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How To Lose Weight Fast In a Healthy Way: Paleo Eating Plan

Paleo: The Healthy, Fat Burning Power Of Better Food, Sleep, Light Exercise. How to Lose Weight In a Fast, Healthy Way
James J Forno
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Discover how to eat the right kind of tasty, natural, nutrient dense foods for fast weight loss and health gains
Learn how to move your body smarter every day, with the minimum effective dose of exercise for maximum weight loss and health gain
Find out how to get the right quality and quantity of sleep that turbocharges your fat loss and health
Learn how to make simple upgrades in how you sit, stand, and move during the day that will boost fat loss and health
Discover simple and fast ways to control your daily stress and significantly improve your fat loss and health
This course will take you from zero nutrition & exercise knowledge to knowing exaclty how to eat, move, sleep, and live for maximum fat loss and health gains
If you already have a basic understanding of nutrition and exercise science, this course will take you to the next level
PRO TIP: Go to the book list on lecture 15 after finishing this course and read at least one book from the top 3 and this course will work at least 10 times better for you!
Find out how to lose weight in a healthy, simple way with a paleo eating plan
Lose Weight + Get Healthy With The Paleo Diet For 2019

Discover how to lose weight in a super simple and healthy way for 2019 with the Paleo Diet

Are you sick of all the many diets and weight loss plans that promise you’ll lose weight, but only if you follow a super strict diet that counts calories or weighs out each bite you take? Or makes you exercise like crazy each day?

That’s Crazy! It’s far simpler to lose weight in a HEALTHY way by just treating your body the way it was DESIGNED to be treated. Work smarter to be healthy, NOT harder! In this course I’ll show you exactly how to do this

Our human bodies are very smart: If you feed your body the right type of simple, whole, tasty food, get plenty of sleep, and move your body moderately each day, your extra weight will just melt off of you… It’s really that simple

One of the best parts of this diet is that not only does it help you lose your extra fat in a fast and super healthy way, but you’ll also massively boost your overall health, due to the nutrient dense foods and lifestyle upgrades that you’ll make

This is an awesome way to lose weight in a super healthy way. Change your life for the better today! Learn how to lose weight

Paleo: The Healthy, Fat Burning Power Of Better Food, Sleep, Light Exercise. How to Lose Weight In a Fast, Healthy Way


Introduction: The Rapid Paleo Weight Loss Plan

Lose 20 Pounds In 30 Days: Fast, Healthy Paleo Weight Loss

Discover How To Make Simple, Yet Powerful Life Changing Improvements:

  • Eat Well: discover how to choose tasty, healthy foods that make you burn fat quickly
  • Move Well: find a smarter and faster way to exercise for maximum 24/7 fat burning
  • Sleep Well: get the right quantity and quality of sleep for rapid fat loss and health gains
  • Live Well: how to organize your day and reduce stress to improve fat loss and health

Find out more at: www.thinkbodyfit.com

Top Choice Of Athletes & Movie Stars: A paleo eating plan and lifestyle

Pro athletes and movie stars usually must be in the best shape possible

  • They have more time and money to find the best diet and fitness plan to do this
  • Most top pro athletes and top movie stars today follow the paleo eating plan and lifestyle
  • I'll show you a list of these top athletes and movie stars. Need I say more?
  • If the paleo eating plan and lifestyle is good enough for them, then it's definitely good enough for you!

    Find out more at: www.thinkbodyfit.com

    Eat Well

    Rapid Paleo Weight Loss Plan Details

    You'll discover what the paleo eating plan is, how it works, and the history behind it:

    Find out what the body fat set point is and how the paleo eating plan creates a better one

    Discover: food and exercise are more than just ways to get and burn energy, they are messengers for fat loss

    Find out more at: www.thinkbodyfit.com

    Food As A Messenger

    If You Eat The Right Food, Your Body Fat Is Seen By Your Brain And Cells So It Can Be Burned For Energy

    A Paleo Plan Helps You Eat Those Right Foods: Healthy Fats, Proteins, And Carbohydrates

    Sugar And Processed Carbs Increase Insulin, A Hormone That Stores Fat And Creates Body Wide Inflammation, The Root Cause Of Most Chronic Diseases Today

    Find out more at: www.thinkbodyfit.com

    Leptin & Glucagon: Magic Fat Loss Hormones

    Fat Burning Hormones Are Like Magic... IF You Allow Them To Work!

