest way to stop seeing love as a fairytale and embrace it as attainable non-fiction.

Love As A One Way Door

Recognize who to give love to for maximum return

Divine Your Own Lesson

Open yourself up to special techniques that will only work for you.

Why Looking for Love Doesn't Work

Why those who aren't looking for love always find it first and how to become one of those people


How to keep love in your life once it appears.

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