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How To Make a WordPress WooCommerce Amazon Affiliate Store

Learn How To Build a Profitable Amazon Affiliate eCommerce Store with the capability of dropshipping physical products.
John Shea
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Understand how to create a Wordpress WooCommerce Store
Create a profitable Amazon Affiliate Store
Understand how to create full time business with an eCommerce store
Learn about dropshipping & buying products wholesale
Understand how to do keyword research
How to do basic eCommerce SEO
How to promote an eCommerce site with Social Media & Advertising
Understand how to hire Virtual Assistants
Learn about Amazon FBA

*Last Updated August 2018*

Now Includes information on becoming an Etsy Affiliate!

I’ve also added modules on all of the major Amazon affiliate plugins including Prosociate, Azon Store Builder and Fresh Store Builder.

  What is the course all about?  

       In  this course you will learn how I’ve built a profitable Amazon affiliate  store that works and functions as an awesome eCommerce site. 

  What should I expect to achieve after completing this course? 

      Your #1 goal should be to have built a profitable Amazon affiliate store that allows you to expand beyond being just an affiliate. You will have the choice of offering physical products to your buyers. 

  What will you learn in this course? 

  • Getting started with focus and mindset while organizing and planning tasks

  • Setting up your eCommerce website the right way

  • Picking a niche and doing keyword research for that niche

  • How to design your site and pick a theme

  • Maximizing conversions to get more buyers

  • Basic overview of eCommerce SEO

  • Promoting your eCommerce site with Social Media

  • Using free and paid advertising to promote your site

  • Outsourcing Virtual Assistants to help you build your site faster

  • Learning the basics of Email marketing for eCommerce 

  • Moving beyond Amazon Affiliates – Selling on Amazon & eBay

  • Working with Dropshippers and buying products Wholesale

  How long is the course? 

      This course is split up into 6 weeks, each week you are provided with homework so you have tasks to complete after watching the modules and reading through the content. 

      It may take longer than 6 weeks to complete the entire program, the course is designed to allow you to create a part time or even full time eCommerce store if you choose to do so. 

      Most of the advice I provide allows you to make sales without a ton of commitment when it comes to purchasing physical inventory. You can start slow and grow as you make progress through the course. 

Check out these awesome testimonials!

“Found this just as I started work on an Amazon site. Really useful advice on how to set up shop. I’m implementing now and honestly, that alone will save me the next few days of my life at this point in my project. 

That’s worth the price of entry alone!

But the course has a lot more to give: outsourcing tips, sensible approach to promotion. Also heaps of stuff on FBA and other things beyond Amazon affiliate that held no interest and I thought weren’t really for me, but I can now see offer a lot of potential for growth of my store down the line. Great stuff. I also appreciate the straight up approach here.

No typical marketers fluff, filler, hype or BS. Just laying out what seems solid advice and an action plan that will get you up and running in short order. You know the course is solid, as John walks through the set up of one of his sites, which is a cut above the usual robo-Azon affiliate spam site. 

Even outsourcing leaves the hassle of managing workers, as we all know. It’d also be better if the intro gave some idea of the minimum kinds of investment of time and money you should expect to put in to get any result. 

Of course, you can keep it passive, but consumers are more savvy than they’ve ever been. So i’d suggest getting into this with a view to build out and up: in which case the the slog begins.” – Paul Andrews

“Start off gently as an as an Amazon Affiliate and then transition into your own eCommerce juggernaut. John will show you how it’s done and demonstrate the software that makes it possible, easy and profitable.” – Dr. Phillips

“This course is way more than just about Amazon Affiliates. Anyone starting an online business will also benefit from this course there is so much information in here and very useful information. John does a great job keeping you engaged in what he has to say, he’s very knowledgeable and shows proof that he knows his stuff! Thanks for a great course John.” – S Howard

“I’ve used WordPress for years so when I saw this course focused on the WooCommerce plugin I decided to give it a shot. It really is a comprehensive course covering everything you need to know about starting your own Amazon affiliate store.” – Glen Thonis

“I’m very happy to have subscribed and this is a perfect course if you want to setup your own ecommerce store. John is an expert and his advises are very practical and easy to follow. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole course and i have already started implementing them into my own business.” – Hussain Ahmed

Week 1 - Introduction

Introduction To The Course

This is a video introduction to the course, I explain the exact outline of what to expect in the course.

