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How to Heal Your Brain and Life from Sexual Addiction

Learn how Sexual addiction affects the brain, relationships, and quality of life AND how to heal from it.
Troy L. Love, MSW, LCSW
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Understand what sexual addiction is and how it is similar to other addictions.
Understand the addiction cycle
Learn how pornography and sexually acting out behaviors affect the brain in similar ways as cocaine, heroin, or meth.
Gain greater understanding of how pornography and compulsive sexual behaviors affect relationships
Realize the impact of relational trauma
Explore the nature of relationship attachment and addictive behaviors
Increase awareness of how the family of origin may have impacted where you are today
Understand shame and develop tools to reduce shame
Learn better ways to increase healthy connection with the most important relationships in your life
Develop tools for recovery and healing

This course is for individuals who struggle with addiction as well as the family or partners of those who struggle with sexual addiction or similar compulsive behaviors. It is designed to give the basic platform for understanding addiction, how it got started and how to heal from it. It is the designed as a first step in the healing journey from an addiction that affects more than 1/3 of all marriages and 50% of American Households.

This introductory series will take about 2 – 3 hours to complete. There are lectures and small quizzes along with a helpful handout to aid in recovery. This course does not take the place of therapy. However it does provide an excellent starting point for recovery to begin.

Do not delay healing any longer. Enroll today.

What is happening in the Brain

The Definition of Addiction

Addiction is defined as: Using any substance or any behavior to numb pain or control how we feel, that cannot be stopped even in light of serious consequences and whose life becomes unmanageable as a result. In this lecture students will explore this definition further and gain greater clarity into what are the underlying causes of addiction.

Addiction Defined

See how well you learned about the addiction cycle and how sexual addiction affects the brain.

The Addiction Cycle

The addiction cycle always starts with pain and then progresses to preoccupation followed by ritualization. Eventually, if the addict doesn't pull themselves out of the cycle, they will end up acting out. This only increases the pain and the shame they were originally feeling. The cycle starts over again.

The Addiction Cycle

How well do you remember the addiction cycle?

The 6 Types of Addictions

    Students will learn about Dr. Daniel Amen's 6 types of addiction based on the different part of the brain.

    These are:

  1. Impulsive Type
  2. Compulsive Type
  3. Combined Type
  4. Sad Type
  5. Anxious Type
  6. Temporal Lobe Type

    Students will increase understanding that acting out is simply a way of trying to medicate parts of the brain that are not functioning properly.

Six Types of Addiction

Review the 6 types of Addiction

How addiction affects the brain

Students will learn about Supernormal Stimulus and how that phenomenon also happens with humans. Students will see pictures of SPECT scans that show how addiction affects the brain.

How do I know if I am addicted?

This lecture explores some of the common signs of addiction. If you are wondering whether you have an addiction, take a look at how many of these you have experienced.

Slips versus Relapse

This brief lecture explores the difference between a relapse and a slip. After watching this video, students are encouraged to think about and write down what their bottom lines are. Students are also encouraged to take a look at what kind of triggers can lead a person to start slipping towards relapse.

What is Happening with the Spouse?

We have explored how addiction affects the addict. Now let's explore how addiction affects the partner or significant other.

This is typically the wife or girlfriend of the addict, but not always. Sometimes, it is the female who is the addict and the male who is the partner. The issues discussed here can happen to either gender.


Students will learn the fundamental secret that significantly increases the chances of full recovery from addiction and trauma.

10 Strategies to Find Success

This article written by the instructor covers 10 strategies that the current pull-up world record champion used that an addict can also use in order to be successful!

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