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How To Make A Great First Impression

Using eye contact, your smile, a handshake and your words to make a GREAT first impression.
David Hyner
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appear and act more confidently in public and at meetings
look people in the eye
smile and be comfortable holding eye contact
be aware of their own (and others) body language
be able to master their own body language and handshakes
know how to introduce themselves (what to say)
BONUS** email, social and other introductions

In this course, you are given the 4 keys to creating a great first impression.

  • how to give and hold eye contact and why it is CRITICAL
  • Why the smile is the quickest way to get rapport
  • how in certain countries the handshake is key and how to deliver a great handshake to avoid losing rapport
  • what to say next and how to introduce yourself to make a great first impression at interviews and events

This course gives you the skills and confidence to make an great first impression every time.As you gain in confidence you will read other peoples body language with ease to enable you to communicate more effectively with almost anybody, anywhere, anytime.

In addition to this I have also added a bonus section showing how to communicate just as effectively on line and also at special occasions.

In over 15 years of professional speaking, I have interviewed over 200 top achievers from all walks of life. Sports stars, Industry gurus, politicians, even powerboat racers have shared their secrets of goal setting and communication skills with me.

This course is a bite sized introduction, into the world of professional speaking and performance communication.

A Great first impression

Part 1- First Steps (.... eye contact)

A quick introduction to the course and the facilitator (David Hyner).

Eye contact is critical if you are to be trusted.

Would you trust somebody who would not look you in the eye?

We explain why it is important and a few of the things to look out for (body language "tells") when observing body language during an introduction.

Maintaining eye contact can show confidence in your self and your own abilities.

Confidence is very attractive to people (charisma), and makes a great first impression, especially as an interview skill.

Part 2 - Smile

Would you trust somebody who did not smile?

Do you smile when meeting people or do you show your nerves or fear?

It is better not to smile in a false manner than force an insincere smile that is easily seen as fake which in turn makes many people assume that you are not authentic in turn?

Find anything at all nice about that per on and allow yourself a sincere, authentic smile.

Part 3 - The Handshake

Hand greetings vary from culture to culture and even from region to region.

It is VITAL that you understand the basic greetings of a nation or region when seeking to make a great first impression.

In the Western world it can vary a great deal.

In this video we cover the basic three most used handshakes / greetings, of which one will be shown as the best to use in nearly all situations to play safe.

This should be practised in safe situations with people you know until you gain in confidence to use in public.

Part 4 - What to say

it is when we go to say something that we often feel the most pressure and can stumble, pause, freeze, stutter or just forget what to say.

Knowing a few basic things in this video can enable you to effortlessly know what to say and "how" to say them to get a conversation started.

Paying an interest in the other person is key, but having a few stock sayings will get you over the initial worry when seeking to make a great first impression.

BONUS :-) Part 5 - Other ways to make a great first impression

In this bonus clip we cover how to make a great first impression when;

  • at work by giving considered, well thought through gifts and notes.
  • in email and written communications by matching style, and repeating key words etc
  • in the spoken word matching tonality, speed and tone of voice etc
  • emotionally by matching breathing and/or matching and leading the tone and speed of conversation.
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