Need Help?
Expectations for Cost of Tools and Resources To Build Your Store

In this video I discuss some of the tools and resources you will be hearing about and what costs are associated with each. As you go through the lectures all of these topics will be covered in great detail with links provided for each.

Here is a brief run down:

Prosociate - For Adding Amazon Products Easily $40
Wordpress WooCommerceTheme - Free or $50-60
Advertising - Free to Skies the limit
Social Media - Free or optionally outsource
General Outsourcing help - Optionally $50-100 a month
Amazon and registering a business - $40 a month for pro Amazonaccount
Buying Inventory - $250 or more generally for purchasing products wholesale

Focus & Mindset

In this video I explain why staying focused and having the right mindset are crucial for success.

Setting Goals

In this video I talk about the importance of goals and why you should create them.

Week 1 - Recommended Site Setup & Tools

Learning about Wordpress

In this video I explain how you can go about learning Wordpress if you are not familiar with it.

Wordpress Hosting
Becoming an Amazon Affiliate
You may want to wait until your site is more established before applying to become an Amazon affiliate. If you have an existing established blog you might be better off applying under that blog instead. I've included a link to the Amazon affiliate program here so you can check out the details.
Real Quick..
Organization With Evernote & Google Drive

Evernote & Google Drive have been very helpful to me for setting goals and creating to-do lists. I highly recommend them!

Week 1 - Niche Selection

Choosing Your Niche

In this video I talk about discovering a niche for your store.

Keyword Research

In this video I talk about doing proper keyword research and why it's important.

Using the Google Keyword Tool

In this video I show you how to use the Google Keyword tool to find good keywords based on your niche.

Week 1 - Homework

Homework for Week 1

This is your homework for week 1.

Amazon Plugin Comparison

Wordpress WooCommerce & Prosociate

In this video I give you an idea of what types of tools we will be using to create your store.

Amazon Affiliate Plugin Comparison
Stream Store Review
Introduction to Fresh Store Builder

Over the next few weeks I will be building my first Fresh Store Builder website and adding content into this module on how I set it all up. Check the resource link for more information on Fresh Store Builder.

Week 2 - Site Setup (Using Prosociate)

Selecting a WooCommerce Theme

In this video I show you where you can find premium themes for your WooCommerce store.

Setting Up Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools

In this video I discuss setting up and using Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools.

Creating Important Content Pages - Contact, About, Privacy Policy & More

In this video I explain why and how you should go about creating important pages for your store such as the contact us and privacy pages.

Manually Adding Products To Your Store

In this video I show you how I add products manually and why using tools like Prosociate will benefit you for creating an Amazon affiliate store.

How To Add Products With Prosociate

In this video I show you how to add products using the Prosociate tool.

Week 2 - Site Conversions

Essential Wordpress Plugins for Your Site

In this video I talk about some of the useful Wordpress plugins I use on my store.

Links To Wordpress Plugins

Here you will find a list of all of the plugins I use and where you can get them.

Designing Your Site The Right Way

In this video I show you the old version of my site and what it looks like now. You learn from my failed site and see how a re-design made a big difference.

Optimizing Your Site For Maximum Conversions

In this video I show you some examples of optimizing conversions such as using Heat Maps.

Getting Advice From Experts

In this video I talk about using a site called Clarity FM to work with experts to help you with your site.

Week 2 - SEO

On-Page SEO

In this video I explain some basics of on-page SEO tactics. Read the articles included with this lecture to get some great additional tips.

Off-Page SEO

In this video I explain what has and has not worked for me in terms of off-page SEO. I highly recommend reading the article linked in this lecture.

Keyword Tracking Tools

Here I've included some great tools for tracking your search engine rank positions.

Week 2 - Homework

Homework for Week 2

Homework for week 2.

Week 3 - Social Media Promotion

Intro to Social Media

I talk about social media sites and focusing on them to drive traffic to your site.

How To Utilize Pinterest Traffic

In this video I talk about how to use Pinterest for your store.

Pinterest eBooks

Here are some awesome eBooks on how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your site and more.

