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How to Draw Manga Faces and Hair

Learn to draw Manga and Anime faces like a pro
Neil Fontaine
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Learn the basics of the manga head
Learn to draw the facial features, eyes, nose, mouth, hair
Learn to add emotions to your faces
By the end of this course, you will be drawing manga faces that talk and seem to move on the page

Hey, a friend of mine asked me to teach him how to draw manga or anime. I told him the best place to get started is with manga faces and hair, as this is the most different aspect of manga from comics.

That spawned this awesome course just waiting for you to check out. The first few lessons are free, so you can see if you like the teaching style, and to see if you learn anything.

I'm sure you will not only learn something but love the free preview lessons enough to buy the course to learn the rest.

Once finished, in about five hours, you will fully understand how to draw manga or anime faces and hair, from eyes, to noses, to mouths, and even expressions/emotions.

So, if like my friend, you have a passion to learn how to draw manga or anime, then check out the free preview lessons.

The course is structured with video lessons that actually teach you methods for drawing manga faces and hair and emotions. This isn't your typical type of drawing tutorials you might find elsewhere.

These lessons will actually teach you and improve your skills. You will learn to draw manga faces, guaranteed or your money back.

You can take the whole course with just pencil and paper, although, I mostly draw on a Wacom Cintiq with Manga Studio 5. However, this is not required. Just watch the first few videos and it will make perfect sense why you only need a pencil and paper, and perhaps an eraser. 🙂


What you will learn in this course

In this video, you will learn a little about the art instructor and what you will learn in this course.

Manga Drawing Samples and templates to use

These are the images to use in the course. You can print them and draw over them if you wish, or use them as references.

Why Digital Drawing over Pencil

How to draw digitally and with pencil -a must watch

All you need to take this course is a pencil and a piece of paper, and perhaps a ruler. However, you can also draw digitally, with a tablet, such at the Wacom Cintiq.

In this video, I show why I prefer to draw with a tablet, and why drawing with a tablet is pretty much the same as drawing with a pencil.

The Basic Head

Refresher on normal faces/heads - Manga is based on real heads

Before drawing a manga face or anime face, we need to understand the fundamentals of how to draw a regular face. Learn this first, then drawing manga or anime will be that much easier.

Basics of the Manga/Anime head and face

Front view: How to draw manga anime faces

The easiest view of the manga face to learn, IMO, is the front view, so we will start there. Also, after you know how to draw the front view of the manga face and head, it is much easier to apply those measurements to the side view and the 3/4s view.

Sideview: How to draw manga anime faces

The next hardest view to learn, and not too often used in manga, is the side view. However, it is necessary to learn, not only for when you want to use it in a comic, but also to better understand the angled views.

3/4 view: How to draw manga anime faces

Now, among the basic views, the 3/4s was the hardest for me to learn, and that is what we learn in this video. Just take your time. Do the exercises. Draw it several times, using the measurements, then draw it several times from memory.

What we learned about faces

An overview of what we learned so far in the course.

How to draw manga facial features

How to draw manga anime eyes

The eyes are the most important feature to learn because they make manga look like manga. The eyes are the more expressive part of the face. I think that's why the Japanese stress the eyes in manga.

How to draw manga anime noses

In manga, noses are simplified, but they still need to be learned. There are many styles of noses of which I teach the most popular ones.

How to draw manga anime mouths

Manga mouths are also highly simplified and reduced in size, but still, we must learn the basic shapes that make of the mouth. Only then, can you truly understand how and why the manga mouth is simplified.

We also learn how to draw the most popular types of manga mouths.

What we learned about manga facial features

How to draw the more difficult manga head angles

How to draw up angles, down angles, and more

We learn a quick overview of the other angles of the manga head, and how it works.

How to draw manga hair

We learn different styles of manga hair

First we learn how hair works and a really cool method for drawing hair. Then we apply this to manga hair. We also learn how to draw a few popular styles of manga hair.

What we learned about drawing manga hair
How to draw clumps of hair weaved together, messy hair

How to draw manga emotions

We learn how to draw the most popular expressions in manga

And finally, we learn how to draw manga emotions, which is a mix of how we change the eyes, eyebrows, and mouth. We learn to draw the most popular emotions used in manga, and how to mix and match different emotional eyes and mouths to get new emotions.

One question about manga expressions

The End


This video overviews everything we learned in the how to draw manga or anime faces course.

Bonus Lessons

My Brush, Pencil, and Pen settings for Manga Studio 5

Some asked me what my settings are for Manga Studio 5, so here they are. I also talk about why I now prefer Manga Studio 5 over Photoshop.

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