How to create Dance Fitness routines that FILL your classes.

Concentration on Hip Hop dance fitness routines using the SOSO DEF formula.
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You will be able to learn a formula (SOSO DEF) that can be applied to ANY music style and make effective and EYE CATCHING dance fitness routines!

This is a short, yet EFFECTIVE, course that teaches you how to create an ARSENAL of dance fitness routines.  The “SOSO DEF” formula, created by Rodney Bacho,  is an easy to follow formula breaking down the NECESSARY components of creating dance fitness choreography. Through this formula, you can put your own STYLE and CREATIVITY into your MASTERPIECE!

This course will also touch on the fundamentals of Hip Hop moves.  Hip Hop is a culture and has trademark dance styles, so why wouldn’t you use them? You will learn these dance styles so that you can implement them in the creation of your dance fitness routines. 

Rodney Bacho has been a dance fitness instructor for over a decade!  Participating in multiple big events, masterclasses and is the CEO of an online dance fitness platform, Rodney has the proven track record and skills to turbo charge your dance fitness potential!

  • No need for wasting an ENTIRE DAY learning someone else’s platform

  • No OVERPRICED course

  • No more lame cookie cutter routines

  • Apply this formula over and over



"The SOSO DEF" Formula

Here is an introduction to the SOSO DEF formula.  You will also see a few cases in which people, just like you, were wanting to learn how to create dance fitness choreography and they DID with the formula.  You'll also see just how much Hip Hop has influenced my life and why it is my STRENGTH in dance fitness classes!

The Objective

This course is focused on teaching you how to create an arsenal of dance fitness routines using the formula.  We will cover specifically how to create routines to Hip Hop music and dance styles in this course.

Hip Hop Foundations

Hip Hop FUNdamentals

In order to be considered a true Hip Hop routine, even if it is a fitness routine, you need to incorporate some fundamental Hip Hop dance styles.

Breaking down the SOSO DEF formula

Lesson 1, the first "S"

Lesson 1, the first "S": Song choice

Lesson 2, the first "O"

Lesson 2, the first "O": Online research

Lesson 3, the second "S"

Lesson 3, the second "S": Song Format

Lesson 4, the second "O"

Lesson 4, the second "O": Ocho counts

Lesson 5, the "D & E"

Lesson 5, the "D & E": Desired Effect

Lesson 6, the "F"

Lesson 6, the "F": Fine tune

Example of creating a routine utilizing Song Format

Creating the routine

A breakdance style dance fitness routine is broken down utilizing song format.

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