A Unique Pinterest Traffic Method
Rapid Traffic Masterclass Overview
How To Utilize Wanelo Traffic

In this video I explain how I use Wanelo as a source for driving more traffic to my site.

Staying Consistent With Social Media On Your Cell Phone

In this video I discuss using applications on your cell phone to stay consistent with social media posting and activity.

Week 3 - Paid Advertising, Blogging & Promotion

Buying Paid Traffic with BuySellAds

In this video I talk about using paid advertising with your store.

Building a Successful eCommerce Store PDF
This eBook is what gave me the idea to use BuySellAds, it has tons of useful information on starting an eCommerce store and I highly recommend reading it.
Using Interviews To Get Traffic & Free Backlinks

In this video I talk about using interviews as a leverage tactic for getting more traffic, backlinks and building great relationships.

Blogging With Your eCommerce Store

In this video I show you how I blog with my store and what types of content to write about.

Week 3 - Homework

Homework for Week 3

Homework for week 3.

Week 4 - Outsourcing Help & Hiring Virtual Assistants

Outsourcing and Hiring on oDesk (Now UpWork)

In this video I talk about outsourcing help and hiring virtual assistants on sites like oDesk.

Finding Friends and Family To Help With Your Store

In this video I talk about working with your friends and family to get additional help with your store.

Week 4 - Homework

Homework for Week 4

Homework for week 4.

Week 5 - Email Marketing

Starting Out With Email Marketing

In this video I give a brief overview of email marketing and why it's important.

Week 5 - Homework

Homework for Week 5

Homework for week 5.

Week 6 - Beyond Being Just an Amazon Affiliate - Phasing Into eCommerce

Dropshipping Product & Buying Wholesale

In this video I talk about dropshipping and buying products wholesale to move beyond just being an Amazon affiliate.

Finding Brands On Other Competitor Sites

In this video I show you how you can use competitor sites to discover brands that you may use for discovering wholesale or dropship opportunities.

Getting Organized by Finding Suppliers & Making Smart Purchases

In this video I show you how I get organized for keeping track of suppliers for buying physical products.

Dropshipping T-Shirts with Printful

In this video I show you how I use a service called Printful to dropship custom made t-shirts with ease using WooCommerce.

Installing an SSL Certificate & Why You Need One

In this video I talk about getting an SSL certificate and why this is an important part of your site.

The Free Amazon Payments Plugin for WooCommerce

In this video I talk about using the Amazon payments plugin for WooCommerce and why this is a good add-on vs. paid processing platforms.

Registering a Business LLC with LegalZoom

In this video I talk about how I registered a business with LegalZoom

What is Amazon FBA?

In this video I talk about Amazon's FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) program and what it is.

My Amazon Fulfillment Process & My Mini Warehouse

In this video I walk you through the shipping area I created in the basement of my house.

Using FBA Multi-Channel Fulfillment To Sell on eBay and Your Own Site

In this video I talk about using Amazon's multi-channel fulfillment tool to sell on eBay and your website with FBA inventory.

WooCommerce FBA Fulfillment Plugin

This is a plugin that can be used to automate FBA fulfillment from your WooCommerce site.

Week 6 - Homework & Beyond

Homework for Week 6 and Staying Consistent With Building Your Store

Homework for week 6.

Bonus: How I'm Landing $1000 Clients Every Month

Flipping Your Site For Profit

Selling Your Site On An Auction Site

In this video I talk about selling your store if you choose to do so and some examples of what sites normally sell for at auction.

Becoming an Etsy Affiliate

Checking out the Etsy Affiliate Program

I added the next few videos to discuss how you can become an Etsy affiliate with your store.

An Example Etsy Affiliate Product On My Store
Etsy Affiliate Dashboard in Affiliate Window
Etsy Affiliate Plugin For Easy Importing

AmaSuite - Supercharge Your Amazon Research

AmaSuite Introduction
Top 100 Analyzer: Get the Top 100 in Any Category
Product Inspector: Analyze How 1 Product Does in Several Categories
Keyword Generator: Optimize Your Listings & See What Amazon Suggests to Buyers
Review Finder: Get the Contact Information of the Top Video Reviewers on Amazon
Revili: Read Thousands of Product Reviews
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