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How to Produce Green Screen Videos using Camtasia Studio

Learn green screen video production from scratch: lighting, editing videos, chroma videos - Camtasia Studio videos
Natch Soker
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English [Auto-generated]
Learn green screen video editing using Camtasia Studio for Windows
Learn how to make your own Green Screen video from home
Learn advanced green screen video editing techniques
Learn how to get the lighting right on your green screen video studio
Learn about different "shot types" and how they influence your video
Learn how the "Remove a Color" function works in Camtasia Studio
Learn how to fix issues in editing with Camtasia Studio
Learn why a green screen needs to a single color using my unique teaching tool

Very good and understandable explanation – Thank you!” – by Barbara Braehmer

“This tutor is clearly very experienced in teaching. He is interesting, engaging and breaks down each step in bite size pieces. He is also exceptional in responding to questions fully and swiftly on the discussion board. This is always a plus.” – by Jennifer Poyser-Blaize

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Green Screen video production – you’d like to try it, but it you don’t want buy a studio full of video equipment.

What if I showed how you can save time and money so you can make videos that are more engaging and help your message to reach a wider audience?

By learning green screen video production in this unique training course you’ll learn to make videos with Camtasia Studio quickly and on a budget!

The production techniques in this course save me hours in preparation and $100’s in equipment I don’t need. I’ve developed shortcuts in pre-production, production and post-production… and I will teach you my secrets in this easy-to-follow course.

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“Your course made me aware of aspects of video production I had no idea existed. I found the quality of each lecture outstanding” – by Marilyn Martyn

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In this course:

  1. you’ll learn why a green screen needs to be a single color using a unique teaching technique I developed myself to illustrate why some colors become transparent while others don’t
  2. I’ll show you advanced editing techniques you can use to save you hours and $100’s instead of reshooting!
  3. I’ll reveal my favorite mobile application that saves me $100’s in equipment I don’t need and hours of guesswork in the studio
  4. discover how to use animation software you already own to give your videos that professional look
  5. my outdoors video shows you that you don’t even need a green screen or studio lighting to make a great marketing video
  6. you’ll learn that you don’t have to waste hours trying to get perfect lighting
  7. you’ll also learn how to fix the 3 most common lighting issues when shooting in a green screen studio

Working as a systems analyst, I’ve taken complex systems and then simplified them so that both technical AND non-technical people can understand them … and that’s what I’ve done with Green Screen Video Production using Camtasia Studio in this course.


In these training videos, I’ll show you simple green screen video editing techniques you can use to enhance your teaching and promo videos using Camtasia Studio’s green screen software functionality.

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“Practical and to the point” – by Gehad Wadi

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Whether you want:

  • better backgrounds for your promo videos, or;
  • you want to enhance your students’ learning experience in your teaching videos, or;
  • you simply want to improve your professional image with an expensive-looking backdrop

this green screen video training course is for you!

By the end of this training you’ll be in control of your
video making!

I love making videos. I get amazing results and I want to show you how to take your business to the next level using green screen videos with Camtasia Studio!

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“I have thoroughly enjoyed and learnt the useful technique. Thanks” – by Khurshid Md Anwar

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Important information before you enroll:

  • In case you find the course doesn’t give you any value, don’t forget you’re covered by Udemy’s 30 day money back guarantee, full refund, no questions asked!
  • Once enrolled, you’ll always have unlimited, lifetime access to the course!
  • You also get free access to all updates as I add them to the course.
  • I’ll give you my full support if you need further assistance.
  • Before taking any course on Udemy you should watch the lectures that have the Preview button switched on to get a feel for how good the production quality of the lectures are and if that course is right for you. This is especially important in courses that teach Video Production.


Take control now – press the “Take This Course” button now and start making your awesome green screen video today.

PS – you don’t need to buy any new equipment to get started 🙂


You Don't Need Expensive Gear

You don’t need to wait until you buy a lot of studio equipment like green screens, tripods or softbox lighting to get started with your training. This short video was filmed on the street using just an iphone.

Green Screen Video Pre-Production

Why Your Green Screen Needs to be a Single Color

In this video I’ll use a unique teaching tool to illustrate why it’s important to use a single-colored & evenly lit green screen.

Common Lighting Issues on a Green Screen Video Studio Set - and How to Fix Them

In this video we'll look at what we're actually trying to achieve with lighting on a green-screen set and we'll also look at the 3 most common lighting issues and what steps we can take to prevent them from happening in the first place.

How to Watch This Course in HD Quality

A bit of housekeeping, I'll show how to watch videos on Udemy in HD for a better viewing experience.

How Your Talking Head Video Shot Type Affects Your Green Screen Lighting Needs

In this video I'll take a look at common shot types used in talking head videos and then I'll look at how the specific shot-type that you choose can determine how much of your green screen backdrop actually needs to have perfectly even lighting.

Green Screen Video Virtual Backgrounds

Creating a Virtual Green Screen Background in Camtasia Studio

In this video you'll learn how to use Camtasia Studio to create a virtual background that you can use with your green screen footage.

How Grouping Callouts and Images in Camtasia Can Save You Time

In this video you'll how grouping objects in Camtasia Studio can be useful.

Green Screen Video Editing in Camtasia Studio

Prepare for Editing - Importing Your Videos Clips

In this video we'll prepare for editing our green screen footage by importing our video clip onto the timeline on Camtasia Studio

Camtasia Studio's "Remove a Color" Function AKA Green Screen

In this video we'll start looking at Camtasia Studio's Remove-a-Color feature.

How to Crop Your Video and Re-position It

In this video you’ll learn about cropping, resizing and repositioning your green screen footage in Camtasia Studio.

The Remove a Color Slider Controls

In this video you’ll learn how to tidy up your green screen footage with the use of the Remove-a-Color slider controls.

Remove a Color Slider Controls Quiz

Advanced Green Screen Video Editing Techniques

Fixing Mistakes

In this video we'll look at a common green screen mistake - the disappearing hand blooper. And then I'll show you how to fix it with an advanced editing technique that uses 2 animation points placed around the mistake zone.

Using Animation and Kinetic Typography Software

In this video you'll learn how to give your videos that professionally-made look by incorporating into Camtasia Studio, videos or special-effects produced by animation or kinetic typography software.

Course Wrap-Up

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