    You'll Learn How To Make These Two Natural Fat Burning Hormones Work For You:

    • Leptin: a hormone released from your fat cells, allows the brain to “See” body fat
    • Glucagon: a hormone released from your pancreas, stimulates fat burning

    Find out more at: www.thinkbodyfit.com

    Cravings: Highjacking Your Brain

    How Cravings Highjack The Brain And What You Can Do To Prevent This:

    Uncontrollable Cravings For Sugar, Starchy Carbs, And The Pleasure They Provide Is The Number One Cause Of Obesity And Poor Health In People Today

    Find Out More At: www.thinkbodyfit.com

    Nutrition & Fat Loss

    Nutrition And Fat Loss:

    Getting plenty of vitamins, minerals, protein, and essential fats is critical for your fat loss success

    These nutrients ensure your body is producing enough quality fat burning hormones and maintain your overall good health

    Find out more at: www.thinkbodyfit.com

    What Not To Eat

    What NOT To Eat:

    No: Sugar, Grain Fed Beef/Chicken/Fish, Grains, Legumes, Dairy, Alcohol, Vegetable Oils, Trans Fats

    How These Foods Increase Body Fat & Create Inflammation And Disease

    Find out more at: www.thinkbodyfit.com

    Move, Sleep, And Live Well

    Move Smarter To Burn Fat

    Learn All About The Minimum Effective Dose Of Smart Exercise For Fat Loss:

    Smarter Exercise: faster fat loss from increased muscle mass

    Exercise Activates Muscle Cells: tells them to burn fat and build muscle

    Find out more at: www.thinkbodyfit.com

    Sleep, Sitting, And Stress

    Discover In This Lecture: Lifestyle Hacks For Fat Loss:

    How improving the quality of your sleep makes a HUGE difference

    Simple ways to improve your sitting and stress for faster fat loss

    Find out more at: www.thinkbodyfit.com

    How To Get Started

    How To Get Started

    Learn How To Get Started:

    Create a to do list, pick your start day, mark your calendar…. and go!

    How to throw out the junk food and stock up on healthy, fat burning food

    Find out more at: www.thinkbodyfit.com

    Next Step: Keep Going With The Paleo Lifestyle

    Discover how easy it is to become the lean, healthy person you know you can be using this fast, healthy, paleo weight loss plan

    Find out more at: www.thinkbodyfit.com

    Tools To Make This Work

    Download PDF: Books/Blogs That Inspired The Rapid Paleo Weight Loss Plan

    Go Deeper: Books & Blogs

    Read these books, even just the first few, and you're life will never be the same! These books contain the latest, cutting edge science on how to eat the healthiest foods humanly possible (and the food is really tasty!)

    Most professional sports teams today in the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL already have most players eating and thriving on paleo style diets and lifestyle programs. They have no choice: Paleo is so healthy, so effective in increasing human health and performance, that any players who don't follow a paleo style diet are at a huge disadvantage to those who do. Go Google the top 10 players in any Pro Sport and at least 8 are following Paleo! I just did this for the NBA and it's mind blowing.

    Even though most of us are not professional athletes, we can still enjoy the same benefits from the paleo eating style as they do!

    Melissa Hartwig, in her book, “It Starts With Food”, puts it best:

    “The food you eat either makes you more healthy or less healthy. Those are your options.”

