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How to Clean Your Computer: Clean your Computer like a Pro

Learn Step-by-step how to clean your computer, no software purchase or hiring others to do it for you.
Adolfo Olivo
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Clean your PC removing Virus, Spyware, Malware and more
Remove potential threats to your files
Mantain your PC without paying a cent to anyone else!
Increase the speed of your Computer


Take back the control and give your PC its POWER back!

***This course is perfect for beginners who want to clean a PC! I designed this step-by-step guide to help you get rid of all the dangerous viruses, spyware and more. From the basics to the more advanced techniques, to help you fix your computer!***

Is your computer running very slow lately? Are you trying to get things done but it takes FOREVER to load anything? Or maybe you enter in a website and your screen gets flooded with windows and annoying pop-ups?

Your PC might be infected with viruses and spyware!

Have you ever taken your PC to a repair shop or hired a ‚Äúspecialist” to take care of your computer problems?

Aren’t you tired of paying people hundreds or even thousands of dollars to clean your PC OVER AND OVER again?

If you answered to yes, then this course is for you!

In this course you’ll discover how to install, use and even set-up in automatic mode all the tools to clean your PC, so you can worry about nothing! I’ll give you a list of the most used and powerful tools to maintain your PC clean and fast!

And the best part is: You’ll see the results for yourself without even finished my course!


Knowing your Instructor

Get to know your instructor and how I can help you in this course. You can contact me any time!

Virus, Malware and Other Threats to your system

What Viruses Can Do? Keep an Eye on this things

It's very important that you know the risks you take when your PC is infected with a virus. In this lesson I'll describe some of the most common viruses and what they can do.

Spyware and Malware: Your system's silent enemy

Along with viruses, the Spyware and Malware are one of the most dangerous threats to your PC, they hide between good software, websites and even media files. Take a look at what this stuff can do and why it's so important to protect your PC from them.

Clearning your Computer

Recommended AntiVirus

With all the Free WIFI out there, along with pen drives and email, you can be sure you'll get in the way of some viruses, for that reason an Anti-Virus protection for your system is indispensable today,

Anti-Spyware and Malware

Along with a good Anti-Virus, the Antispyware and Antimalware solutions, are two of the best solutions in the market today to protect your PC.

Where to download the tools?

Here you have the links to download all the tools I mention in the videos.

Prevent Future Attacks

Keeping your Windows PC always up to date

Keeping your system updated is key to get a secure environment for your files and keep your PC stable at all times.

Protecting your PC in AutoPilot (Let the PC do the hard Work)

Let's be honest, not always we have time or the will to keep our PC clean, we tend to forget about the regular scan and others... In this video I'll show you how you can put your system to do the hard work for you.

Boost your PC productivity

Backup Your Files: Keep Safe your Important Stuff

If you keep photos, documents, videos and more in your PC, you want to keep them safe, right? Well, I'll show you how you can backup your files in the cloud, easily, free and in auto-pilot. So you can worry about nothing!

Recommended Hardware: The best upgrades for your PC

Like cars, your PC needs spare parts and upgrades to make it run better. In this video, I'll recommend you the best hardware you can buy today and the best part is, you won't need to spend a lot of money on it.

Browsers Tip and Tricks: Be more productive on the Internet!

We spend a lot of time browsing the Internet, right? And we use off course a web browser or two (or even more). Well, I'll teach you some useful tricks to get the most out of your Internet time.

Removing Unused Software: Gain even more Space!

When you're running out of space on your hard drive and your computer is slowing down, it may be the time to get rid of some software that you don't use anymore or maybe you use just once in a while. In this video, I'll show you not only how to uninstall that software, but the best practices after the uninstall. To keep your PC clean as a whistle!

Power Settings: Get the most of your PC with less Energy as Possible

You want to get the best performance AND save energy? I got you covered in this video!



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