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How to License Your Music to TV & Film – For Beginners

Learn the in's and out's of music licensing and how to get your music placed in TV & Film.
Joseph Evans
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Build your own professional music catalogue.
Have basic knowledge of music publishing and how to license your music.
Have basic knowledge of how to pitch your songs and instrumentals to music supervisors.

Are you tired of having amazing music but nothing to show for it?

Are you getting frustrated trying to figure out how to get placements?

Well this MUSIC LICENSING course is the answer you’ve been looking for!

This course will help you:

  • Secure credible music placements in TV & Film.
  • Actually make money from your music.
  • Gain respect from your peers, friends, and family.
  • And much, much, more!!

My co-instructor and I have both secured several placements with major shows and networks like BET, OXYGEN NETWORK, BRAVO, MTV, VH1, and more! In addition, we get residual income quarterly from these placements and upfront money in the form of sync fees and in this course we reveal the game on how you can do this too!

Just read what some of the current students have to say about their experience:

“Very informative for those without knowledge of how this process works.” – Allen Jackson

“Lots of valuable information. Motivational and a great resource list!” – Dan Mitchell

“Excellent course for beginners.” – Justin Cross

“Another solid course from Joseph aka EvaJ! He takes you through the basics of music licensing and explains it well in an easy to follow manner. No fluff or BS. After completing this course I have a better understanding of what it takes to get my music licensed and start making money off my creations. This course is highly recommended for all music creators.” – Al Laguna

If you’re tired of your music sitting on your hard drive and would like to learn how to get your music placed in TV & Film this is the course for you!

Section 1 covers the basics of the business of music licensing and how it works. This is important for every beginner seeking placements for TV & Film because you will learn the fundamentals you need to become more professional! You will learn about music publishing, performance rights organizations, the type of people that can get your music placed, and several other tips on music licensing.

Section 2 covers the basics of how to get your music ready to submit to various opportunities in music licensing. You will learn about several terms music professionals use in this industry and the basics of formatting your music for TV & Film.

Section 3 covers how to network and gives several resources and companies you can start reaching out to TODAY for licensing your music!

Now if you’re still not convinced, RELAX! 

This course is backed by Udemy’s 30 day no questions asked 100% full refund if you aren’t satisfied for ANY reason with the information.

So what are you waiting for? Save yourself time trying to learn the basics on your own and GET YOUR 1ST PLACEMENTS IN TV & FILM!

Enroll Now!

Please Note: If you already have placements in TV & Film this will not be the best course for you. This course is for music professionals (recording artists, music producers, composers, and songwriters) that currently DO NOT have music placements in TV & Film but would like to learn how to get them. Also the results vary based on wether or not you consistently apply whats taught. We can not promise a quick fix, and matter of fact if you are expecting one this is not the course for you either. But if you are willing to learn and take the application (actually doing whats taught) seriously, you will be well on your way to getting placements. Enroll in this course if you meet those qualifications.

We’ll see you inside!

– Joseph 

Welcome to this course

Welcome to this course and to the world of licensing your music with TV & Film.

Learn what music licensing is and how it benefit you as a recording artist, songwriter, music producer, and music publisher.

Meet your instructors

Getting Started in the music business.

Getting started in the music business.
What is a music license and how does it work?

After taking this lecture you will have a solid understanding of and introduction to music licensing.

Is a copyright needed and what is it for?

You will fully understand copyright and how it applies to licensing your music.

What is a P.R.O. and how can it help you get paid?

You will learn what PRO stands for and how it will drastically help you get paid a residue quarterly check from licensing your music to TV & film companies.

What is music publishing and how does it work?

You will learn the basics of music publishing and its role in the world of licensing your music to TV & film companies.

How to determine song ownership and percentages with co-writers.

After completing this lecture you will be familiar with split sheets and basic practices used to determine song ownership and percentages.

Getting Started in The Music Business

All questions in this quiz came from the section "Getting Started in The Music Business". They are designed to help ensure that you have a basic understanding of the course information. Please take the quiz to see where you're at with the information. If you score an 80% or above you are ready to go to the next section. If you score below 80% please review the section one more time. Thanks!

Getting Your Music Ready: Tips on How to Meet The Industry Quality Standard.

Getting Your Music Ready Introduction
What are cues and stems?

Learn two important terms to use with other music professionals in the world of music licensing.

Making sure your music meets industry professional quality standards.

You will learn how to improve you sound quality and quickly find other music professionals to help you if you can't on your own.

Building your music catalogue.

After completing this lecture you will learn some basic tips on building a music catalogue.

The Art of Making Connections: How to get your first music placement.

The Art of Making Connections
Working with a Music Publisher

You will learn what a music publisher does and how building a relationship with them can help you get placements in TV and Film.

Music Supervisors

You will know the main job responsibilities of a music supervisor and why they are one of the best people to build a relationship with.

Music Organizations & Music Conferences

You will know several major music licensing organizations and conferences to join and attend to help you make connections with music supervisors, music publishers, and other music professionals.


You will learn the benefits of working with other music professionals and some tips on how these relationships are made.

Submitting Online

You will learn several online websites you can submit your music to and get placements with TV & Film.


If you actually sign up to even half of the opportunities and use the knowledge in this course to network and submit your music you WILL get placements in TV & FILM, maybe even more than us (and trust, we want you too!).

1 question

This is the most important test of the course. If you answer this question correctly you will be well on your way to getting placements with TV & Film.

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