    Melissa & Dallas Hartwig: “It Starts With Food”

    Blog: www.whole9life.com

    Mark Sisson: “The Primal Blueprint”

    Blog: www.marksdailyapple.com

    Robb Wolff: “The Paleo Solution"

    Blog: www.robbwolf.com

    Loren Cordain, PH.D. : “The Paleo Diet”

    Blog: www.thepaleodiet.com

    Gary Taubes: “Why We Get Fat”

    “Good Calories, Bad Calories"

    Blog: www.garytaubes.com

    Dr. Robert Lustig: “Fat Chance"

    Blog: www.responsiblefoods.org

    Video: “Sugar: The Bitter Truth”: https://youtu.be/dBnniua6-oM 5 million+ views!

    Videos from Dr. Lustig on sugar/obesity/carbs: www.uctv.tv/skinny-on-obesity

    Current Science On Fat Loss: Youtube playlist UCSF: www.youtube.com/UCTVPrime

    Dr. Stephan Phinney & Dr. Jeff Volek:

    “The Art & Science of Low Carbohydrate Living”

    Blog: www.artandscienceoflowcarb.com

    Dr. Cate Shanahan: “Deep Nutrition”

    Blog: www.drcate.com (LA Lakers Training Staff)


    Denise Minger: “Death By Food Pyramid”

    Blog: www.rawfoodsos.com

    Find out more at: www.thinkbodyfit.com

    Download PDF: Sample Meal Plans

    Simple, fast, paleo style healthy meals that will melt your body fat and boost your health!

    Lose weight fast, gain health even faster IF you eat the right kinds of foods that humans are designed to eat

    It's really not that expensive, hard, or complicated to make and eat healthy food if you use these meals as a guide

    Find out more at: www.thinkbodyfit.com

    Download PDF: Shopping List Of Good Foods

    Shopping List of Simple, Healthy Paleo Style Food: Eat Well To Lose Weight and Gain Health

    Lose fat fast and gain health even faster IF you eat the right kind of food that humans are designed to eat

    The paleo diet and lifestyle is the absolute simplest and healthiest way you can live

    Find out more at: www.thinkbodyfit.com

    Download PDF: List of Easy Exercises

    Burn Fat Quickly: a small amount of the RIGHT kind of SMART exercise stimulates your body to burn fat fast

    Minimum Effective Dose: discover the least amount of movement you can do to lose the maximum amount of fat

    It takes a lot less exercise than you think to lose weight and become super healthy, IF it's the RIGHT kind of exercise

    30 minutes a day of light walking. That's it. Walk a bit faster if you like, and you get faster results

    Add 30 more minutes of simple, easy full body weight resistance exercises to this and BAM! You'll lose weight EVEN faster and gain health EVEN faster. These exercises are dead simple and very easy, but super effective

    Find out more at: www.thinkbodyfit.com

    Download PDF: Sample Week On The Rapid Paleo Weight Loss Plan

    Fast, Easy, Simple, Healthy Weight Loss: just follow this automatic system I've written out for you and you will automatically lose fat and gain health

    Step by Step Fat Loss System: step by step outline of EXACTLY how to eat, move, sleep, and organize each day

    Find out more at: www.thinkbodyfit.com

    Entire Course: Audio Files: Add To itunes & Listen In Car/Gym/Work/Walk/Run

    Audio Version: Listen To This Entire Course Anywhere, Anytime!

    Full Course Audio: Listen To Entire Course On: itunes, Car, iphone/android.

    Listen in your car, at work, at the gym, as you walk/run, etc

    Discover how to lose weight with the paleo diet and lifestyle while going through your day

    Find out more at: www.thinkbodyfit.com

    Entire Course Download: PDF File
    Print a PDF Of Entire Course:

    Download Entire Course as a PDF File and Read/Take Notes As You Please...Just Go Down To Bottom Of Course, It's The Last Lecture, click on it and download the entire course...read on your computer or print it out and take notes

    Discover how to lose fat and gain health with the entire course printed out in front of you

    Find out more at: www.thinkbodyfit.com

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