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How to Calm Your Mind – The Art of Mindful Relaxation

Tame your monkey mind, relax deeply, Pay attention on purpose and let your stress drop away!
Anne Marshall
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To introduce the practice of mindful awareness
To encourage regular periods of deep and restorative relaxation
To teach specific techniques for the relaxing both body and mind

Is your mind so FULL of thoughts you find it hard to be MINDFUL, focused and calm?

Do you find yourself getting caught up in thoughts of the past, the future, or what-if-ing?

Do you find it hard to release stress and anxiety and keep you attention focused on what you are doing?

If you said 'yes' to any of these questions then you are in the right place.

This psychology course is about what to do when you find it difficult to relax for long enough, or deeply enough, for both body and mind to gain any real benefit.

Each section has been carefully crafted to help you let go of stress and tension and then connect with a deep level of relaxation, mindful awareness and inner stillness.

If you would like some help to relax more deeply, connect more easily with feelings of inner peace, or simply shield yourself from some of the stresses and strains of the day then this course is for you.

Each part is designed to flow and follow on from the next, gently guiding you to build on your skills as you work through the materials.

For maximum effect I recommend that you download the mp3 guided meditations and listen often.

This beautiful course has helped over 900 people just like you to find their inner calm. Ready to find yours? Join now, and we’ll get started straight away.

See you on the course,


Mindful Relaxation - Mental and emotional relaxation

A personal introduction from Anne

Welcome to the course, in this short video I tell you a little bit about myself and why creating these course materials is so important to me.

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Mindful Relaxation - Introductory video

This introductory video gives you an overview of the course and sets out the benefits of taking time out of your regular schedule to practice the art of Mindful Relaxation

Mindful Relaxation - Part One - Introduction and Overview

This course is about what to do when you find it difficult to relax for long enough or deeply enough for both body and mind to gain any real benefit

Mindful Relaxation - Mental and Emotional Relaxation

Have you been feeling a little overwhelmed recently? If you have you are not alone.

This lecture talks about why mental and emotional relaxation is so essential for your overall wellbeing.

Mindful Relaxation - Relaxed breathing exercise
A short but beautiful relaxed breathing exercise. Chose somewhere where you will be disturbed  for at least 5 minutes, then sit back, relax and give yourself the gift of a few moments of inner calm !
Mindful Relaxation - Top tips to help you relax

In this lecture I share a few simple and practical relaxation tips that have also been helpful to people in my own practice.

Relaxed Breathing For A Quiet Mind - A short guided meditation

Mindful Relaxation - The importance of physical relaxation

Mindful Relaxation Part Two Relax Your Body
Mindful Relaxation - Learning to relax your body

This lecture explores the importance of physical as well as mental relaxation.

Mindful Relaxation - Your Personal Energy Account

In this lecture you will discover how to become more energy conscious, how to recognize where your energy may blocked or draining away and what you can do about it.

Mindful Relaxation - More tips and techniques to help you relax

Building on what you have learnt so far, this lecture gives you further tips and techniques to help you relax both in body and mind.

Your Personal Relaxation Planner
BodyScan Guided Meditation

Download this delightfully calming and grounding meditation to help you relax from head to toe.


The suggestions in this guided meditation are designed to take your attention inwards. Please do not play whilst driving, or performing any activity that requires your external conscious awareness.

Mindful Relaxation - Going Deeper

Mindful Relaxation - Going Deeper

Exploring the benefits of allowing a little time to let go each day and simply' be'.

Mindful Relaxation - Part Three - Going Deeper and Course Conclusion
Mindful Relaxation - Course conclusion and final thoughts

Some final tips, techniques and thoughts to draw the course to a close. Introduction to the walking mediation.

Walking Meditation

This delightful walking meditation brings the course to a close.

For best results, download and listen often, at a time and in a place where you will not be disturbed.


The suggestions in this guided meditation are designed to take your attention inwards. Please do not play whilst driving, or performing any activity that requires your external conscious awareness.

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