How To Kick Start Yelpocracy – A New Kind of Revolution.

Rate our Wannabe Leaders and their Wanna-Brain Ideas
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Help bring a Real Yelpocracy to the American system of Government
Learn how to get their country under their control
Know how to solve problems that actually aid the people - not corporate interests

The Yelpocracy is a way for all American people to participate in the process of finding the right solutions to our nation’s biggest problems.  Yelpocracy is simply a 1-5 Star Rating system to rate our favorite restaurants, hotels and local businesses.  Why not use the same system to rate our candidates and their expensive, unpopular and ineffective solutions to problems that we are forced to endure, when there are usually much BEST-RATED IDEAS created by ordinary citizens like you and me?  Donald Trump wants to build a wall, when that solves nothing.  Wouldn’t it be much better to merely require a JOB from everyone wanting to stay in this country?  Hillary Clinton wants to increase Free Trade with China, Japan and Mexico – stealing jobs from Americans.  Wouldn’t it be a TOP-RATED IDEA to just slap a 25% TAX on every imported item to keep jobs here?  Only in a Yelpocracy will the people rule their own lives.  Join the Yelopocracy Party – Help Kick Start the Yelpocracy – the world’s FIRST REAL DEMOCRACY using the power of the Internet – TODAY!

The 1-5 Star Rating System is already known to you because most of us use it to pick the best restaurant or hotel for the evening based on the ratings that our peers have made during their visits to most local restaurants and hotels and even other businesses.  Today, most business choose to be included in the Yelp Rating System because they consider themselves to be the very best or to give a great value to their customers.  The question we are asking ourselves in this course – is how to get more out of the political system we call ‘Democracy’ in this country by using the familiar and robust technology of the Internet.  This course is all about how and why we can and must use the most advanced and modern invention in the history of the world to save this country from its current slide into mediocrity at best and potential dissolution at worst. 

Yelpocracy - The Beta Test

Introduction To Yelpocracy

Introduction to the concept of using the Internet to rate the candidates and their ideas. How to create better solutions to the nation's problems.

Lesson One - The Yelpocracy

The basic concept of the Yelpocracy.  you already use it on a daily basis.  You will learn how to adapt it easily to the most modern and effective and new kind of political system where we Rate the candidates as well as their ideas - even offering up some of our own to compete with the established ideas that have placed us on the road to a cataclysmic end of civilization.

Lesson Two - The Yelpocracy

Lesson Two of Yelpocracy - How does Yelpocracy improve on the present half-baked form of Democracy?

Lesson Three - The Yelpocracy

Lesson Two Of Yelpocracy is composed primarily of real-life examples taken from the headlines of how we can use it to Rate the idiotic ideas forced upon us by the Powers-At-Be

Lecture Four - The Yelpocracy

Lecture Four holds more examples of how the world must change by simply having a place where the People can rate the candidates and their ideas - while also uploading some of our own ideas that may be quite a bit better and more effective at solving national and even global problems.

Lecture Five - The Yelpocracy

Final Lecture focuses on how you can help Kick Start the greatest and most peaceful and powerful political revolution in history.

What is the Yelpocracy?

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